KB 58 Performance Appraisal: A 'Merry-go-round' game

a human resource newsletter issue no 58 | may 2013


THOUGHTS FROM ATYAASAA Anindya Purkait, COO, Atyaasaa Global Alliances LLP, discusses ‘Performance Management - LatestTrends’

THE OD FOLLOWER’S ORATE Shekhar Joshi,Techno-Commercial Trainer,Tata Motors, talks about ‘Performance Appraisal: A ‘Merry-Go- Round Game’

THE OD ENTHUSIAST’S ORATE Roshan Lal Aggarwal, CEO,VIMP Private Limited, elaborates on ‘Performance Culture’


As quoted by Management guru Peter Drucker in his book, ‘The Eective Executive’, “Appraisals, as they are now being used in the great majority of organizations, were designed by the clinical and abnormal psychologists for their own purposes.” At present appraisal systems, tend to focus on what was not done rather than how best the tasks were performed, achievements in absolute numbers rather than the innovative ways worked out. However, HR professionals need to design the performance process so that it encompasses a person’s strengths and overall contribution to the organization. It should be a tool for an appraisee to be guided in overcoming his weaknesses. Performance appraisal has become a periodic weakness sharing mechanism and not a factual evaluation of achievements. Responsibility for non-achievement of the targets is, unfortunately, placed on the employee himself,

Shekhar Joshi is working with Tata Motors and has over 38 years of experience in Techno - Commercial - Training areas like R & D, manufacturing, learning and development etc.He has played various roles in his corporate career - Lead Auditor – safety and environment management, internal auditor: quality, Assessor for Tata Business Excellence

Model and faculty for behavioural/ technical skills. He has been key note speaker on - ‘Role of Learning in Development of Industries’forThe Institution of Engineers.

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The theme of the next issue of Knowledge Beans will be ‘Sabbaticals: A good HR policy?’. If you share a passion for the topic and have a flair for writing, do send us your 300 word article with a brief profile along with your photograph in jpeg format to atyaasaaeditor@atyaasaa.com Performancemanagement has been in discussion for many years, and in the past decade, we have seen it evolve to include an organization wide function. Today it encompasses financial reporting, operational analytics, compliance, strategy management, and profitability optimization among other things. This evolution has necessitated a multitude of technological solutions. The future will bring new ways to reduce the complexity involved and enable more organizations to realize the full benefits of performance management. We are already seeing this with enterprise-class performancemanagement solution in cloud computing coming into play.

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