King's Business - 1928-03


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K i n g ’ s

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March 1928

Six Years a Medium B y J u l ia M orton

clairaudient. The demon telepathed (as with a voice over the telephone) first messages as from a “ friend,” and then obscenities which I had never before heard. He poured into my body a torturing force comparable only to malig­ nant electricity. For well over six years I suffered physically day and night. I could not sleep for the torture and incessant talk, silly and meaningless. The accompanying mental depres­ sion made my life almost insupportable; I went through hell. But for the grace of God, upon whom I called to save me, I should now be hopelessly insane. I have in my pos­ session a letter from a well-known doctor in the town where I had my worst experience (in a nursing home) ; saying that I was “ quite insane,” and that if I did not get better I should have to go into a mental hospital. This is only a small fraction o f my tragic story, but it should be enough to warn any reader o f it against tamper­ ing with Spiritualism in any form whatsoever. Planchettes and ouija boards are freely advertised in spiritualist peri­ odicals. Every one o f them should be burned and their manufacture and sale forbidden by law. They are one of Satan’s most alluring and dangerous means o f entrapping human souls. The Acid Test of Christianity Henry K. Sherrill well says: “ Our religion sometimes is too much a matter of intellectual argument. Sometimes it is a matter simply too much of emotion. W e need to have it brought home to us again and again that the real test o f our religion is our lives. ‘By their fruits ye shall know them.’ It is all right, o f course, to call Christ Lord and Master, to join in these beautiful hymns, ascribing praise and glory to him ; but when we do that, we must remember that ‘not everyone that saith unto me Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.’. Christ demands all we are and all we have: and that is a real and vital demand for daily living.”! :

Very few people understand the Satanic nature of psychic phenomena. Even the clergy and doctors,- who should be aware of it, do not realize that demoniacal pos­ session is a fact now, as in the time of our Lord Jesus Christ; Doctors attribute abnormal psychic manifestations to the subconscious mind instead of to a force outside of the patient. In August, 1918, I read Sir Arthur. Conan Doyle’s book, “ The New Revelation/’ in which he says, in effect, “ Every woman is an undeveloped medium; let her sit for automatic writings,” Innocently and ignorantly, with scientific motives, I sat with a planchette trying to get into communication with a friend who went down in the Titanic. A t first, only meaningless, transverse lines were traced; then letters were indicated on the large square of white cardboard which I had marked with the alphabet. Finally came the first name of my friend, then short sent­ ences, the force in my arm becoming stronger with each sitting. The “ friend” purported to bring with him three others who had passed over. They, too, gave me their names and messages. Then, remembering Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s advice, I sat for automatic writing. Within a few days I was writ­ ing automatically at top speed, impelled by a powerful force outside myself, so that my arm ached. (I still have one o f the two pads of 200 pages full of this rubbish, only a few pages o f which I have been able to decipher.) My “ control” purported to be (1 ) the friend who went down in the Titanic; (2 ) the dead brother o f another friend, whose full name was given; (3 ) a Hindu physff cian. By this time my hand, my will, my actions, my very brain, were controlled by this evil entity—mischievous, ly­ ing, domineering, cruel, pretending to “ help” me write and sew; even pretending to look after my health! The influ­ ence was hypnotic and vampire-like, as if I were drugged. My normal weight o f nine stone, nine pounds, went down to seven stone, seven pounds. Within a week I became

Leads His Flock From Sickbed His courage and his spirit undimmed by an illness which kept him in bed fo r months, the Rev. W . C. Keeler continued to preach to his congregation, at Iowa City, Iowa, each Sunday. A microphone at his bed- side, and a loud speaker in the church pulpit a half block away, were the means by which his congregation were enabled to hear their minister each Sunday .

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