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March 1928

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it profit a man if he gains his cause and silences his adver­ sary, if at the same he loses that humble, tender frame of spirit in which the Lord delights, and to which the promise o f his presence is made.” EH Missionary Motives T HE Missionary Review o f the World tells of the re­ sults o f a Questionnaire recently sent out to discover the motives o f missionaries. * In response to the ques­ tionnaire to pastors, missionary secretaries, teachers and other Christian workers, the objective that received the most votes was “ The training o f a native Christian leader­ ship” ; second came “ The promotion o f universal brother­ hood” ; and then “ Sharing with others our personal knowl­

forts, cultivation of -nationalism, efforts to promote human brotherhood are all well in their places, but no one o f these objectives, nor all of them together can ever lead men to know God and Jesus Christ whom He hath sent, and through Whom alone, eternal life is to be found. So ’Tis—With Companionate Marriages B RA ZEN LY proclaiming the marriage of his daughter as being the companionate type advocated by Judge Ben Lindsey, E. Haldeman-Julius, radical propagandist and Atheist, sets himself up'before the public as a model for modern parents. I f ,Julius, without the blare of this unseemly publicity, had seen fit to marry off his daughter before she was

edge o f Christ,” and the “ Christianization o f all aspects o f national life.” The fewest votes were given to the ob­ jectives: extending denomina­ tional beliefs, the evangeliza­ tion o f the world in this gen­ eration, the salvation of souls from eternal death through faith in Christ and “ the over­ throw of false religions which cannot save and which blind men to the truth.” This would seem to reveal a serious situation—a lack of firm, settled convictions as to the objective t h e d i v i n e Founder o f .the missionary en­ terprise set for His followers. The editor of The Review then briefly sets forth the ob­ jectives so clearly stated by the New Testament, as fol­ lows : 1 .T o lead men to

through her high school course to a young man in his employ, who is unable at present ,to foot his own matrimonial bills, the incident could be regarded as being none of the public’s business. Among the mentally deficient, he may recruit some followers, but most American parents still have sense enough, even in this modern age, to see that their boys and girls are through their school days before tackling such a big task as matrimony, regardless of what label it bears. Unfortunately for Halde- man-Julius, an enterprising newspaper reporter, up and spoiled this perfect sample of companionate marriage. It de­ veloped that the daughter came to the Julius home altogether too soon after the marriage of the supposed parents. The v a l u e of t h i s information seemed to be in the fact that the noted Atheist has delighted in comparing the morals of preachers with those o f Athe­

For Better or For Worse?

repeat o f their sins and to carry to all mankind (while they l i v e on earth) the Gospel o f life which Christ came to pro­

Gale in Los Angeles Times

claim and which He made effective by His life, death and resurrection (Matt. 24:14; Mark 16:15 and Acts 1 :8 ; 13:32). 2. To teach the people, o f all lands and nations, races and conditions to know God as revealed in Christ and to understand and observe the commands of Christ as He taught the Way o f Life and service (Matt. 28:19, 20; Mark 1:16; Acts 5:42; Rom. 1:5). 3. To extend the Kingdom o f God— His sov­ ereign rule—throughout the earth by persuading men to become loyal followers and servants of Jesus Christ and by .obedience to the laws of God, as inter­ preted by Christ, in personal, social, industrial and civic life (Luke 9:2, 11, 60; Acts 28:31). 4 .T o teach and train the followers'"of Christ — to “ feed the sheep and tend the lambs” o f His fold— so as to build up a strong, intelligent Church, with a fulness o f life so that young and old, by precept and example will be true, strong disciples and effective, loving ministers to others (John 10:10; 20:21; 21: 15-17).

ists and in publishing all the scandal on off-colored clergy. Julius was in a bad fix, so he explained thus. He declared that he and his wife were the original compan­ ionate marriage couple of the universe. He avowed that while they were both in College, before marriage, they lived together in companionate relationship. This daughter came as the result of that wholesome and beautiful union! But— o h ! O h !— this story also had a weak spot in it. A crusty old miner, who didn’t relish the thought of this daughter being branded as an illegitimate, rose up in his wrath and brought forth the proof that this daughter was not the offspring of the Haldeman-Juliuses at all. She was an adopted child and he, the miner, is the father. What might the Atheist’s rejoinder be to that? There was nothing to do but calmly concede to the undeniable proof. So this is the perfect sample o f the original com­ panionate marriage. Let us hope that the “ daughter” will make a, better record, in spite of the home influences she has had. And by the way— it might be well to take anything that Haldeman-Julius says, with a little salt.

The questionnaire beyond a doubt has laid bare the heart o f our modern missionary problem. Many o f the newer type of missionaries are evidently failing to make a distinction between the main objective of Christianity and its by-products. Education, increase of creature com­

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