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Together, we change the world.

A Note From Our Founders Dear WE Friends and Supporters, Welcome to the year of WE! We are so grateful to you for your

We were also thrilled to celebrate our inaugural WE Day Family event, bringing families together as community-builders and world-changers.We had an incredible lineup of speakers and performers, including an unforgettable performance by renowned Canadian music icon Gord Downie. From educators and parents investing in a generation committed to giving back to young activists making the social landscape more radically inclusive for all, we can see that there is so much more that unites us than divides. Looking toward the future, we are thrilled to be opening the doors to the much- anticipated WE Learning Centre this fall, which will welcome tens of thousands of young people to grow as leaders at home and around the world. When you are in Toronto, please do come by 339 Queen Street East and say hello! The WE movement has found its moment, and we are honored and humbled to have you with us on this journey.Thank you for joining us, and we look forward to sharing many new adventures to come in 2017.

unwavering dedication, commitment and support on this journey. You have helped us shift the future direction of the organization and grow the WE movement beyond anything we dreamed possible. We will never forget our humble beginnings when, united by the dream to end child labor, twelve 12-year-olds gathered in our parents’ basement and founded a movement. These roots have sustained a powerful base of children helping children, as well as our collective legacy built over our twenty year history as Free The Children. This has been an incredible year of new beginnings for WE. In the Maasai Mara, we celebrated the expansion of Baraka Health Clinic into a full-fledged hospital, as well as the opening of Ngulot Secondary School, the first boys’ secondary school in the area.

Together we change the world,

Craig Kielburger

Marc Kielburger

WE Charity Annual Report 2016


A Note From Our Board of Directors Dear WE Friends and Supporters,

It gives us great pleasure to share with you the impacts of another successful year for the WE movement—made possible by your support and commitment to changing the world. The relaunch of our brand to WE Charity, and the unifying themes of the WE movement, have brought a renewed energy to the excellent work WE Charity has been doing for more than twenty years. We will continue to foster hope, promote optimism, build community and work together to continue taking action on local and global issues, as we work steadfastly to make the world a better place. Our reach continues to scale, as we build a global movement for civic action, global citizenship and social change. We have seen tremendous growth in domestic programs of the organization in the United States, with the opening of a regional office in Illinois, and expansion into New York and Dallas.

In Canada, we watched thousands of families come together at the inaugural WE Day Family event, and have proudly partnered with the Canadian government to celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial anniversary through the WE are Canada campaign. Internationally, our WE Villages program continues to change lives and deliver tangible impact across the world through our holistic approach to sustainable development. The Board of Directors remains highly engaged, and we are truly proud of the many successes we have seen this year. We hope to continue with this momentum by promoting excellence in leadership and governance, and by providing guidance in driving forward new initiatives while strengthening existing programs. As a board, we are committed to helping WE Charity continue to achieve its ambitious goals with integrity and respect for everyone who supports this incredible movement of making the world a better place.Thank you for a tremendous year, and for all you do to support the work and vision of WE Charity!

Michelle Douglas , Chair, Board of Directors, Canada

Jonathan White , Chair, Board of Directors, U.S.

WE Charity Annual Report 2016 3

Empowering Change

WE Charity makes a difference using resources that create sustainable impact.

We do this internationally through WE Villages, a holistic development model, and domestically through WE Schools, a unique experiential service-learning program. Together,WE Charity is empowering students, families and communities to forge their own paths to success.

WE Charity Annual Report 2016


Table of Contents 6. Highlights From 2016 8. Why We Are Different 10. Annual Financials 12. Where We Work 14. WE Villages

26. Our Team 27. Awards 28. Celebrity Ambassadors 30. Looking Forward to 2017 32. Board of Directors 34. WE Day Co-Chairs 36. Outstanding Partners and Supporters 43. Media Partners 44.  Official Educational Partners

16. Pillars of Impact 18. WE Villages Story 20. WE Schools 22. WE Schools Story 24. WE Day

WE Charity Annual Report 2016 5

Highlights From 2016

It has been an incredible year of progress, milestones and new beginnings for WE Charity.

OPENING OF BARAKA HOSPITAL In August, the WE team, along with thousands of parents, children and elders, came out to celebrate one of the biggest milestones in Narok County’s history—the opening of Baraka Hospital! With the addition of inpatient services and a surgical wing, thousands of families who would otherwise have had to travel far distances to access quality health care will now benefit from having a hospital nearby.


In exclusive partnership with College Board, WE launched the AP® with WE Service pilot program across the United States.The program integrates WE’s internationally recognized service-based learning framework and resources into six AP® courses, allowing high school teachers and students to apply classroom learning to real-world situations, while earning a special recognition that gets sent to college and university admissions offices during the application process.

WE Charity Annual Report 2016



October 19, 2016, marked the first-ever WE Day Family.The event featured world-renowned speakers and performers, including Nelly Furtado, Gord Downie, Rick Hansen, Chris Hadfield and many more, coming together to motivate families to raise compassionate children.The event saw the WE movement come full circle— empowering a generation of change-makers.

WE Charity Annual Report 2016 7


We empower change with resources that create sustainable impact— at home and abroad. We do this through domestic programs like WE Schools and internationally through WE Villages. On average, only 10 percent of donations go toward administrative costs. Having such a low administrative rate means we are able to focus on creating sustainable change where it matters most.

of donations support our programming. 90% 10% goes toward our administrative costs.

WE Charity Annual Report 2016



WE Charity’s international work focuses on breaking the cycle of poverty in developing communities through holistic, sustainable solutions.

In Canada, the U.S. and the UK, WE Charity engages millions of students in service-learning through programming that focuses on youth as future change-makers. We want to provide every young person with the resources and skills to not just change their own lives, but to positively affect the lives of others in their communities—at home and around the world. By providing today’s youth with opportunities and tools for success, we help empower them to further educate, advocate and come up with solutions to the issues that they are most passionate about.

TRANSFORM YOUTH & COMMUNITIES Develop inspired agents of change committed to addressing social problems

EDUCATE & EMPOWER YOUTH Equip youth with the core skills and opportunities to succeed

REMOVE BARRIERS TO YOUTH SUCCESS Create conditions that facilitate positive youth development

WE Charity Annual Report 2016 9

Annual Financials

Our fundraising model reflects our vision for sustainable development and empowering young leaders at home and around the world.

By honoring every donation, including student-led coin drives and corporate partnerships, we have an industry-leading standard of financial responsibility that ensures all contributions are spent effectively. Your donation with WE Charity is an investment in a better world. We use an asset-based approach to development, so instead of community members being passive recipients of aid, they are empowered to lead the change.

SOURCES OF INCOME We are efficient, effective and transparent.

40% CORPORATE PARTNERS $22,369,991

25% YOUTH $13,708,606

23% FOUNDATIONS $12,694,881

9% ADULT $5,305,694

3% GOVERNMENT $1,615,385

TOTAL INCOME $55,694,557

* Please note that income includes cash and in-kind donations. All figures are consolidated for WE Charity Canada and USA in USD.

Imagine Canada works in partnership with other charitable organizations, companies, governments and individuals through programs that help strengthen charities and their operations. Its list of Sector Champions include some of the country’s most prominent charities and non-profits committed to advancing Imagine Canada’s goals of enhancing the sector’s impact and building a more robust Canada.

WE Charity Annual Report 2016


EXPENDITURE OF INCOME We are sustainable, transformative and impactful.

54% DOMESTIC PROJECTS $26,896,863




* Please note that all figures are consolidated for WE Charity Canada and USA in USD.


ME to WE is a social enterprise that provides socially conscious products and experiences that allow people to change the world through their everyday choices. Through our unique partnership with ME to WE, we are able to achieve a remarkable rate of financial efficiency. ME to WE, in part, is structured to offset WE Charity’s expenses and help provide pro bono

services to our efforts at home and abroad. Half of all ME to WE’s profits are donated to support WE Charity, while the other half is reinvested to grow the mission of the social enterprise. In 2016, ME to WE gave over $1.1 million in cash and $1.5 million in in-kind donations to WE Charity, bringing ME to WE’s total donations to well over $10 million.

WE Charity Annual Report 2016 11

Where We Work

Our impact has local and global reach. We empower people at home and abroad with the tools and resources to lead meaningful change.






WE Schools and WE Day Regions

WE Villages Countries

WE Charity Annual Report 2016







WE Charity Annual Report 2016 13

WE Villages

For over two decades, WE Villages has been engineering an international development model to end poverty.

By collaborating with dedicated community members and international development experts to find solutions that work, we have developed an effective five-pillar model that helps break the cycle of poverty in eight countries around the world.

WE Charity Annual Report 2016











Through the Food Pillar in India, 100 families now have a secure source of healthy food.

In 2016—for the third year in a row— Milimani Campus was the highest ranking school among 113 schools in Narok County.

WE Charity Annual Report 2016 15

Pillars of Impact The goal of WE Villages is to implement a holistic, sustainable development model so that communities can lift themselves out of poverty. This is achieved through five Pillars of Impact.

EDUCATION When children are educated they are armed with the knowledge, courage and self-confidence to better themselves, their communities and, ultimately, the next generation. In addition to building schools, we provide teacher accommodations, educational resources and supplies, leadership training for teachers, and extracurricular school activities like health and environment clubs.This holistic approach ensures students are set up for success. WATER With access to clean water, children—especially girls— can attend school instead of traveling far distances to fetch water.We help provide communities with clean water to drink and use for cooking, healthy sanitation facilities for washing, infrastructure systems to facilitate food production and workshops to teach communities healthy hygiene practices and how to prevent waterborne diseases.

In 2016, we broke ground on a new Senior Secondary School in Sierra Leone — the first major WE Villages project in the region since the country went into a state of emergency due to the 2014 Ebola outbreak.

In 2016, more than 2,600 community members in Ecuador gained access to clean water.

WE Charity Annual Report 2016


FOOD Hunger keeps children from school, adults from working and families from thriving. In developing countries, hunger can lead to malnutrition and illness. We work with communities to implement agriculture and food security programs that ensure families have access to healthy, self-sustaining food sources. HEALTH For people in developing countries, getting sick or being chronically ill can plunge a family deeper into poverty and prevent children from attending school.We work with community partners to improve access to health clinics, facilitate training of health care professionals and teach the community about disease prevention.Through simple, preventative measures such as vaccinations and education, families can keep themselves and their children healthy and in school.

By the end of 2016, Baraka Hospital and Kishon Health Centre had served more than 75,000 patients combined.

In 2016, crop yields increased by 20% in Gufubao and Wujiazhuang, China— helping more than 3,600 people.

OPPORTUNITY Without the opportunity to create their own financial means, many women in developing countries struggle with finding their voice within their family and community. We provide training and support to increase women’s income-generating skills to help them accrue savings and become empowered to shape their own lives.

In 2016, more than 1,000 people in Haiti saw an improvement in their standard of living because of our income opportunity programming.

WE Charity Annual Report 2016 17

Olga’s Opportunity

Olga Shiguango is a mother, sister, wife and, most recently, an artisan.

She joined the women’s group in Bellavista, Baja, in March 2014, without any previous experience in crafting. Before joining, she didn’t think she had the skills to be successful. She had never created jewelry before, her family was struggling to afford basic meals and she could barely find the means to keep her children in primary school. Through the Opportunity Pillar,WE Charity has since opened up a new world of possibility for Olga.The new income she gets from the women’s group has not only improved her access to food, health and education for her family, but has also given her a new-found confidence and independence. Prior to WE Charity partnering with the community of Bellavista, Olga and her husband weren’t able to provide enough food for their family of four. Some days, the family would only have chicha —a local drink made out of corn. Now, she is able to purchase tuna, cheese, noodles and potatoes—food she never thought she would be able to afford. When Olga’s husband, Saul, recently fell ill, she was able to turn to her women’s group for a loan so that her husband could see a doctor. She says without that loan and support from the women’s group, she doesn’t know if her husband would still be here today.

“He said goodbye to his two children. He said goodbye to his brothers and sisters …and I thought, I’m not going to let you die. At that moment, I went to the president of the [women’s] group, and I made another loan.” Saul is now healthy and working as a construction foreman with WE Villages’ construction projects. Her daughter, Dayana, is a fifth grade student at the school WE rebuilt in Bellavista. With new classrooms and bathrooms, and access to clean water for drinking, Olga’s daughter is also experiencing the impacts of WE’s development model. With financial literacy training as part of the women’s group, Olga has not only been able to earn money for herself, she is also learning how to spend and save her money responsibly. She says that the basic math and finance training that she has received has helped her calculate the cost of groceries and save for her children’s education.With her understanding of finances, Olga has even stepped up to be the treasurer of the women’s group. Her transformation through the women’s group has been an incredible journey, and the changes in her life have all been made possible because of WE Villages and your generous contribution. TO READ OTHER STORIES OF IMPACT, VISIT .

WE Charity Annual Report 2016


“ I don’t worry anymore. I have some peace of mind.” —Olga Shiguango on the life-changing impact that a sustainable income has given her family.

WE Charity Annual Report 2016 19

WE Schools WE Schools is an experiential service-learning program that helps students understand social issues and then provides them with the tools and resources to take local and global action—reigniting a passion for learning in the classroom.

WE Schools engages more than 3.4 million students .

Through educational resources and service campaigns, WE Schools prepares students with the life skills for success and empowers them to change the world. It’s a movement of students and educators who believe that some of the most powerful learning experiences happen when you make a meaningful difference in your community and the world.


WE Schools is active in 12,300 schools and groups in North America & the UK

WE Charity Annual Report 2016


In the 2015–2016 school year ...

6,840 organizations were supported. 2,179,612 pounds of food were collected. $17,075,000 funds were raised for local and global causes. 7,675,000 hours were volunteered.

Based on the 2015–2016 Year In Review Survey completed by WE Schools educators in Canada and the U.S.

87% of educators feel they are better equipped to teach about social justice issues through service-based learning. 91% of educators report that their students feel a greater connection to their local community. 87% of educators report that their students are more likely to stand up for others who are treated unfairly because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

88% of educators feel they have more meaningful relationships with students in their group or school. 90% of educators report that their students demonstrate increased leadership among their peers. 83% of educators report that WE Schools has helped create a welcoming and respectful environment in their school or community.

WE Charity Annual Report 2016 21

Leave a Book, Leave an Impact The students of John C. Coonley Elementary School are no strangers to volunteerism.

Through the WE volunteer now campaign, the school’s service club rallied their peers together to give back to their community by collecting 2,000 books to stock “little free libraries”—small, public boxes where anyone can swap or borrow a book. The campaign encourages schools, companies and families to connect with a cause or passion, then rally their communities and bring together teams of volunteers for a week of giving back. The group took the campaign one step further by collecting book donations over a month- long period, using hand-drawn posters, morning announcements and school-wide emails to encourage other students to donate. For Anna Mulberink, club member and voracious reader, the campaign was an opportunity to share her love of books. “I’ve learned so much from reading,” says Anna.

“When I’m feeling down, I go read a book and get lost in it.” Anna and her brother Matthew pass by one of the little free libraries every morning on their walk to school. “I’ve exchanged books there a couple times. It’s a nice feeling. You’re a part of it,” says Matthew. “It helps kids to start reading. There’s a constant flow of books and it keeps you interested.” The siblings added books from their own library to the donations piling up in bins in the school’s entryway.When the drive ended, it took service club coordinator Shakee Hitik three trips in her minivan to transport everything to the alderman’s office, where books are held for restocking little free libraries in the ward. TO READ OTHER STORIES OF IMPACT, VISIT .

“My favorite part was just seeing how many books we collected. It really gave a sense of accomplishment that what we worked for paid off.” —Anna Mulberink on her participation in the WE volunteer now campaign.

WE Charity Annual Report 2016


WE Charity Annual Report 2016 23

WE Day WE Day is a powerful, life-changing experience with world-renowned speakers and performers, mixed with real inspirational stories of change. It is an opportunity for young change-makers to come together and celebrate their year of action. Students can’t buy a ticket to WE Day, they earn their way by taking one local and one global action through the yearlong WE Schools program. Across Canada, the U.S. and the UK, every young person makes their own journey to WE Day, but together they become empowered to change the world.

95% of educators said WE Day allowed students to see themselves as a part of their larger community. In 2016, we hosted 15 WE Day events in 13 cities across Canada, the United States and the UK.

WE Charity Annual Report 2016 25

Our Team

The WE Charity team is a family of shameless idealists and social entrepreneurs committed to shaping a world where everything is possible.

Our team is made up of hundreds of young professionals who are united by the belief that you can never be too young to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Each member has a passion and commitment to making the world a better place. From our tireless staff and volunteers to our incredible donors, board of directors and celebrity ambassadors, our team lives by a shared set of values that keep us moving forward.

…embrace change …focus on results …are social entrepreneurs …are grateful …are stronger together …have a passion for growth

…are always learning …move with positivity and purpose

WE Charity Annual Report 2016



We are proud of our world-class development model and humbled by the award-winning accomplishments of our organization and team.

Top 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures in 2016

Most Admired CEOs 2015

Most Admired Corporate Culture 2013

Top Employer 2011, 2012, 2013 Top 5 Charities Run by Young Professionals 2013

WE Charity Annual Report 2016 27

Celebrity Ambassadors We are deeply grateful to our celebrity ambassadors, who bring the WE movement to life through their thought-provoking words and skilled performances. Not only have they lent their time and talent, they have also proven by example that changing the world is just about the coolest thing that anybody could ever do.







WE Charity Annual Report 2016











Paula Abdul, Mustafa Ahmed, Barenaked Ladies, Jully Black, Holly Branson, Sir Richard Branson, Pete Carroll, Ciara, Michael “Pinball” Clemons, Nina Dobrev, Becca Dudley, Tyrone Edwards, Ellie Goulding, Jennifer Hudson, Nick Jonas, Bailee Madison, Bridgit Mendler, Machel Montano, Nico & Vinz, Clive Owen, Bluey Robinson, Tyler Shaw, Jacob Tremblay, Liz Trinnear, Spencer West, Laura Whitmore, Chloe Wilde, Russell Wilson, Karl Wolf

WE Charity Annual Report 2016 29

Looking Forward to 2017 WE LEARNING CENTRE

The WE Learning Centre is our international hub for service-learning and youth engagement, and the site of our new headquarters. Set to open in fall 2017, it will be the foundation on which our expansion will rest and will serve as a catalyst in propelling our programming and impact both at home and around the world. The building will house virtual classrooms, a theater for presentations, an innovation hub and professional development resources for teachers. Located in Toronto’s historic Corktown neighborhood, the WE Learning Centre will allow us to expand our operations while keeping a close connection to the Cabbagetown community.

A special thank you to the generous individuals, families, foundations and companies who have supported the opening of the WE Learning Centre.* Hartley Richardson The Richardson Family Foundation David Aisenstat The Gilgan family The Romano/Franco family The Rumi Foundation — RBC Foundation TELUS Microsoft

* Reflects donation commitments made by April 10, 2017, of $1M or more.

WE Charity Annual Report 2016


WE COLLEGE IN KENYA In our next effort to expand access to education in Kenya, we will be opening the first-ever WE College in Narok County.The WE College will transform the region by providing educational opportunities across the faculties of public health, technical studies, business and technology, education, and medical services—marking a new beginning for young adults in the area. Having access to post-secondary education means that students will have the opportunity to gain theoretical and technical training to succeed in their future careers and contribute positively to their communities.When complete, the WE College will allow up to 325 students to pursue a diploma or certificate every year—empowering a region with the gift of education for future generations to come.

CACAO PROGRAMMING IN ECUADOR Cacao farming is a central income-generating activity in the regions of Ecuador where WE Charity works, yet many farmers face significant challenges due to limited access to land.Through WE Villages, we will be developing a robust training facility to help improve cacao-farming processes for farmers in our partner communities.The cacao training program will triple farmers’ earnings, enabling them to purchase nutritious food and provide for their families.

WE Charity Annual Report 2016 31

Board of Directors 2016 CANADIAN BOARD OF DIRECTORS Michelle Douglas, Chair Department of Justice Canada Area of Expertise: Law, Social Justice, Change Management Kannan Arasaratnam, MBA, CA, CPA, CSC

Mary-Eileen Donovan Superintendent of Education (Retired), Toronto Catholic District School Board Area of Expertise: Educational Programming, School Engagement Eric Morrison Former President, The Canadian Press Area of Expertise: Strategic Communications, Public Relations Neil Taylor President and Chairman, Investors Group Securities Area of Expertise: Governance, Finance

Independent Consultant Area of Expertise: Finance Jordan Banks Global Head of Vertical Strategy, Facebook; Managing Director, Facebook Canada Area of Expertise: Technology, Digital Media Chris Besse President and COO, Freshgrade Area of Expertise: Finance, Governance, Educational Programming Andrew Black

U.S. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dr. Jonathan White, Chair

Director, Bentley Service-Learning Center; Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Bentley University Area of Expertise: Ethics, Educational Programming

CEO, Brand Project LP Area of Expertise: Branding Gerry Connelly Director of Education (Retired), Toronto District School Board Area of Expertise: Educational Programming, School Engagement

Richard Beaven Global CEO, Initiative Media (Retired) Area of Expertise: Marketing, Public Relations Stanley Hainsworth Founder & CCO, Tether Inc. Area of Expertise: Brand &Marketing Dr. Shelley White Program Director, Master of Public Health; Assistant Professor, Public Health and Sociology, Simmons College Area of Expertise: Educational Programming, Social Justice Education UK BOARD OF DIRECTORS Lord Rumi Verjee, Chair Founder, The Rumi Foundation Area of Expertise: Business, Governance Holly Branson Trustee and Founder, The Big Change Charitable Trust; Chair, Virgin Unite

Craig Burkinshaw Founder, Audley Travel Area of Expertise: Marketing, Business, Social Enterprise Marianne Fallon Partner, Head of Corporate Affairs, KPMG Area of Expertise: Finance, Governance Hamish Jenkinson Director, Old Vic Tunnels; Trustee, Kevin Spacey Foundation Area of Expertise: Entertainment, Marketing Pauline Latham Member of Parliament for Mid-Derbyshire Area of Expertise: Government Relations, International Development, Educational Programming Graham Moysey Head, AOL International Area of Expertise: Business, Media, Marketing Neil Roskilly CEO, Independent Schools Association Area of Expertise: Educational Programming

WE Day Co-Chairs

GLOBAL CO-CHAIR David Aisenstat President and CEO, Keg Restaurants Ltd. Dave I. McKay President and CEO, Royal Bank of Canada Hartley Richardson

NATIONAL CO-CHAIRS—U.S. Tom Wilson Chairman, President and CEO, The Allstate Corporation and Allstate Insurance Company Jennifer Hudson Grammy Award-winning Singer and Actress Philanthropist, Crown Family Philanthropies WE DAY TORONTO Kim Mason Senior Vice President, Personal and Commercial Banking, Operations, Royal Bank of Canada WE DAY VANCOUVER Lorne Segal Steve Robinson CEO, Imagine Janet Crown

WE DAY MANITOBA Mark Chipman Chairman, True North Sports Ltd. Hartley Richardson President and CEO, James Richardson and Sons Ltd. Bob Silver President, Western Glove Works WE DAY ALBERTA Rob Geremia President, Boardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust Gregg Saretsky President and CEO, WestJet Neil Gaydon President and CEO, SMART Technologies WE DAY ATLANTIC CANADA Roger Howard Regional President, Atlantic Provinces, Royal Bank of Canada Ken Power Regional Vice President, Atlantic Canada, TELUS

President and CEO, James Richardson and Sons Ltd. NATIONAL CO-CHAIRS— CANADA Darren Entwistle President and CEO, TELUS Jeffrey Latimer CEO, Jeffrey Latimer Entertainment The Honorable David C. Onley Former Lieutenant Governor Chairman Elect, KPMG International, and Chair, KPMG’s Americas Region Jennifer Tory Chief Administrative Officer, Royal Bank of Canada of Ontario Bill Thomas

President, Kingswood Capital Management

Doug Reid, FCPA, FCA Managing Partner, Atlantic Canada, KPMG LLP Canada

WE Charity Annual Report 2016



WE DAY ILLINOIS Tom Wilson Chairman and CEO, The Allstate Corporation Arne Duncan Managing Partner, Emerson Collective, and Former U.S. Secretary of Education Common Hip-hop Artist, Actor, Founder of the Common Ground Foundation Alex Gourlay Co-COO, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. WE DAY UK Holly Branson Trustee and Founder, Big Change Charitable Trust; Chair, Virgin Unite Lord Rumi Verjee Founder, The Rumi Foundation

Hutton Phillips Co-Chair, The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation WE DAY CALIFORNIA Jeff Skoll Founder and Chairman, Jeff Skoll Group Stephanie Swedlove Producer Gavin Newsom Lieutenant Governor of California Jennifer Siebel Newsom Filmmaker, Actor and President and CEO of The Representation Project Stephanie Argyros President and CEO, Argyros Group Magic Johnson President of Basketball Operations, Los Angeles Lakers WE DAY SEATTLE Pete Carroll Head Coach, Seattle Seahawks Judson Althoff Executive Vice President, Worldwide Commerical Business, Microsoft Jolene McCaw Trustee, Jolene McCaw Family Foundation

CEO and Creative Director, YMC and Jon Levy Chief Merchant, Co-Founder and CEO, Mastermind Sandra Martin Group Publisher, Canadian Living WE DAY MONTREAL Catherine Turner Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Young Presidents’ Organization Paul Desmarais III Vice President, Power Financial and Power Corporation WE DAY OTTAWA Patrick Mullins CEO, Silver Maple Developments Jeff York President and CEO, Farm Boy Inc. Tina Sarellas Regional President, Royal Bank of Canada WE DAY MINNESOTA Dean Phillips Co-Chair, The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation

WE Charity Annual Report 2016 35

Outstanding Partners and Supporters

1-800-Got-Junk? 30 Elephants 60 Million Girls Foundation Aaron Fornwald The Abboud Family ABC’s The Bachelor & The Bachelorette Accenture ACCO Brands Canada Achievers Active Green & Ross Adrian Horwood Adventure Learning Experiences The Aghar Family Aimia Air Canada Centre Aird & Berlis Albert El Tassi Aleen Keshishian Alexandra Weston Algonquin College The Allstate Foundation Allstate Insurance Company

Argyros Family Foundation Arne Duncan Artbound Ashley and Lynn Webster

Bobby Kotick Bocholt Foundation Boeing Bogani Family Coalition Bond Brand Loyalty The Borger Family Bosa Properties Boston Pizza

Aspen Properties Ltd. The Asper Foundation

Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) AT&T ATB Financial Atlantica Hotel Halifax Baby Girl Project Ballmer Family Foundation The Banks Family Barbara Beatty and Elizabeth Huntsman The Barbara Family Barbara Hoskins The Barnello Family The Barnes Family Barth Family Trust Barton Family Foundation Battat Co. Baylis Medical Company The Beck Family Beck Taxi Bella Tumini The Besse Family Betty Gaertner

The Bozdog Family The Bradley Family Foundation Brandee Barker

Brenda and Steve Sherwood Brent, Sara, Carley and Jason Moore

The Bretz Family Brian Kalliecharan

Brian Sinchak Brian Williams The Brinson Foundation BRITA Brooke N. Wade Charitable Foundation Brookfield Asset Management Inc. Building a Better World, One Village At a Time Committee Cadillac Fairview Corp. The Caldwell Family Foundation Caldwell Securities Ltd. Calgary Flames Hockey Club Call It Spring Canad Inns Canadian Heritage Canadian Living Canadian Museum for Human Rights Canadian School Boards Association

The Alsikafi Family The Althoff Family The Altilia Family Alya Poplawsky Andrew Peller Ltd. Angela Gauthier Ann Koppel Anne Ferguson AOL AOL Advertising AOL Canada Aon

The Beverly Foundation The Bickerstaff Family Foundation Bill and Joyce Young Bill Beakey The BlueSky Properties Foundation Boardwalk Rental Communities Bob Bose

The Appleton-Benko Family Appnovation Technologies Aravt Global

WE Charity Annual Report 2016


Canucks Sports & Entertainment Capilano University Carlson Family Foundation Carole Ito Caroline and Giovanni Rossi Castlepoint Investments Catherine Turner Cathy Plewes Character Scotland Checker Transportation Group Chegg CHG Health Services Chicago Bears Chicago Blackhawks Chicago Bulls Chicago Community Trust Chicago Cubs Chicago Sky Chicago White Sox Chris and Tania Carnegie Chris Hadfield Christina Campeau Christine Liu Christopher and Julie Prentice The Church Family CIBC Foundation Cindy Hops Cinemark Cineplex Entertainment Cisco Systems Inc. City Moguls City National Bank Clearly Clearwater Seafoods Cliff Avril Family Foundation Clorox Canada

Compassionate Eye Foundation Contiki Corey and Jennifer Mulloy Cori and Tony Bates Coril Holdings Ltd. Cowan Foundation Craig and Becky Kreeger Craig and Libby Heimark and Family Craig Burkinshaw and Joanne Le Bon Credit Suisse Securities Canada Crown Family Philanthropies D. Keith Macdonald Foundation Dairy Farmers of Manitoba Dame Julia Cleverdon Dan Monaghan Daniel et Daniel Dany Battat Daughters For Life Foundation David Aisenstat David Aplin Group David Baum and Associates David Bensadoun

Les Developments du Canal DHL Canada DHL US Diana Ferrara Djavad Mowafaghian Foundation The Dobbins Family DocuSign Don and Debbie Morrison Donna Cansfield Donnelly Automotive Group The Donovan Family Dr. Pradeep Merchant DSI Estate Planning The Dudtschak Family Dwight Stuart Youth Fund Econofitness Ed Robertson and Family The Edward J. Phillips Family Foundation EF Education First Elin Eskilsson Ellis Jacob Embassy Suites by Hilton St. Paul Epitome Pictures Inc. Erica Rogers and Family Erica Shuttleworth Fund The Eshghi Family Estate of John Howard Swartz Eva and Yoel Haller The Everson Family Expedia Facebook Fairmont Palliser Calgary Family of Govind Patel Farm Boy Inc. Fastbreak Foundation FCT Federal Contruction Inc.

David Burtnik David Laprise David Ogilvie David Paul DAVIDsTEA Dayle Haddon

Deep Khosla Delta Airlines Delta Bessborough Delta Halifax & Barrington Dennis Luciani Department of Canadian Heritage, Youth Take Charge The Desmarais Family The Deubler Family

Club Penguin Colin Faulkner The College Board Comfort Suites

WE Charity Annual Report 2016 37

The Felesky Family The Feltch Family Fern Boldt Fillippo and Dolores Franco First Canadian Title Fix Auto The Flomen Family Fondation René Malo Ford Motor Company of Canada Fossil Foundation Four Points By Sheraton Downtown Seattle The Frank Family Freshii Friends In Memory of James Skehan Friends of Glenn and Nathalie Marr

Gloria Leverett The Goldberg Cabrera Family The Goldberry Family Goldman Sachs The Goler Family Goodlife Fitness Gordon and Ruth Gooder Charitable Foundation The Gordon Family Government of British Columbia, Ministry of Education Government of Canada, Canadian Heritage Government of Canada, Global Affairs Government of Manitoba, Department of Education and Advanced Learning Government of Nova Scotia, Education and Early Childhood Development Government of Ontario, Ministry of Education Gowlings WLG LLC The Gouinlock Family Government of Alberta, Alberta Education

Alexander Hedley Heidi and Rennie Balciunas The Henry Family

The Hillman Family Holiday Inn St. Paul Downtown Holt Renfrew

Hope From The Heartland The Hopper-Dean Family The Housenbold Family HUB International Hudson Youth Leadership Academy Hunter Davis Icelandic Glacial Water Imagine Educating Everyone In Memory of Shelagh Donovan Indigo Love of Reading Foundation Intel InterContinental Saint Paul Riverfront Investors Group IPG Mediabrands iQmetrix Iris Nicholaichuk Irv Kessler Israel Idonije Foundation The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation James and Veronica Michels James Hotel James Richardson & Sons Ltd and Affiliated Companies Jane Costello Janet Snowden Janine and Troy Maxwell Jasdeep and Shaleen Saluja Jason and Ann Green Jason and Rebecca Bond

Friends of Iqbal The Frink Family FTC Japan Gareth Seltzer Garry Stratychuk Garry Zlotnik Gary E. Milgard Family Foundation

Greg Christie Gregory Case Grosvenor Capital Management

Gavin Tollman GCM Grosvenor Geoff Beattie

George and Lois Whetham George Family Foundation George Lucas Family Foundation Gerald Butts The Gerald Schwartz & Heather Reisman Foundation Gerry Connelly The Ghorbani Family The Gilgan Family Glenn and Mindy Stearns Family Trust Global Freedom Foundation

Grouse Mountain The Guatto Family H20 For Life Halifax Regional Municipality The Hamilton Foundation

The Hanlon Family The Hardy Family Hartley Richardson and Family Havas Canada Heather Baker Heather Skoll and Ken

WE Charity Annual Report 2016


Jason Saul Jeff Burns Jeff Element Jeff Skoll Jeffrey Barteaux Jeffrey York

Jugo Juice Just Water Kardinal Offishall Katharine Karn and Michael Pearce

Liberty Carton LTD. The Liddy Family Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom Lilly Singh Linda Schuyler and Stephen Stohn Lindsay Construction Lisa Kelly The Little Family Liz and David Wenman Lloyd A. Fry Foundation Dr. Lois Nahirney London Drugs Longo Brothers Fruit Markets Inc Longo’s Family Charity Foundation Lord Elgin Hotel Ottawa Lord Rumi Verjee Lori Maloney and Family Lorne Segal and Family Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation Lou, Linda and Ben Petrash Louis Trepel and W.T. Grogan Louise Macleod Lynn D’Albertanson Lysa Lash and Mark Hornstein Mad4Maddie The Madon Family Magic Johnson Foundation The Malala Fund The Mallet Family The Malo Family The Mang Family Manitoba Public Insurance Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Los Angeles Rams The Losani Family Losani Homes

Katie Murray Katie Telford Keeley Companies

JeffreyM Consulting Jennifer Nickerson Jennifer Siebel Newsom Jeunesse Kids Jim and Valerie Milostan Jim Gordon, The Edgewater Funds Jim Gray Jim Steele and Kathryn Delory Jimmy Furland Jochen Tilk and Denise Belman John and Jolene Gordon John and Nancy Sabol Foundation John G. Cooke and Associates John Nicola Johnson & Johnson Jolene McCaw Family Foundation Jon and Anne Maxim Jon Sink Jonathon D. Fischer Foundation Jonathon Fischer and Christine Avanti-Fischer Jones DesLauriers Insurance Management Jos Schmitt and Tanya Hagen Joseph Battat Joseph Drown Foundation The Joseph Segal Family Foundation

The Keg Spirit Foundation The Keg Steakhouse + Bar The Kenealy Family Kenneth and Sandra Lusk Kernels The Keywell Family The Khoorshed Family Kim Hui Kingswood Properties Ltd. The Klamar Family KLICK Inc KPMG LLP Krista and Steve Barban The Krysko Family The Krywulak Family Foundation The Kurylowicz Family The Kurz Family Foundation LA Clippers Larry and Janet Anderson Latif Fazel The Latimer Family Laura Preemen Lauren Tobin The Lawson Family Leanne Davies Lee Segal LEGO Canada The LeGresley Family Foundation Leo Burnett Leslie and Jeffrey Price The Levine Family

Joshua Robers Joy Van Hemert Judy and Gary Edwards

WE Charity Annual Report 2016 39

Marco Builders of Atlantic Canada Margaret and David Fountain Margarida and Steve Macdonell Marie-Claude Blais Marilynne Day-Linton Mario Romano Mark Ameerali Mark Verwey Marriott Seattle Waterfront Martin Family Initiative Mary Morneau-Smith Mary Pembroke Perlin Marylou Brannan Mastermind Toys Mattamy Homes Maureen Dockendorf Maureen Kemp Maurisa Sommerfield Maxine and Peter Edwards The McCaig Family McInnes Cooper McIntosh Perry The McKay Family ME to WE Social Enterprises The Mele Family Michael & Diane Clemons Michael and Karen Stone Family Foundation Michael Girgis and Family Michael Hayde Michael LeBlanc Microsoft Mike Colborne Melinda Giampietro The Merrifield Family The Meyerowitz Family Marshawn Lynch Martha Carnegie Martha Cronyn

The Miller Family Miller Thomson LLP

The Novakovic Family The O’Brien Family Odlum Brown THE One Otis Booth Foundation

Minneapolis Foundation Minnesota Department of Education

Minnesota Twins Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Wild

Ottawa Senators Ottawa Sport and Entertainment Group Otto Bremer Trust Our Generation The Overly Family Pacific Western Group of Companies PacSun Pamela and David Richardson and Family Paul and Leah Atkinson Peak Momentum, Inc. The Peller Family Pete & Glena Carroll Family Fund Peter and Catherine Cordy The Peter and Ginny Ueberroth Family Foundation The Peter Gilgan Foundation Peter Ufford PG+E The Phillips Family Foundation Phyllis Wiener The Picao Family Pinball Clemons Foundation Pizzaville The Pleasant Family Pledge to Humanity Polly Grow Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc The Priebe Family Foundation The Priestner Family Participant Media Pattison Onestop

Minnetonka Moccassin Miss Teenage Canada Mission Measurement

MLSE & Friends MLSE Foundation Morningstar The Morose Family Mortenson Construction The Mullins Family Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba The Murray Family The Myhrvold Family The Narayen Family Natalie Portman Nathalie and Glenn Marr National National Speakers Bureau Neil Taylor Nelly Furtado Nelson NetApp The Newhall Family Nick & Leslie Hanauer Foundation Nicola Wealth Management Nicole Rustad The Nistas Family Norcliffe Foundation The Nordal Family Nordstrom Northern Trust The Norvig Family

WE Charity Annual Report 2016


Prince’s Charities Canada Project Jenga Ptarmigan Charitable Foundation Pure Orthodontics Qualex-Landmark Group Qualico The Rai Family The Raikes Foundation The Rasmussen Family Raymond James Foundation RBC Foundation RBC Insurance RBC Royal Bank The Reid Family Resource Integrated Ltd Richard Bonaventura The Richard Family The Richardson Family Foundation Rick & Penny Skehan The Riddell-Rose Family Rising Realty Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers The Rittweger Family Rob Dixon and Mariam Azimi Robert Alain Robert Day Foundation Robert R McCormick Foundation Roberto Geremia and Bonnie Kowaliuk Robin Hood Foundation The Robinson Crown Family Rochelle and Bjorn Moller Rodan & Fields LLC Ron Mannix Rosa Del Campo

Royal Ottawa Golf Club Rumble and Roar

Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Sheryl Sandberg Shirley Willis and Lauren Morrison Shorcan Brokers Ltd Sigma Systems Canada Inc.

The Rumi Foundation Rwanda Girls Initiative Ryan Construction The Ryan Family Ryerson University Saint Francis Xavier University Saint Paul Foundation St. Paul Hotel Sam Pollock Samantha Davies Samueli Foundation Sandeep Lal The Sandell Family Sanjay Ghemawat The Saputo Family Sara Gray Sarah Barton Satish Rai Schwab Charitable Fund Scott Ramsey The Scudamore Family Sean Jones and Family Sean McCoshen Seattle Foundation Seattle Seahawks Seattle Storm Seema and Ajit Gupta Fund Segal Family Foundation The Seiler Family Sellen Construction Servo Annex The Sharkey Family Sharon Solomon The Shayam Kaushal Foundation Sheraton Cavelier Saskatoon Sheraton Centre Montreal Sheraton Centre Toronto Sheraton Chicago O’Hare

The Silver Family Silver Jeans Co. Simulmedia Sir Ken Robinson The Sirchio Family

The Skoll Family Skoll Foundation Skyline Investments The Slaight Family Foundation SLO Foundation SMART Technologies ULC Smucker Foods of Canada Corp. Sobeys Inc. Sprott Foundation Stacy McCannon Staples Starwood Hotels and Resorts The Stein Marsh Family Stephanie and Jermy Thompson Stephanie Argyros Stephanie Pace Marshall Stephanie Swedlove Stern Family Trust Steve and Nadine Meehan The Stevenson Family The Stevenson-Allgood Family Stewart McKelvey The Stillman Family Foundation The Stineman Family The Solo Family Spin Master Ltd.

The Rothney Family The Rotman Family The Rousseau Family

WE Charity Annual Report 2016 41

The Stone Family Studio71

University of Victoria University of Winnipeg Unstoppable Foundation Upkar Arora V. Tony Hauser Photography Valeant Valerie Moore Valiant Capital Partners Veritaaq IT Consulting Vertical Entertainment VIA Rail Canada Inc Virgin Atlantic Airways Virgin Atlantic Foundation Virgin Hotels Chicago Vito Amati The Voss-Kernan Family W Los Angeles West Berverly Hills W Seattle W. Yen Liow W.M. Keck Foundation Walgreens The Walt Disney Company Walter and Lola Green Wanda Fong The Watson Jordan Family Wayman and Penny Crosby The WB Foundation WCCO Western Glove The Westin Los Angeles Airport WestJet The Wiley Family William and Leanne Kinkelaar William Pearson Family Fund Wilson Garling Foundation NFP Wind and Tide Van De Wiel Family Vancouver Canucks

The Winnipeg Foundation WomenOne Ltd. The Wosk Family The Wynen Family YPO YPO - British Columbia Chapter YPO - Quebec Chapter YPO - St. Louis YPO - Twin Cities Chapter The Yuel Family Zancor Homes Zillow

Sudbury Minga for Maasai Susanne Boyce and Brendan Mullen The Sutton Place Suzanne and Walter Scott Foundation The Symmonds Family T. Rowe Price Foundation Tali’ah Aquilini and Family Target Teach A Man To Fish Foundation Team London Teck Resources Limited Teekay Corporation Tellabs Foundation TELUS Terence & Svea McKillen Foundation Terri and Kristie Mah Tether Thomas and Lynn Ross The Tollman Family Tom Wilson Tony and Laura Davis Tony & Litsa Rubino The Tory Family Torys LLP Trafalgar Travel The Travel Corporation Tridel True North Sports & Entertainment Limited Tsvet Tsokov Tucker and Susan York Ty and Debbie Jenkins Unilever Unilever Canada Universal McCann Universal Music Canada

WE Charity Annual Report 2016


Media Partners

96 Virgin Radio 99.9 FM Virgin Radio 101.5 KooL FM Calgary 103.1 FM Virgin Radio, 99.9 BOB FM 103.5 QMFM 104.5 CHUM FM AOL Canada AOL US BIG 95.5, 107.5 WGCI, V103 and 103.5 KISS FM C95 Saskatoon C100/101.3 THE BEAT

Calgary Herald Canadian Living Chicago Tribune KDWB, Cities97, Alt 93.3 & Hot 102.5 Kinetic Worldwide Majic 100.3 Metro Toronto Metro Winnipeg Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine National CineMedia Ottawa Citizen Pattison Onestop

Postmedia POWER 93.3, 106.1 KISS FM, 95.7 The Jet and KUBE 1049

Q13 FOX News Seattle The Chronicle Herald The Globe and Mail The Seattle Times The Star Phoenix Vancouver Sun WCCO-TV Minnesota Winnipeg Free Press WLS-TV Chicago

WE Charity Annual Report 2016 43

Official Educational Partners

Okanagan Skaha School District Peace River South School District Quesnel School District Revelstoke School District Richmond School District Sea to Sky School District Sunshine Coast School District Vancouver Island West School District Vancouver School Board West Vancouver School District CALIFORNIA After School All Stars - LA Anaheim Union High School District Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County Inglewood Unified School District Jefferson Awards Foundation Los Altos School District Los Angeles Unified School District and Beyond the Bell North Monterey County Unified School District Operation Progress Los Angeles Project Grad LA Pomona Unified School District ILLINOIS Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic Schools Chicago Public Schools Illinois Association of School Administrators Illinois Association of School Boards Illinois Principals Association Illinois State Board of Education Schiller Park School District 81 MANITOBA Beautiful Plains School Division Border Land School Division

Evergreen School Division Fort La Bosse School Division Frontier School Division Hanover School Division Interlake School Division Lakeshore School Division Lord Selkirk School Division Louis Riel School Division Manitoba Catholic Schools Park West School Division Pembina Trails School Division Portage La Prairie School Division Prairie Rose School Division Red River Valley School Division River East Transcona School Division Rolling River School Division Seine River School Division Seven Oaks School Division Southwest Horizon School Division St. James Assiniboia School Division Sunrise School Division Swan Valley School Division MINNESOTA Anoka-Hennepin School District Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District Duluth Public Schools Edina Public Schools Farmington Area Public Schools Fridley Public Schools Hopkins Schools Maple Lake Public Schools Minneapolis Public Schools Minnetonka Public Schools National Youth Leadership Council Roseville Area Schools St. Cloud Area School District Western School Division Winnipeg School Division

ALBERTA Alberta School Board Association Calgary Board of Education Calgary Catholic School District Chinook’s Edge School Division Edmonton Catholic Schools Edmonton Public Schools Fort Vermillion School Division Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools Lethbridge School District Livingstone Range School Division Medicine Hat School District Northern Lights School Division

Parkland School Division Red Deer Public Schools Rocky View Schools St. Albert Public Schools Tribal Chiefs Education Foundation Wild Rose School Division

BRITISH COLUMBIA Alberni School District Burnaby School District Central Okanagan School District

Chilliwack School District Coquitlam School District Delta School District

Fraser-Cascade School District Greater Victoria School District Kamloops/Thompson School District Langley School District Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows School District Mission Public Schools Nanaimo-Ladysmith Public Schools New Westminster School District North Okanagan-Shuswap School District Okanagan Similkameen School District

WE Charity Annual Report 2016


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