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JULY 2017

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Over the last few months, I have traveled long hours to make TV appearances all over the nation. In just a few weeks, I visited cities like Albuquerque, Baton Rouge, Chicago, Houston, New Orleans, and Tucson, all to appear on their local stations and talk about my work with nerve damage. Neuropathy is a prevalent problem across the country. In our office, we’re able to do amazing things and change our patients’ lives, but we have such a small reach. The Mayo Clinic estimates there are more than 3 million cases per year in the United States. Most people who suffer have never heard of our office and are unaware of available treatment options. During my various TV appearances, I address the mistakes people must avoid if they have nerve damage. One of the most common mistakes is doing nothing to treat the nerve damage beyond taking medication prescribed by a doctor. Relying on neuro inhibitors like Lyrica or Cymbalta, which only suppress the symptoms of pain, doesn’t really help the patient improve. In fact, a person could inadvertently be making their nerve damage worse because they aren’t listening to their body when it’s trying to tell them they have a problem. Factor in the side effects from the medication, and they are now suffering from a double whammy of trouble. All around the country, I hear stories from people whose lives are not going anywhere because of their nerve pain. They can’t sleep well or play with their grandchildren or enjoy an after-dinner walk with their spouse or participate in many activities they used to love. I want people to know they have options. They don’t have to accept being told “There’s nothing we can do” from their doctor. There is something we can do! I travel across the country and make these appearances so I can reach the people who have given up hope. A lot of work goes into each of these appearances, and most of the time it’s lonely. You’re on a plane by yourself, you’re at the hotel by yourself, and you eat dinner by yourself. What’s more, traveling back and forth can really drain your energy. I load myself up with vitamins and make sure I’m in bed by 9 p.m. so I can be energized for my next appearance. The cycle is tough, but it’s worthwhile

“”All around the country, I hear

when you hear people talking about their problems and you know you can help them feel better.

stories from people whose lives are not

Already, I’ve spoken with countless people who’ve

spent years believing they had to just accept suffering as part of their lives. I can hear the hope enter their voices as I explain our process and share stories about the miracles I’ve seen in the office. We may not

going anywhere because of their nerve pain.”

yet have the power to fix every problem in the world, but for the patients we can help, I know we’ve made a difference. This is the message I want to get out there, and hopefully I can inspire people to take back their lives again.

– Dr. Bao Tha i

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