Algebra 1 Companion Book, Vol 1 – Summer Edition

to Algebra 1 welcome Summer Edition

Before we get too far into the fun, I wanted to personally introduce myself: I'm your virtual instructor, Professor Burger. Welcome to Thinkwell's wonderful world of Algebra 1!

take notes highlight key concepts and earmark ideas you want to remember doodle, sketch, and visualize the math ideas presented in each topic. About This Book This is a companion book to Thinkwell's Algebra 1 – Summer Edition – online video course. Use this book as a complement to the online materials. I always say that to learn math you must DO MATH! I encourage keep this book open as you view the video lessons, put pencil to paper and Together, you and I will explore the ideas that are foundational to Algebra. I hope you ’ ll let me help you in MAKING MEANING of the math ideas we ’ ll see together — there ’ s no need to memorize if you focus on deep understanding. I invite (urge) you to take the time to truly think through the math we ’ ll explore together and to mindfully practice the skills behind the ideas every day. If you do, you ’ ll not only succeed in Algebra 1, but you ’ ll also be on solid ground for all the other math in your future!

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