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March 1928

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him for instruction along moral and ethical lines. He had not been able to give them copies of the Hindu sacred books, but had to expurgate the books carefully and even then had not found in them what he wanted to give these young men. For example, Krishna, one of the incarnations of Vishnu, and one of the most popular gods in India, lived a most notoriously wicked and vicious life, and in one o f the Puranas the readers are warned that he was a god, and that they should not attempt to do all that he did 1 Such things as these had to. be left out o f the Hindu books,: and there wasn't much le ft. after that This guru had seen a copy of the Gospels^and knew them to be of a sort that copld be given freely to anyone just as they are, and that they would have a wholesome influence. What a tes­ timony to the Word of God given by an unbeliever!”

Greeting Cards f o r EASTER

Send Greeting Cards to all of your relatives, friends and acquaintances this Eastern but be sure „to send SCRIP­ TURE TEXT curds—-rather than the worldly, frivolous designs which embody no suggestion of the risen Christ. Our designs this year are -exceptionally beautiful. 5 CENT LINE— Excellent, inexpensive cards, engraved or lithographed in rich colors and bearing a beautiful de­ sign and Scripture text. Lined envelope with each. 5 Cents each, 55 Cents a dozen, $1.15 for 25 $2.25 for 50, $4.00 for 100 10 CENT LINE— Steel-die engraved and lithographed cards, with appropriate design and Scripture text. These cards have fancy colored tissue-lined envelopes. 10 Cents each, $1.10 per dozen, $2.10 for 25 $4.00 for 50, $7.75 for 100 15 CENT LINE— Extraordinary Greeting Cards, with beautifully colored designs and engraved Scripture texts. Individual envelopes with colored linings. 15 Cents each, $1.70 per dozen, $3.30 for 25 $6.50 for 50, $12.50 for 100

M arch 14, 1928 T ext: Luke 24:26-27

In the city o f Washington there is a unique and remarkable copy o f the Constitution of the United States. If'o n e examines it closely it appears simply a chaos of irregular lines and peculiar lettering. But when the visitor steps back and views it in proper perspective he is suddenly surprised to see the face o f George Washington looking out upon him. The lines are so spaced and the letters are so shaded as to make a good like­ ness o f the Father o f our country. And just as Washington’s face shines through all our early history, as crystallized and reflected in the Constitution, so does the glorious face of Christ look out upon us from the pages of our Bible.

Triumphs of the Cross By W. C. Stevens The reader will be instruct­ ed, encouraged and quickened by a reading of this splendid­ ly written little book, which treats on the deeper lessons of the Cross. It shows very clearly what the Victorious, Sacrificial death of Christ on Calvary’s Cross purchased for the believer, and what tl>e be­ liever’s standing and priv­ ileges are as a new man in Christ. A book that all Chris­ tians will find help and com­ fort in.- Paper 35c

The Message of the Lily

By Keith L. Brooks For those who want an out- of-the-ordinary,. yet decidedly appropriate Ea s t e r remem­ brance for friends and loved ones, we recommend t hi s touching little s t o r y of “Spike" and his Easter lily, and how this homeless, lonely little shoeblack found the Sav­ iour one Easter Sunday. Bound gift book, style, with fancy tissue jacket. Paper 15c Who Is The Great I A M ?

M arch IS, 1928 Text: Prov. 31:25-28

One day Henry W . Grady left his editorial room and went to his old home to see his mother. His first words were: “.Mother, I have lost my religion and I have come back to you, where I first found God, that you might lead me to Him again.” She took him upon her knee and told him Bible stories, singing lullaby songs to him. She gave him his bread and milk at the table as when a boy; leading him upstairs to bed, she said, “Now pray the same prayer, ‘Now I lay me down to sleep.’ ” In the morning the son said, “ It’s all right, mother. I’ve found Him again where I found Him in my childhood.” And with great joy he went away to his office work. Are you a wanderer from your mother’s Christ? Return to her and to H im ; go back to the starting place. a s M arch 16, 1928 T ex t: Psa. 37:7-9 When Napoleon, in 1812, proposed his conquering career in Russia, the Russian Ambassador said to him, “ Sire, remember that man proposes, but God disposes.” Napoleon, in his arro­ gance, answered, “ I want your master to understand that I am he that proposes, and I am he that disposes.” God did not stir from His throne, but sent one o f the small­ est messengers, a snowflake, to punish the blasphemer. Napoleon retreated from Moscow. He had already lost 100,000 men by sickness and war, and when he forsook his retreating army he had but 25,000 soldiers left. The officials reported to the Russian Emperor that they had buried 213,51-6 French corpses, and 95,816

By Keith L. Brooks The author in his clear, lucid way, exalts the Lord Jesus Christ in a manner that will bring penetrating light to many sorely puzzled Christians. There is great need for constructive teaching regarding the doctrine of Christ and this book will prove a blessing to every Christian reader. Paper 60c After Its Kind By Byron C. Nelson How Long to the End ? By Philip Mauro

If you are interested in the study of prophecy—and every Christian should be—by all means send for a copy of this enlightening book. Without any setting of actual dates, the author gives approximate­ ly true answers to such ques­ tions as: How far spent is the night of our Lord’s ab­ sence? How long to the day- dawn of His return? Etc. Paper 35c

The first and last, word on evolution from the pen of an eminent scholar who, early in life, was himself caught in the maelstrom of religious un­ certainty. In this interesting, convincing book, no quota­ tions are made from persons known to be anti-evolutionists ||§-the writer has condemned evolution from the mouths of its friends. Illustrated. Cloth $1.50 Christ at the Round Table

By E. Stanley Jones In the opinion of eminent critics everywhere, Dr. Jones has produced another “Best Seller” in this illuminating and im­ pressive volume dealing with the appeal of Christianity to the peoples of India through conferences with members of “the most religiously inclined race in the world.” Be sure to order a copy of this new book. - Cloth $1.50 If money does not accompany order, goods will be sent C. O. D. If goods are to come by mail add 10% for postage. Send for a free copy of our complete Catalog of Books, Booklets, Tracts, etc. B I O L A B O O K R O O M Bible Institute, Los Angeles, Calif.

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