March 2016

like Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee have gained population because of these changes. The trend is towards suburbanization.”

who moved from Irvine, California to Dripping Springs, Texas, in 2011. Texas continues to be the nation’s largest in-migration magnet. “The reason people move from one state or nationtoanother isusually tiedtoopportunity,” writes DeVore, author of The Texas Model: Prosperity in the Lone Star State and Lessons for America . “They perceive that their ability to thrive in their new home is better than in the old. So, they pick up stakes, say ‘goodbye’ to family and long-time friends, and migrate. For us, the move to Texas came after years of having a front row seat watching the internationally famous California Dream start a long fade to black.” According to Ryan Avent, an economics correspondent for The Economist, and author of The Gated City , America’s most innovative cities have become playgrounds for the rich, repelling a cost-conscious middle class and helping to concentrate American wealth in the hands of a few. “The residents of America’s productive cities fear change in their neighborhoods and fight

Fastest-Growing Metros

The fastest-growing metro areas are also in the Sun Belt. Winning cities include places like The Villages in central Florida that topped the Census bureau’s fastest-growing metro list. In fact, eight of the top 10 fastest-growing metros are located in the Sun Belt. Six of the 20 fastest-growing metro are in Florida, according to the Census Bureau. Four Texas cities made the fastest-growing list. Texas — which had the biggest population gain from 2014 to 2015 — gained 490,000 people. It is a magnet for job-seekers from elsewhere. It has been at the fore in high job growth and outpaced the nation’s economic growth since the Great Recession.

Chuck DeVore Housing Refugee Dripping Springs, Texas

“ The reason people move from one state or nation to another

is usually tied to opportunity. They perceive that their

ability to thrive in their new home is better than in the old. ” Seeking Sunshine

Post-Recession Housing Refugees

Another housing refugee is Chuck DeVore, a former California State Assembly member

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SOURCE: Census Bureau


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