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June/July 2017

The Dental Wire USE THE LONGER DAYS TO FOCUS ON YOUR WELL-BEING Summer: A Season for Wellness

It’s not hard to get some sun this time of the year. I know most people want to avoid it, but I think we should all get out and bask in some of those rays. The days are longer, and what better time to focus on our own wellness? People ask me sometimes what the “W” in W Dental stands for. I used to point out it’s just my last initial. Now, as my perspective on dentistry and overall health has evolved, I usually say it stands for “Wellness.” There are three key types of wellness we can focus this season that I know will make a huge difference in our lives. The first is physical wellness. There’s so much to see and feel in the great

outdoors during this time of year, and enjoying it is good for us.

probably call my bike dumpy. All it takes is the desire to do it and something that gets you around. The second type of wellness we can focus on is mental wellness. Like physical wellness, where you train, exercise, and build muscle, mental exercise involves exhausting your ingenuity. I’d encourage you to read, become interested in learning, travel if you can, and build the muscle of your mind. Finally, the most important type of wellness is spiritual wellness. To me, that means making sure God is in your heart and that He drives you to honor and glorify Him by serving others. Doing that makes you a better person. And, for me, this allows me to smile and enjoy this beautiful world and the people in it more. On Father’s Day, I remember my dad’s most sage advice: “Always be ready to kill your own snakes.” I’ve encountered many obstacles in my life, but my dad’s empowering advice has helped me power through and conquer whatever snakes appear. I hope you can revel in all the good summer brings, and that on the Fourth of July, you can enjoy the fireworks!

I do this for myself by riding my bike more. During most of the year, work keeps me so busy that it’s hard to find time. Since the sun rises earlier in the summer, I can wake up early and do 15–20 miles before I even get to work. It makes a huge difference in my day. If you’ve ever had an inkling to try cycling for yourself, San Antonio is a great place to do it. We have over 100 miles of trails all throughout the creek system. Most mornings, I see a lot of deer, and for a few moments, I forget I’m in the city. I don’t have any fancy equipment. In fact, serious riders would

– Thomas Watkins

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