King's Business - 1928-03


March 1928

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B u s i n e s s

M arch 24, 1928 T ext: Eph'. 4:27

“Best” Books Young Men and Young Women will enjoy all of these splendid books By Josephine Hope Westervelt A story of a Christian young woman, whose consecration to the Master took her to Indo-China as a missionary, and a young man who believed that “we should practice religion as we do music or art, just to the extent that we enjoy it.“ The two were friends from childhood. He went to Indo-China as a magazine writer, determined to bring Mary Lois back as his bride. The story of how his plans were changed, and his life surrendered to God, is indeed very interesting. The book will help the youth of our land to see the great privilege of soul saving open to them in the untouched regions in heathen lands, and to give their lives to this service which is so rich in its rewards here and now. Cloth $1.50 The Green Gods

In the closing examination of a theological seminary, the professor gave the students a paper containing two subjects, “ The Holy Spirit and the D evil" and told them to write for half- an-hour on each of' the subjects. One o f the students wrote steadily for an hour on the Holy Spirit, and wrote at the bottom o f his manuscript, “ I have no time for the devil.”

M arch 25, 1928 Text: 2 Cor. 2:11

After Admiral Dewey had conquered the Spanish fleet at Manila, the Spanish revenue cruiser Callao, which had been among the Southern Islands for sixteen months, knowing nothing o f the war, sailed into the harbor with the Spanish flag flying and asked for the Admiral o f the Spanish fleet. Several shots fired at her, convinced her that something was wrong. She hauled down her flag, and hoisted the white flag. A boat’s crew .of Americans boarded her and hoisted the Stars and Stripes. The Spaniards were caught because they were ignorant o f the war. A great many believers are caught by the great enemy o f souls, because they are ignorant of ;his devices. “I want you to spend fifteen minutes every day praying for foreign missions,” said the pastor to some young people in his congregation. “ But beware how you pray, for I warn you that it is a very costly experiment." “ Costly?” they asked in surprise. “Aye, costly,” he cried. “When Carey began to pray for the conversion o f the world it cost him himself, and it cost those who prayed with him very much. Brainerd prayed for the dark- skinned savages, and, after two years of blessed work, it cost him his life.” It is always a costly thing to give one’s self wholly over to the Lord, to be used as He wills in His service. M arch 26, 1928 Text: Luke 14:28

Mary Ellen’s Diary By Mrs. H. S. Lehman A wholesome, refreshing book that both young and ola will enjoy. Mary Ellen con­ ceives the idea of writing diary letters to her friend Edith. She relates in detail the coming of a young evangelist to her church; the amazing spirit of conviction that follows his first few sermons; the break­ ing up of stony hearts, and the splendid harvest of souls as a result. Mary Ellen's own re­ actions to the sermons of Ken­ neth McCray are so true to life and are told so naturally that your interest will be held from beginning to end. Decorative Board 75c

Ideals For Earnest Youth By A. T. Rowe A book of sixty short chap­ ters, containing more sound, wholesome advice for the young than any other char­ acter-building book that has come to our attention for a long time. It is intended as a guide to the young, especially to those who are just start­ ing out to face life’s battles and are in need of such wise counsel. Cloth $1.00

True Stories of Young Christians By Bessie L. Byrum A compilation of helpful stories concerning the lives and experiences of boys and girls who had their problems just like other teen-age boys and girls of the present day. The reader will be taught by their failures and inspired by their victories. All of them proved the wisdom of Solomon’s ad­ monition to “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth.” Cloth $1.00 Sermons To Young People By Dr. W. B. Greenway

M arch 27, 1928 Text: Acts 24:16

“ Bessus, a native o f Pelonia, in Greece, being seen by his neighbors pulling down birds’ nests, and destroying their harm­ less young, was severely rebuked for his cruelty. His excuse was that their notes were insufferable to him, as they never ceased twitting him for the murder of his father. Poor birds, they were innocent enough in the matter, but it was a guilty conscience which muttered its ceaseless reproaches in his ears.” Every sound is to the guilty conscience an accusing voice and a death- knell.

The Measure of Margaret

By Isabel Brown Rose Into this splendid story Mrs. Rose weaves romance and ad­ venture as it may be encoun­ tered in Europe, Asia, and in the teeming life of the East Indies. For sheer interest, hu­ mor, not to mention its keen insight into life in Indi a, this book is in a class by itself. It should be read by all young people who are looking for­ ward to missionary work. Cloth $1.75 Nineteen evangelistic, inspi­ rational sermons by a master in the art of preaching inter­ estingly and helpfully to young people. Hundreds of apt illustrations. One of the greatest books of the kind ever published. Cloth $2.00 If money does not accompany order, goods will be sent C. O. D. If goods are to come by mail add 10% for postage. Send for a free copy of our complete Catalog of Books, Booklets, Tracts, etc. B I O L A B O O K R O O M Bible Institute, Los Angeles, Calif.

M arch 28, 1928 T ex t: 1 John 3 :21

“When Clifton Johnson was traveling in Ireland, he sat down one day in a cottage, to talk with an old woman. As they were having their ‘dish of discourse,’ there came a clap o f thunder, and the old woman at once spread out her hands in supplication, crying:

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