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March 1928

Underwood&Underwood The Colosseum—a mighty monument to Heathen brutality and Christian courage—was begun A. D. 72 by Emperor Vespasian and finished by his son, Titus, some years later. After the destruction of Jerusalem, captive Jews brought from Palestine— 12,000 in number—were employed in the work of construction. The Colosseum was used for gladiatorial combats and naval battles, the. arena being so constructed that it could be flooded with water. The arena within these walls Was the'scene of terrible brutalities to Christians. The Arch of Constantine was erected in A. D. 315 to commemorate the victory of the first Christian Emperor, Con­ stantine, over his rival Maxentius.

believe, be in^the fact that brevity of statement adapts, it for the busy days in which we are -living, . The futurist posi­ tion is taken throughout, and so far as we can see, Mr. Clouser has nothing new to offer. He has condensed into one volume what Dr. Seiss gives in three, and the ar­ rangement of the material is such as to make it. speciallyTtisefuL for ' class work. The price is $1.25. Dramatized Stories from the Old Testament B y H arry W . G ithens Twenty-four of the outstanding stories of the Old Testament put into short and simple dramatic form. The stories and characters are well selected, the Bible language is accurately and carefully used, and whatever extra-Biblical material is brought in appears to be in accordance with Bible life and customs. . The book should prove helpful in making Bible stories real and living, especially to young people. Standard Publishing Co. $1.50. B-F. M. C.

whose Bible work has long been relished by a wide range o f readers;.- Mr. Baird, fdrmerly of Singapore, and later of Can­ ada, now resides in the United States. These studies were delivered to large audi­ ences in five daily talks at the Fulton Street Noon Prayer Meeting New York. The subject is one-greatly needed to be" heard in these days of loose think­ ing. Mr. Baird keeps close to Scripture, with the result that" he demolishes many peculiar ideas that people have today re­ garding the place and function of con­ science. John Ritchie of Scotland is the publisher of this book, which in the United States will sell for $1.25,—B.

the various countries. In their survey of the theological schools of thought o f the present day, they give a most interesting suggestion as to what they term the the­ ology o f crisis. This represents a move­ ment which sprung up in Switzerland and Germany and which, they say, is spread­ ing like wildfire throughout the Continent. It is of immense importance because of the power and "influence it is having, especially over large sections of idealistic youth who feel frustrated by the devastating effects o f the war. It is represented by.such men as Professor Barth of Gottingen and Pro­ fessor Brunner of Zurich. Altogether this book contains a great deal of valuable information, and any one who masters its pages will have a fairly intelligent conception o f the state of Christianity in Europe today. Published by George H. Doran Com­ pany. J. M. M.

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The Patmos Vision B y R ev . G. B. M. C louser

The Religious Literature League, of Philadelphia, are the publishers of this exposition o f the Revelation by Mr. Clouser, whose writings on prophetic themes are familiar to many. The author says that his book has grown out of 33 years’ study. Its principal value will, we

— o — Conscience B y T homas B aird

Here we have an interesting Bible study on the subject of “ Conscience” by a mail

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