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March 1928

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delivery, Dr. Maclnnis was asked by Dr. Torrey and Dr. Horton to become a mem­ ber o f the faculty, which invitation he eventually accepted. It is interesting to know that several who have been troubled by rationalistic teachings have already written to thank, the author for the light his book sheds upon their problems, and for the renewed confidence they have in Peter’s declara­ tion concerning Jesus: “ Thou art the Christ, the Son o f the living God!" —K. L. B. —o— Prayers of John Wanamaker The third volume o f “ The Prayers of; John Wanamaker” has now been pub-; lished by Fleming H. Revell Company, with an Introduction by Dr. A. Gordon; MacLennan, Pastor o f Bethany Church; for a number o f years, and a strong, defi­ nite, fundamental Presbyterian preacher. I It is a privilege and pleasure to write; a brief commendation of, .this book, for , four years o f close fellowship with Mr.; Wanamaker in Bethany Church, Phila-; delphia, gave me an opportunity to really j know him as a humble Christian layman; r an ideal business man; an expert Sunday-; school superintendent; an efficient Bible t,eacher; a pleasing, practical speaker. To know him was to love him. He had! a big heart. He had a tender compassion 1 for those in affliction and need, and many times, in response to some call from a sick­ room, he would leave important men of affairs;in his office to go with me to the;, bedside o f some poor, obscure saint who lbnged for his prayers and tender, con -; soling words. Children loved him ; young people loved : him; old people loved him. The prayers recorded in this book are the evidence of his loving heart, his living faith and his; longing for the blessing o f God upon his; fellows. ; Mr. Wanamaker always wrote his pub-s lie prayers,—'all short, sincere, simple and soul-stirring. This last volume contains; one hundred and sixty prayers covering twenty-five different themes. Every Chris-. ti'an layman seeking spiritual help should possess all three volumes o f “The Prayers o f John Wanamaker.” ' ife-T. C. H. Here we have a book on Africa which tells us something new. Few books deal with the white traders and their wrongs to the native African as does this book. The story is fascinatingly told of the life inside an African palace, showing the treachery o f one prince; the nobleness of another, the power o f the priests and medicine-men; the witchcraft and terror which hold the African in bondage; the high Christian character and bravery, trials and triumphs, of the missionaries. The missionary in the,story, in his deal­ ings with the natives, does not mention Christ but speaks o f the true and living God to take the place o f their idolatry and superstition. The reviewer’s impression is that not sufficient emphasis is placed upon the di­ vine person of Christ. While the author is attempting to contrast the true God with the heathen gods, it seems to us strange that the missionary does not bring in the thought o f “ God manifest in the The God of Gold By A rthur E. S outhon

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Joppa The Beautiful Plain of Sharon and the Judean Hills Bethlehem and Its En­ virons Hebron and Surround­ ing Country The Land of Judea Bethel and Shiloh Shechem and Samaria Jezreel and The Plain Nazareth, Cana and Ti­ berias Around Galilee

Mt. Hermon a n d The North Damascus The Ruins of Baalbek Sidon and Tyre Olivet, Gethsemane and Bethany Down to Jericho The Jordan Valley Jehoshaphat and Hinnom Walks about Jerusalem Church of The H o l y Sepulchre Mosque of Omar

The Tabernacle and The Temples Men and Their Work Men of Leisure Women and Their Work Eastern Transportation The Flowers of Pales­ tine (1) The Flowers of Pales­ tine (2) Jewish Colonies in Pal­ estine Bedouin Life TheGrandRuins of Petra

The Via Dolorosa Through Damascus Goto Bread Beyond Jordan The Dead Sea (west) The Dead Sea (east) The Samaritan People Exodus of Israel Enroute to Sinai Sinai Sinai to Canaan The Plague of Locusts Trees of Palestine Shepherd and His Sheep

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