Algebra 1 Companion Book, Vol 1 – Summer Edition

3.2.1 Solving Two-Step and Multi-Step Inequalities

Key Objectives • Solve and graph two-step inequalities. • Write, solve, and graph multi-step inequalities. Recall that solving an inequality is much like solving an equation. In both cases,

use inverse operations to isolate the variable. The one difference when solving an inequality occurs when the inequality is multiplied or divided by a negative number. If both sides of an inequality are multiplied or divided by a negative number, then the direction of the inequality symbol must be reversed. Note the multiplication or division is completed as usual. Example 1 Solving Two-Step Inequalities An inequality where two operations are applied to the variable requires two steps to solve. Such an inequality is called a two-step inequality. Prof. Burger solves two-step inequalities in Example 1.


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