King's Business - 1928-03

T h e K i n g ’ s B us i n e s s

March 1928


Christ. From this passage we discover three hindrances to truly following Jesus, namely, earthly desire, earthly sorrow and earthly affection. There must be renunci­ ation, consecration and expectation to be a true follower o f Christ. W e must count the cost and be ready to follow wherever He may lead. In the Matthew assignment we discover an altogether different ■type o f persons Jesus Himself chooses to follow Him. He calls those who are already busily engaged at their daily task. He wants those who are faithfully fulfilling their common everyday duties, to transform those duties, into a much higher order of service. The fact that Jesus called lowly . fishermen shows that He is no respecter o f persons and calls from all walks of life, the one requisite being that we accept the call. He will do the rest. The highest form o f labor ,is th e ‘winning of souls to Christ". The disciples were to continue fishing, but were to catch a different kind o f fish (men). They were to still use nets, but a different kind (Scriptures). The same elements o f character in a fisherman are necessary in a soul-winner. He must have great adaptability and great patience. He must learn to wait as well as to work. He must have a keen eye and good judgment. He must study the habits of those he would seek to -win, and adapt himself thereto. Every born-again child of God has a place to fill in the ship of life. It may be in the stern, it may be !at the helm. Where- ever He places us it is of the utmost im­ portance that we faithfully discharge the duties assigned to us. —o—, ' I llustrations All fo r Christ .-—The Rev» W . Hay Aitken tells us of a young lady who, though ‘professedly a Christian, shrank from yielding herself fully to her Lord. When pleaded with, she said, with out­ spoken honesty: “ I don’t want to give my­ self right over to Christ, for if I were to do so, who knows what He might do with me? For aught I know, He might send me out to China!” Years passed, and then there came from her a deeply interesting letter, telling how her long conflict with God had come to an end, and what happi­ ness and peace she now felt in the com­ plete surrender o f herself to her L ord ; and, referring to her former conversation, she added: “And now I am my own no longer; I have made myself over to God without reserve, and He is sending me to China.” “When Earl Cairns was a boy o f ten, he heard a sermon in Belfast. Three of the preacher’s words startled him ; they were, ‘God claims you.’ These words kept ring­ ing in his ears, and the thoughtful boy tried to understand them. ‘God claims me,’ he said to himself, ‘and He has a right to claim me.’ He resolved to yield to God’s claim. A living voice, a message, an invitation and a claim—add these four together, and you have the call o f Christ.” —Jas. Wells, M. A. Choir-Pulpit Gowns E. R. MOORE CO. Makers since 1907 932-938 Dakin Street CHICAGO

C— Circle the globe by your prayers. D—Don’t pull down : build up. E—Eliminate non-essentials. F—Follow Christ : fear nothing. G—Give your best: get other folks’ best. H—Have a well-made plan, I—Inhale power and exhale blessings»' i'i J- Joy and give thanks always. K—Kindly respond to letters, courtesies, requests.. L—Let your love be genuine. M-—Manage little : pray much. N—(Never give up, O—Obedience is the eye o f the soul. P-^Pray your plans through. Q—Quality means more than quantity. R—Responsibility shared means develop- . menti S—Sincerity is the seal of power. T—Think things through before acting. U—Uneeda vision. V—Verify rumors before repeating, W—Weights may .be your wings. “ Laid on thine altar, O my Lord Divine, Accept this gift I make for Jesus’ sake; I have no jewels to adorn thy shrine1— No far-famed sacrifice to'make ; But here within my trembling hand I bring Thisi will of mine—a thing that seemeth small, But Thou, O Lord, canst understand How when I bring thee this—I bring thee all.” : - -o—- ' • T houghts , on the T opic TN the Scripture passages assigned for our study this evening, we find four classes of people called to follow Jesus. In the passage given us from Luke’s gospel, the first one who voluntarily offered to follow Jesus was a scribe (cf. Matt. 8:19) who, because o f his position, put Christ on the same level as a great teacher and for per­ sonal gain offered to become Christ’s partner, Jesus, reading the man’s heart, saw no true devotion such as He was seeking; and it was only necessary for Jesus to tell this man that He had no regular abiding place on this earth to càuse the scribe to change his mind. A similar case is seen in the life of Peter (Luke 22:33); but thank God Peter’s eyes were later opened to what it really in­ volved to' be a follower o f Jesus. The second man mentioned is called by Jesus to follow Him, but his excuse is that he wants time to bury his dying father. No matter how sacred a certain duty may seem to us,.when Christ calls us to à far more sacred task, we should be ready to follow immediately. Christ meant in his answer that those spiritually dead, those who had not the spiritual calling and light that this man had, could care for the bury­ ing of this father. The carrying o f the Gospel to dying "souls was of such im­ portance that it required haste. The third man is another volunteér, but one who volunteers with reservations. He desired to have a fine send-off by his folks, a banquet in his honor, an offering taken in his behalf ; and therefore his offer was rejected because he put his earthly affection ahead of his affection for X—X-cept your disabilities. Z—-Zenith seers look upward. I m April 1 Dare to Follow Christ Luke 9 -.57-62. Matt. 4:18-20

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