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FEbruary 2018

B e W ary of S hady H ospital P ractices

When you work as an injury attorney for over 18 years, there comes a point where the labyrinth of laws that surround each case becomes easy to navigate. When a client comes in, stressed from mounting medical bills or pain from serious injuries, I am able to clearly lay out their options. I can advise whether the best course of action is filing a complaint with the court or even letting them know they may not even need a lawyer at all. Many of my clients have inadvertently dug themselves into a hole and need help getting back out of it. That’s where we come in. Still, I know that pretty much every client would rather have avoided digging the hole in the first place. That’s why all of us at Simon Law Firm are dedicated to educating our local community in every way we can, with the goal of preventing those catastrophic decisions that so many people make in the wake of an injury or car accident. In the past few years, a lot of older hospitals in the Atlanta area have been bought out by independent companies. As a result, they’ve become much more focused on profit and their bottom line, often at the expense of patients. A few clients have been showing up at our office after they were given terrible advice by their medical practitioners. When a person gets admitted to the hospital following a




If you’ve been injured in a collision, it’s vital that you stay on top of the medical billing procedure. It anything is unclear, seek out expert legal advice. It could save you thousands upon thousands of dollars in the long run. At the time of writing, our firm is in the middle of a case, representing a client who’s out $150,000 from these shady practices. Though we’re confident that we’ll be able to get him substantial compensation, it’s been a massive source of stress and struggle in his life. I love representing regular folks just trying to make themselves financially whole again in the midst of disaster — but like I said before, it’s best if we can avoid the disaster in the first place. The key is to stay educated, a goal we take very seriously around Simon Law Firm. And, when in doubt, call an attorney!

car accident, many, understandably, are unclear where the bill should be sent. These hospitals, wanting 100 cents on the dollar, are telling patients to send the bill to the at- fault party for the accident. This approach makes sense, right? Surely the at-fault party should be responsible for your medical bills. The thing is, the at-fault driver’s insurance won’t pay a cent until the entire case is completely closed out. Instead, what the hospital will do is file a medical provider’s lien on your case. This will ensure they’ll be getting paid out of any settlement you may receive. Ultimately, this means you’ll be the one footing the bill, not the at- fault party.

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