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March 1928

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Y O U C A N E A S I L Y S O L V E Your Eas te r Program Problem by selecting any or all of these Easter books. Here is a wealth of material, including recitations, dia­ logues, songs, tableaux, drills, and pantomimes, written and presented in simple style—each con­ taining more than enough for your program. Bead each description carefully. THE PARAMOUNT EASTER BOOKNo. 2 We feel a special pride in offering this most charm­ ing collection of good things' for your Easter pro­ gram. I It contains so many new and novel features that express in a most delightful way all the joy and gladness of the Easter season. Becitations, Dia­ logues, Drills, Exercises and Songs, Sixty-four pages o f# original material with which to prepare the brightest and best Easter Service you have ever had. THE PARAMOUNT EASTER BOOK This wonder book of recitations, dialogues, songs, tableaux, drills and pantomimes has everything that anyone may wish for in preparing an Easter Service. Every number is entirely new—none have ever been in print. One feature follows another. A collection of pleasing surprise. The Paramount Easter Book provides material for every department from begin­ ners to adult. It pictures, tells, and sings the beautiful Easter story in ways that must leave last­ ing impressions. EASTER TIDINGS A wonderful collection of material for your Easter Program. 170 recitations, 17 delightful dialogues, and 23 beautiful songs. Adapted for all ages— young and old will enjoy having a part in a Service, made doubly enjoyable with the least worry and effort—EASTEB TIDINGS will do it. The price of each of the above books is 25c. Write to your supply house or send direct to | Meyer & Brother MT ho ?» “THE FIFTH SPARROW” ‘‘One of the loveliest bits of exposition and teaching that has come into my pos­ session for a long while,” says an appreci­ ative reader. A quarter of a million of them have winged their way throughout the world. SENT ABSOLUTELY FREE Address SILVER PUBLISHING SOCIETY Dept. M., Bessemer Bldg., Pittsburgh, Penna., U.S.A. 1,000,000 Gideon Bibles Distribution to be concluded June 30 Besults unquestionable. Testimonials furnished. Funds solicited. $1 places Bible in any U. S. hotel. Write The Gideons, 140 S. Dearborn St., Chicago, III.

It Is Obvious “ I” W / HEN you g0 fish' V V ing, go where the fish a re! When God opens your eyes, and you decide to help Jewish Mission work— then re­ member, help the Jews where the Jews are! They are in New York — 2,000,000 o f t h e m . Every third man in New York is a Jew. It is the largest assembly of Jews ever gathered in one spot since the sun began to shine. There are more Jews in New York City than in all the rest o f the United States put to­ gether. Think 'this; over and ask God, “ What wilt Thou have me to do?” Then, let us hear from you. W e’ll welcome your help and your prayers. Our work merits your confidence and support. Our efforts are directed to the evangelizing not only of the 2,000,000 Jews.of New York, but o f the 3,500,000 Jews of America. Your help is always needed and ap­ preciated. Our paper, “ The Chosen People” — considered by m a n y Bible students the most helpful paper on Proph­ ecy and the Jews pub­ lished in America, is sent to all contributors. Regular price, 50c a year. or 10c a copy. May we

Peter the Fisherman Philosopher B y 1 J ohn M . M ac I n n is , P h . D., L itt . D. rp HE personality o f Simon Peter has had a remarkable fascination for me for many years. I have studied it with in­ terest and carefulness. In my spoken words, and in m y1written, I have claimed that he was a great elemental human, in whom the essential things of personality were all present in a remarkable degree. A study of his letters has greatly im­ pressed me with his intellectual strength. This conviction was strengthened when a few years ago my friend, the Rev. Samuel Chadwick, said, in an address he gave at a Bible Conference in Athens, Georgia, “All the great scientific definitions of faith are found in Peter’s letters, rather than those of Paul.” This preamble will reveal the satisfaction which came to me when my friend, Dr. John MacInnis, gave me the privilege o f reading this book in manuscript form. Herein the author has demonstrated be­ yond the possibility of denial, the clear and consistent philosophic thinking of Peter. The fact that in his letters there is no at­ tempt at a systematic statement; ■adds enormously to the value of the revelation.. He wrote artlessly, naturally, and always with the one purpose in view of strength­ ening his brethren; but his whole method was evidently the result o f a clear and consistent outlook upon life and history as a whole, that is, o f a positive- philos- ophy. From the standpoint o f intellectual i n t e r e s t , the book is a real delight; but its - g r e a t e s t value is' that it will help many who are bewildered by the conflict and controversies o f the days in , which we live, to. clear thinking upon the really fundamental things o f our faith and life; I am convinced that much.of the confusion o f today results from the fact that so many, to quote Hutton o f The Spectator, forty years ago, “only squint at life.” It is great to see the whole. This Peter did, and this Dr. MacInnis helps us to do, in his interpretation of “Peter the Fisherman Philosopher.” (Biola Book Room—$1.50.) —G. Campbell Morgan. We have given above the preface to Dr. Maclnnis’s , new book as written by Dr. Morgan because it furnishes the estimate of a great Bible scholar. Dr. MacInnis has written in the vocabulary of the col­ lege man, since it is his hope that the book may have its appeal to those who are de­ ceived by materialistic philosophies o f the day. He meets the modern thinker upon his own ground and endeavors to show that the vital truth received by Peter through divine revelation, is philosophical­ ly sound, and that even those who are liberalistic in their thinking are more and ■ more making admissions which bring them close to the line o f Scripture. It should be said that the book is made up from lectures originally delivered at the Moody Bible Institute o f Chicago, where they were highly commended. Later they were given to the students of the Bible Institute o f Los Angeles, while Dr. R. A. Torrey was dean. After their

—— hear from you?

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