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What We’re Thankful For

I am thankful for my family. My family is finally growing! I am excited to meet my baby niece in December! I amwaiting on an engagement ring....we’ll see! I am more thankful inmy newposition at Pittman PT! - Misha, Patient Care Advocate / Marketing

I have a ton to be thankful for but we have limited space so... My family. The way my kids are turning out shows that I might be a descent father. My team at work.We have a strong teamthat

isbeginning toclickonall cylinders. Itmakescoming to work more enjoyable, knowing that I don’t have to answereveryquestionordoeverytask.Mymombeing close. I missmy dad a ton and am thankful that I got to spend more time with him before he passed on. I amso thankful thatmymomma hasmoved close to usand isnowaregularpartofour lives. - Jeremy, PT

I am thankful for my mom’s health, she will be cancer free one year in January! My family (my nephew will be 2 this month), work family andmy job. - Arianna, PT Tech I am thankful for my awesome family and co-workers. - Josh, PT Tech I am thankful for all the choices and decisions that have led me to where I am today. Each thing made me into the person today. I havemet amazing people along the way. I am thankful for my

I’m thankful for growth. I have experienced personal and professional growth as well as literal growth in our family with the addition of a beautiful baby girl. - Jeff, DPT I’m thankful for threes this year: 3 independent fabulous children, 3 irresistibly kissablegrandloves, and 33 years sharing a life with a manwho is taller thanme. - Tina, Office Manager I am thankful for my family. We recently got together with a few family members we have not seen since last year. - Brad, PTA

family, friends and animals. We just got to adopt my brother for which I cannot express just how thankful I am. - Paige, Receptionist

I amthankful formy “tribe.”Tribes are my inner circle, my people I have my people I have chosen and chosenme... not necessarily a bloodline but people in your inner circle that just get you, care

Thankful for: Having loving and supportive friends and family. - Tessa, PTA

for you and influence you, drive you, and support you without my tribe... it would be hard to get by and I am thankful for each and everyone of them. - Cheryl , Receptionist

I amextremely thankful because I amfinallyworking inacareer that I loveandenjoy!Iamthankfulformy health and ability to exercise and dothethingsthatmakemehappy. I am super thankful for the new friends I havemade thisyear aswell. - Mallory, PTA

I amgrateful formyHusband and kids. I am also grateful for our health. - Nicolle, Receptionist


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