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March 1928

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lowing the general drift of the argument and then applied to crucial passages, such as the first chapter ; the warnings in chap- ter 2 :l-4 ; 3 :7 to 4 :1 ; 6 :4-8 ; 10:26-31 ; 12 : IS, 17, 25; the sufferings of the Messiah; the rest o f God; the high priesthood of Jesus the Messiah; the new and better covenant, etc. We feel that the author has made his case and in doing sb presents a very help­ ful little book on the Epistle to the He­ brews. Published by Charles Murray, 11 Lud- gate Square, London. — o — The Human Body, It’s Source, History and Destiny By F. C. J ennings From the publication office o f Our Hope comes this new volume by the. author of numerous works on Bible themes. Mr. Jennings gives us a unique and delightful development o f an important theme. It is a history o f the human body from its origin in the dust to its glorious destiny in the heavens after the coming o f the Lord and the resurrection. Thé subject is. covered in a remarkably thorough man- SAVE A SOUL FROM DEATH This is being done in Africa, China, India, by Native Evangelists and Bible Women who are being supported for from 80c to $2.00 a week, $40 to $100 for a year. Write Rev. H. A. Barton, Secy., Box B, 473 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y., for free literature. PIANO SELECTIONS E.E^ Youna ABIDE WITH ME } with variations and LEAD KINDLY LIGHT } BBBSa. ah p'a.yed TDi TCT x ADCV by himm the Gipsy TRUST AND OBEY J Smith Campaigns. 50c each, postage 2c extra. All three $1.50 net, postpaid. Also Red Board Official Gipsy Smith Song Books— 50c each net. ROMANY PUBLISHING CO. 736 FINE ARTS BLDG., - - CHICAGO

ner, even to the disposal of the body after death, the different methods among differ­ ent peoples and the significance of Chris­ tian burial. An interesting chapter is provided on the question of mutual recog­ nition after death, showing that while the relationships o f earth are not renewed, the attributes o f soul and spirit are not exterminated by death. The author takes the position that the dust of our bodies is apportioned to Satan, a point on which there will be some disagreement. He as­ sumes that the penalty pronounced upon Satan, “Dust shalt thou eat all the days o f thy life,’’ has reference to his gaining the. dust o f our bodies. The chapters touch­ ing upon the intermediate state and the nature: of the resurrection body will be found of peculiar interest. $1.50 is the price.—B. ■T/.^Or-A' ' . God’s Way of Life B y G. R. H arding W ood It seems a long time since we have seen a whole book devoted to the subject o f the plan o f Salvation. This book by Mr. Wood comes from the presses of Picker­ ing and Inglis, London, and can be had through Biola Book Room, for $1.25. Preachers and teachers looking for fresh thoughts for salvation messages will find here some most helpful material. The author relates to salvation such themes as repentance, regeneration, justification, faith,-' sanctification,, etc., and his plain statements concerning the plan of salva­ tion will perhaps help many to present the subject in the simplest possible way. The book should also be valuable to present to unsaved people who may be persuaded- to look into the subject for themselves.—B. —o— Protestant Europe, Its Crisis and Outlook B y A dolph K eller , D. D. and G eorge S tewart , P h . D. The Christians o f America ought to have a vital and intelligent interest in the churches of the old world. It was from them that we got the Christian religion, and they were the ones that fought the great battles o f evangelical Christianity in the Reformation. All that is highest and best in our life today we owe to their martyr witness. This present volume is a very interest­ ing and informing book on this subject. It points out the roots of Continental. Protestantism and indicates the antece­ dents of present-day movements in Eu­ ropean life. It gives a comprehensive idea o f the present status o f Protestantism and its relation to the Catholic church in

C OMMUNION WARE OF QUALITY > In Aluminum or Silver Plate BESTMATERIALS.’ LOWESTPRICES FINEST WORKMANSHIP SendfbrjilusfratedCatalog INDIVIDUAL COMMUNION SERVICKCO. ROOM 3S6 >701-03 CHESTN UT STREET, PHILAPEi.PHIA.PA. THE PANTON PAPERS C urrent E vents and P rophecy Foreword by Charles G. Trumbull, Editor The Sunday School Times Nearly thirty o f Rev. D. M. Panton’s great editorials from his journal, The Dawn, on these themes: Who is the Anti­ christ? The King o f the South; The Resurrection o f the Roman.Empire; The Jew ; God’s Dial; The Flight o f the Pa­ pacy; Geology and the Flood, etc. An en­ trancing work. Cloth, $1 postpaid. Order now. Thomas M. Chalmers, 2652 Marion Avenue, New York City

P a r i s h P a p e r s Any church, school or class can publish a parish paper by using our co-operative plan. A parish paper fills empty pews, keeps community informed, speeds up church work. Free Samples and Particulars. Our plan provides a paper for your church without cost to you. The National Religious Press Grand Rapids, Mich.

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Pastor’s Time Economizer “ Where have your precious hours &one? ” My system will tell you, and hrIp you save time. You will welcome the help o f my pad. Enough for a year, only 25c coin. WILLIAM PAULSON Hesperia, Michigan A MODERN PENTECOST, or POWER FROM ON HIGH Wonderful story of great Moravian Revival resulting in conversion of John and Charles Wesley, the birth - of Methodism and Modern Foreign Missions and the largest contribution of standard hymns in Church history. Book just published; 96 pages, 35 cents each; three for $1.00 postpaid. Address the author. REV. JOHN GREENFIELD, Warsaw, Indiana SINGS T H E GOSPEL INTO PEOPLE’8 HEARTS Drives out fear— Plants the “ Word” 107 Inspiring Gospel Songs by Stebblns, Harkness, Sankey, Gabriel, Tovey, Hooker, etc., ontitled “ HYMNS FROM TH E H EAR T” By Mrs. James Henry Larson, Editor, Voice Student, Boston, New York and Paris Price per 100, $12.50. Send 25c for single copy or request returnable inspection oopy FBEE. Rev. J. H. Larson, Lake Geneva, Wie.




Says Dr. Maclnnis in February K i n g ’ s Business: “This book should be read by the Governor of N. Y. State. There are facts which are challenging. If what he says concerning crime is true, it should arouse America. If what he says is not true, he ought to be in jail.’’ Every home in U.S.A. should have this book. Its stirring message creates a hunger for knowledge of the Bible, Pyramid and American seal. Its prophecies are astound­ ing. AMERICAN TRUTH PUB. CO. P. O. Box 2580 Los Angeles, Calif.

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