March 2016

March 2016

previous month and up 25 percent from a year ago — the 12th consecutive month with a year-over-year increase.

explaining that while she understands the attraction of Portland, the urban growth threatens to ruin what makes it attractive in the first place. “Why do cities have to grow exponentially? ... We’re tearing down the forest and we’re building houses. Are we going to become California and people are going to go to Washington?” As one of the growing number of new real estate agents in Portland, Morey Soler provided a different perspective. “We have buyers from California and from China, and paying cash,” said Soler, who has been licensed as a real estate agent for two and a half years and is broker and marketing director at Bulldog Capital Realty, listing many of the homes flipped by Grubb and his team. “People down here just hated Californians; they thought they were driving up prices of homes. But I don’t mind Californians. Californians, Chinese Paying Cash

Paving Portland

Savage noted that her short sale experience also sets her apart from the growing ranks of brand-new Realtors latching onto the skyrocketing Portland market. “Another factor that we have here in the Portland area is that we have more and more Realtors getting into the business,” she said. “So we’re competing with all the newer agents that are trying to maneuver the market.” And although Savage herself grew up in Northern California, she expressed mixed feelings about the growing number of California transplants to Portland. “My concern is because it’s livable up here, because it’s beautiful up here, more people are moving up here and they’re paving it,” she said,

Morey Soler Broker and Marketing Director

Bulldog Capital Realty Lake Oswego, Oregon

“ Parts of Portland that my parents never allowed me to go when I was younger are now the cooler, trendy spots. ”

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