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Guy Desjardins a quitté le monde de la politique municipale. Il est décédé, samedi, suite à un cancer. Les maires de Prescott-Russell et les représentants de la région sur la Colline du Parlement et à Queens Park se souviennent d’un homme qui aimait et travaillait fort pour sa communauté tout en conservant son sens de l’humour et en appréciant les moments passés en famille et entre amis. —photo d’archives


and vision are a demonstration of a true politician who has always worked hard for IJTDPOTUJUVFOUT&WFSZCPEZIBTTPNFUIJOH to learn from a man like M. Desjardins. The Prescott-Russell region will forever be influenced by this remarkable politician. Our deepest condolences to his partner, Aline, his daughter, Tanya, his sons, Christian and Jason, as well as to his whole family.” “I am so very sorry,” said Robert Kirby, &BTU)BXLFTCVSZ5PXOTIJQNBZPSi)FBOE I and all the other mayors go along so very well. At social events, he was always there to enjoy things with the rest of us. There will always be something missing for quite some time.” “He was a very well-liked person,” said /PSNBOE3JPQFM $IBNQMBJO5PXOTIJQNBZPS “Very straightforward and a man of his word. If he said something, he meant it. He guided me very well in my own new functions as mayor. I will miss him very much.” “It is with great sadness that I learn of the death of Mayor Guy Desjardins of Cla- rence-Rockland,” said Paula Assaly, mayor PG)BXLFTCVSZi8FIBEBHSFBUSFMBUJPOTIJQ at the United Counties of Prescott-Russell council. He had a talent for teasing each mayor and the DG, Stéphane Parisien. He used to refill my water glass at the council table and made sure it was always full. He did it with kindness. I will miss him and especially his sense of humour, his direct way of speaking and his authenticity.” i8IFO*XBTBQQPJOUFEJOBTNBZPS of the municipality of Casselman,” said Daniel Lafleur, “M. Desjardins was the first to call me to congratulate me and give me his support at all times. Guy liked to tease his colleagues in the United Counties. His contagious smile put a lot of spirit into our conventions and meetings. Guy often talked about his wife, Aline, whom he loved very much and told us stories about his chickens and ducks. He made us laugh and this will always remain a good memory. He was an important resource person for me and I appreciated his friendship. Hello, my friend, you will remain in my prayers.” “Guy was a straight shooter,” said Fran- ÉPJT4U"NPVS 5IF/BUJPONBZPSi8IBUIF said, he meant. He was a great friend to 5IF/BUJPO.VOJDJQBMJUZ)FXBTGVOUPCF around, and he liked to joke. He was a good friend, and I’m going to miss him.”

Family and friends mourn the death of Guy Desjardins due to cancer. His fellow mayors and other political col- leagues offer fond memories of the man who looked after the City of Clarence- Rockland for almost a decade. “A great loss for Clarence-Rockland,” said Francis Drouin, Glengarry-Prescott-Russell MP. “Guy had the sense of duty. He knew how to accomplish work while always keeping his sense of humour. He always called me AUIFZPVOHPOF8FMBVHIFEUPHFUIFSBOE talked about politics and agriculture. My sincere condolences to his spouse, Aline, his children and close friends. He will be missed.” “My most sincere sympathies to the Desjardins family,” said Amanda Simard, Glengarry-Prescott-Russell MPP. “My thoughts are with you today. Guy: thank you for your work, your contribution to public life, your TFSWJDFUPZPVSDPNNVOJUZ8FXJMMBMXBZT remember and we will never forget you.” i8FMPTUBNBOXIPSFBMMZIBEUIFNVOJ - cipality booming,” said Jean-Marc Lalonde, former MPP, former mayor of the Town of Rockland, and a city council member under Desjardins. “His door was always open for suggestions about the future of the commu- nity. He was always well-respected, he always had a smile and a good sense of humour. 8FBSFMPTJOHBHSFBUNBOu “Mayor Desjardins and I both came onto UCPR council at the same time,” said Pierre Leroux, Russell Township mayor. “One of my favourite memories was a boat ride we TIBSFEBU UIF".0DPOWFOUJPO JO/JBHBSB 'BMMT*OFWFSMBVHIFETPIBSE8IJMFXFEJEOU always see eye-to-eye, Mayor Desjardins fought incredibly hard for what he believed JO BOE*BMXBZTSFTQFDUFEIJNGPSUIBU8IFO Guy smiled, you couldn’t help but do the same. He will be missed.” “It has been a great pleasure and privilege to work with him,” said Stéphane Sarrazin, Alfred-Plantagenet Township mayor and current warden for the United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR). “Over the past years we had the opportunity to work toge- ther on many important local issues, such as the widening of Highway 174 and the floods. His dedication, strong leadership,

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