Algebra 1 Companion Book, Vol 1 – Summer Edition

2.2.1 Rates, Ratios, and Proportions – Worksheet

Example 1:

2. The ratio of hydrogen atoms to oxygen atoms in water is 2:1. If an amount of water contains 341 trillion atoms of oxygen, how many hydrogen atoms are there?

1. The ratio of the sale price of a jacket to the original price is 3:4. The original price is $64. What is the sale price?

Example 2:

Find each unit rate.

3. A computer’s fan rotates 2000 times in 40 seconds.

4. Twelve cows produce 224,988 pounds of milk.

5. A yellow jacket can fly 4.5 meters in 9 seconds.

Example 3: 6. Lydia wrote 4 1 2

7. A model airplane flies 18 feet in 2 seconds. What is the airplane’s speed in miles per hour? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.

pages of her science report in one hour. What was her writing rate in pages per minute?

8. A vehicle uses 1 tablespoon of gasoline to drive 125 yards. How many miles can the vehicle travel per gallon? Round your answer to the nearest mile. ( Hint : There are 256 tablespoons in a gallon.)


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