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March 1928


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“ ‘God bless and save u s! And save his honor, and save the people and all o f usl’ “ For the space of half an hour the thunder was frequent, and each time she prayed. Then she told Mr. Johnson this story, which has a good moral in its defining o f the proper spirit which should belong to prayer: “ ‘There was a man, and he was working in a field, and it came on to thunder, and he put his head in a hole in the wall, and he said, “ God save whet’s out o’ m e!” But he ought to have prayed for the whole o f him; for he no sooner said that than the wall fell and took his head clean off. “ ‘It was telled to me that this was a judgment on the crathur, because it is not right, to pray small, just for yourself. But you should pray large —to save us all—pray big and open- hearted. But that may be only a. story, sir.’ vi “That may be'only a story,” but it has its lesson, for if he had prayed wholly for himself, the whole o f himself would have been preserved. The fact is, if we are to pray wholly, we must have a whole-hearted confidence born of a whole-hearted con­ secration. Mr. Spurgeon once related how in going through "the famous factory at Sevres, he noticed an artist painting a very beautiful vase. He says: “ I looked at him, but he did not look at me. His eyes were better engaged than in staring at a stranger. There were several persons at my heels, and they all looked and made observations, yet the worker’s eye never moved from his work. He had to paint the picture upon that vase, and what benefit would he get from noticing us, or from our noticing him? He kept to his work. W e would fain see such abstraction and con­ centration in every man who has the Lord’s work to do. ‘This one thing I do.’ Some frown, some smile, but ‘this one thing I do.’ ” In the Apocryphal Gospel of Nicodemus, the believing thief who was crucified with Christ is represented as entering Para­ dise, “ a miserable figure, carrying the .Sign o f the Cross upon his shoulders.” And seeing him, all the saints said to. him, “Who art thou? For thy countenance is like a thief’s? And why dost thou carry a cross on thy shoulders?” In answer to them he said: “Truly have ye said that I was a robber and a thief in the world, doing all sorts o f evil upon the earth. And for all these things the Jews crucified me along with Jesus . . . . . And He gave me the sign o f the cross, saying, ‘Walk into Paradise, carrying this.’ ” M M arch 31, 1928 Text: Mark 10:14 In Bunhill Fields cemetery there is the following epitaph oh the tomb of an infant: “ In memory of Westfield Lilley, son of Westfield and Sarah Lilley, who died June 2nd, 1798, aged one year and ten months. “ Bold Infidelity, turn pail and die, Under this stone an Infant’s ashes lie. Say,—Is it Lost or Saved? M arch 29, 1928 Text: Phil. 3:13 M arch 30, 1928 T ext: Phil. 3:18

“Best” Books Important Messages for the Present Age that all should read

Scarlet and Purple By Sydney Watson

The Mark o f the Beast By Sydney Watson This book is a continuation of “In the Twinkling of An Eye,“ by the same author, who has again adopted fic­ tional form in order to inter­ est the greatest possible num­ ber of readers. It is a start­ ling, realistic and awe-inspir­ ing picture of the reign of the Antichrist, and a vivid por­ trayal of the fate of those “left behind” to go through the horrors of The Tribulation —that awful period of distress coming upon this earth after the raptured saints have been caught up to meet the Lord in the air. This book is help­ fully instructive as well as ex­ citing, absorbing, fascinating. Cloth $1.75

Do you love romance, ad­ venture, thrills? All three are in this powerful story that carries you along in the fine sweep of action to its most surprising ending. Written in the same fresh, enthusiastic and absorbing manner as “In the Twinkling of An Eye,” and “The Mark of the Beast,“ this books brings the reader face to face with Jesus Christ—as Saviour—and emphasizes the “must” of the New Birth. It is a splendid story for young people, and an excellent book to put into the hands of any unsaved friends you want to see converted. Cloth $1.75

In The Twinkling of An Eye By Sydney D. Watson

There is a growing interest in the whole subject of *The Lord’s Coming,** and many thousands have been awakened, quickened, even converted, by reading “ In The Twinkling of an Eye,** who would never have studied their Bibles to learn the precious truth of the Second Coming of the Lord, or looked at an ordinary pamphlet or book upon the subject. It is one of .the most startling books in the annals of Christian literature— just the book to interest, to solemnize and awaken careless, ill-taught, professing Christians to a realization of the fact that the coming of the Lord draweth nigh. Although written in fictional form, the book cleaves close to Scripture. Cloth $1.75 Why I Believe in the Virgin Birth O f Jesus Christ By Dr. Wm. Evans Dr. Evans has given a fine Scriptural argument for the truth of the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ. He answers the critic’s arguments with the Sword of the Spirit— “ It is written, and leaves no other conclusion but that the Bible as a whole must be accepted if any portion is ac­ cepted as true. Cloth $1.00; Paper 60c The Patmos Vision By George W . Davis This exposition of the Revelation of Jesus Christ is a splendid contribution to the literature pertaining to our Lord s Second Coming and kindred themes. We com­ mend this helpful book to the earnest seeker after truth. Cloth $2 .25; Paper $1.50 The Revival A t Broad Lane By Kate Drew To both converted and unconverted this story will be like a message from heaven. It breathes the sweet story of the glorious Gospel of God I Surely it will find a re­ sponse in the hearts of those who are in a spiritually dead church; for it is the story of a church whose first love has waxed cold. Then a few faithful “old Stagers’* begin praying and things begin happening in an amazing way. The preacher is restored, an agnostic is brought into a saving faith, sinners are converted. It is the story of a REAL revival. Cloth $2.25 If money does not accompany order, «roods will be sent C. O. D. If goods are to come by mail a3d 10% for postage. Send for a free copy of our complete Catalog of Books, Booklets, Tracts, etc. B I O L A B O O K R O O M Bible Institute, Los Angeles, Calif.

If Death’s by sin, it sinned, for it lies here; If Heaven’s by works, in Heaven it can’t appear. Ah, reason, how deprav’d! Revere the Bible! (sacred page) the knot’s unty’d ; It died through Adam’s sin; it lives, for Jesus died.”

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