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March 1928

R aised $104 for Church T M sS a s yW a g

your pastor find some way in which you can help to make the lives of the mis­ sionaries of your church happier because of the existence o f your society. Start now making scrapbooks to be sent to the children o f the missionaries; next Christ­ mas. ■ ", 1 - ■ The following program found in The Missionary Review is suggested for this meeting: “An Alphabetical Roll Call affords a pleasant variety in a missionary program. A scrambled alphabet is passed around from which each person draws a letter to be used as the initial of some important qualification o f a Christian worker. If the size of the audience justifies it, more than one alphabet may be given out and called for as ‘capital A and small a,' etc. The leader should preface the roll call with forceful remarks on the importance of each member activating some quality o f a successful worker, the variety round­ ing out the ideal service that a church or a mission circle should render. The letters are then called for in rotation, their holders rising and responding in something like the follow ing: Make $15 a day selling this derful newhousehold article that has taken the country by storm. It is CED-O-BAG a moth-proof, damp- proof, dust-proof, germ-proof stor­ age bag for clothes, blankets and furs. It is the greatest, fastest sel­ ling household article that has come on the market for years. Every housewife wants one, buys on sight. CED-O-BAGS are made from rubberized fabric which has been chemically treated. They are patented. Nothing else like them. Instead o f a small easily torn paper bag or a clumsy, expensive cedar chest, a CED-O-BAG provides adequate space for two to four garments. And yet, with all o f these distinctive advantages CED-O- BAGS are priced for quick sale. Ced-O-Bags Offer Big Profits There is a chance for you to clean_ up a lot o f money in your town at once just by taking orders for CED-O-BAGS. L. H. Green went out and made a clear profit of #12 in one afternoon. J. V. Davis took five A—Accept limitations, B—Be a Bible Christian.

upon the way in which the membership is maintained and increased.”-—Exchange. “ Church membership gives us a vision of the needs o f others and is an antidote against selfishness. It prevents1 us from shriveling.into uselessness.” “Men give up many things to enter school or college. As church members we belong to God’s school o f training for the life beautiful. It prepares us for life be­ yond death.” “As church members we are members of the greatest life-saving crew in the world; saving not bodies only, but souls, bringing them out of death into life.” “When I belong to a church I take my place by the side of Jesus in His effort to lead men to God and to transform sin­ ful lives. I hitch my wagon to His star.” —Anon. “ Church membership trains us to live and work together for the Kingdom. It makes a family of us, and we want to make our group effective. It gives us pride in our church to make |it attractive. A fly does not light on a red-hot plate.”— Anon. March 25 What is my Share in the Missionary Enterprise ? r Thess. 1 :1-10 S trength ’Tis hard, 'tis very hard to sail away Leaving loved ones behind, To sail away—even to work for God and not to mind. Yet sometimes ’tis a harder thing to stay At home and there no,t fail To live the ordinary humdrum day, and still prevail. Strength to stay? Where is the strength to go ? In Jesus Christ our Lord — In Him—in no one else, in nowhere else, At home, or abroad. Effie Johnson :—o— T houghts on the T opic F OLLOWING last Sunday’s lesson, the values of Church membership, we now turn to our privilege and responsibility as church members to those outside o f the church and especially in lands where Christ is unknown. When we stop to con­ sider that God had an only Son and He was a missionary, surely missions demand our interest first of all. “ The business of missions,” writes Robert E. Speer, the peer o f missionary activity, “is to make Him known as He is presented in the New Testament, and to ask all people to join with us and let us join with them in the ever-enlarging un­ derstanding o f Christ and experience of His life and power.” Our first and all-important share in mis­ sions is to give ourselves (2 Cor. 8:5) “a living sacrifice unto God” (Rom. 12:1). When once this is done, whether to go out as a missionary or stay at home, our in­ terest will always be what it ought to be in this grand enterprise. Other ways, as seen in Scripture, where­ by we can find our share in this work, are supporting missionaries (1 Cor. 9:1-14), praying for them (Eph. 6:18-24), encour­ aging them (2 Tim. 4:1-8). As a society, become thoroughly in­ formed as to the missionary activities of your church, and by consultation with

TVTRS. T homas o f Pa. and ladies of her auxiliary found 1VL DUSTAWAY an astonishingmoneyraiser! Itbrought them $104in no time. Apother auxiliary in West Va. . raised $276the same easy way. And Mrs. Seawell o f / Mo. raised $10 single-handed in exactly 11 minutes, k DUSTAWAY is an amazing new invention—a * fluffy mop-like pocketthat slipsover any broom andtransforms it intoa thin,flexible ,w ashable F mop in a jiffy! 13novel features. Reachcs clear £ under radiators, low furniture,e* c. Catches J| android» dust.No oil to streak. No metal to , scratch. Absolutely unique. Approved l Good Housekeeping. Test SampleSentF ree Test sampleo f DUSTAW AY sent Free % . ’TT'ih*, . —.— DUSTAWAYS without deposit so that you don’t invest s penny in advance. Send postal for sample today1 GLENCO PRODUCTS COMPANY. Dept. C< 61 Quincy, HI. IOPUEYSOPIGIN j for consideration o f any church soci- ety on request o f authorized mem- her. A 2 -minutetest will show you t remarkable fund-raising possibil- i ities. We have special plan of sending

P A D 1QOQ International S. S. Lesson text r i m 1«7£0 in Full. Exposition. Seed ( --------------------Thoughts. Teaching Helps. Accepted Datesand Places. GoldenTexts. Prayer -\ MeetingTooics. ChangesinRevisedVersionShown. __ _ F. H.REVELlCO., 158Fifth hit., NewYorh; 851CassSt.,Chicago

the housewife a CED-O-BAG and take her order. We deliver and collect. You get your profits at once, and move on to the next house and take another order. Everyone buys. Geo. Jones took 22 orders in two days spare time and had a dear profit o f #22. 21 agents report an average profit of $3 an hour. How Much Money Do You Want? Would you like to make an extra #100 or #200 a month, in your spare time? Would you like to gather a lump sum of #500 or #600 in a couple o f months? If you would, here is your chance. Mail me the coupon and I will tell you all about this money-making proposition. I will show you how you can make #15 a day or more in this easy, pleasant, engaging work. I will show you the way to quick profits— big profits. Mail the coupon now. C. E. Comer. The Comer Mfg. Co. Dept. 1056-E - - - Dayton, Ohio MM— M H i 1 C. E. Comer. The Comer Mfg. Co., | g> Dept. 1056-K. Dayton.Ohio \ ] g’, Dear Sir: Please send me full details of g 2 your money-making proposition by which I > J can make $15 a day in cash. This does not J I obligate me in any way. I 1 gjName.._ . . . . . . — . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . --------------- g | Address____________________________________ j f ................................... ............................ I I » __________________________________ ____■

orders in one even­ ing and was #5 richer. Edith Phil­ lips made #53 in one week’s spare tim e (even ings.) You can do as well, or better. No Experience Needed You don’t need

experience or train­ ing. Every home in your town is a live prospect. AH you have to do is show

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