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Infinity Teacher Desk

Synergy Sink

Unicast and Unimix High Density Shelving


Diversified Casework has been found to be compliant with MAS Certified Green®. The following product areas are included in the certification: ADA, Art & Design, Casework, Culinary & Food Service, Desks, FACS, Hydroponics, Interactive, MakerSpace, Mobile, Robotics, Safety, Storage, Tables, Technical Education, Workbenches and Workstations. For more details and to see a full list of exclusions, view our MAS Certified Green® Certificate of Compliance .


Diversified Casework products are guaranteed against material defect and/ or faulty workmanship from plant for the period specified, up to and including lifetime, if specification conforms to AWI and SEFA standards. During this period Diversified Casework will replace or repair, at its discretion, any product that upon inspection, exhibits defects in material or workmanship. This warranty shall include the costs of replacement parts or materials but does not include labor, or shipping costs for such. This warranty does not cover damage in transit or damage caused by misuse, abuse or faulty installation, color grain or texture of wood or other covering materials. No other warranty is expressed or implied. Click for printable version.

The Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA) is a voluntary international trade association representing members of the laboratory furniture, casework, fume hood and related equipment industry. The Association was founded to promote this rapidly expanding industry and to improve the quality, safety and timely completion of laboratory facilities to meet customer requirements.


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Creating labs that matter.

Diversified Casework and Sheldon Labs, leading providers of laboratory casework solutions with over 160 years of operational excellence, are joining forces. Moving forward, we will be known as Diversified Casework. We will continue to promote and innovate Sheldon Labs’ industry-leading products, such as the Axis Infinity and TEII Series, along with incorporating the flexibil- ity of Diversified Casework’s modern manufacturing facility. Diversified Case- work will provide a complete offering of laboratory-grade casework, science furniture, and equipment, creating a unified, stronger presence in the labora- tory marketplace. the best of the best products, equipment, and casework to provide lab planners and architects customizable solutions, and unparalleled service to create labs that matter. Together we are stronger. And it propels us into being even more innovative, competitive, and responsive as a team. We curated | | 877.348.9663


AXIS INFINITY® LIFT WORKSTATIONS The Axis Infinity® Workstation is the ultimate solution for today’s classroom. Whether it is STEM, chemistry, biology, physics, or many other disciplines, The Axis Infinity is truly a “collaborative” workspace. The multi-functional, multi-level table is perfect for general science, biology, chemistry, physics, computer and technology, and many other curriculums. The table is available in many different configurations and sizes to fit your needs. Base : Wood or steel with motorized lift adjustable from 30-36”H Synergy Sink®: Large 19-1/2 gallon cantilevered sink for easy clean up (4-3/4” front depth and 11-1/2” depth). Top: Epoxy top with marine edge on entire top to control spills; Includes rods Options: Vandal-resistant Unicast or Unimix fixtures; Privacy panels; A variety of electrical, ethernet & USB options are available.





Steel Base Color Options

S26000 S26200 S26020 S26220 S26100 S26300

50” x 96” 44” x 84” 50” x 96” 44” x 84” 50” x 96” 44” x 84”

Synergy Sink® Yes Steel Synergy Sink® Yes Steel








No No

Yes Steel Yes Steel



Synergy Sink® Yes Wood Synergy Sink® Yes Wood



SYNERGY SINK® Molded epoxy resin sink, 19-1/2 gals, 2 tiered with drain grooves, ant-splash feature, fits large dissection trays.

#A25 SINK Molded epoxy resin sink-ADA 18”W x 15”L x 4.5”D


PRIVACY PANEL #PPA0001 - 14”H x 19”D-Polymer. Snaps to Axis Infinity Table to provide a stable vertical barrier that assures student privacy. #PPA0001K - 3 Panel Kit PRIVACY PANEL STORAGE UNIT TM-426122 - Mobile unit that provides storage for 24 privacy panels and 14 Fiberglass Tote Trays #1700-0012


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AXIS INFINITY® FIXED WORKSTATIONS Base : Wood; Fixed position is adjustable to 30, 34 or 36”H; Can be retrofitted w/motorized lift Sink: Choose #A25 or Synergy Sink® Top: Epoxy top with marine edge on entire top to control spills. Options: Vandal-resistant Unicast or Unimix fixtures available and flexible electrical and data options.

MODEL # EPOXY TOP SIZE SINK TYPE RODS BASE STUDENT # S26400 50” x 96” #A25 Sink No Wood 4-6 S26500 44” x 84” #A25 Sink No Wood 4 S26450 50” x 96” Synergy Sink® Optional Wood 4-6 S26550 44” x 84” Synergy Sink® Optional Wood 4 S26420 50” x 96” No No Wood 4-6 S26520 44” x 84” No No Wood 4



MOBILE AXIS INFINITY® WORKSTATIONS Base : Steel with motorized lift adjustable from 30-36”H and casters Sink: N/A Top: Epoxy top with marine edge on entire top to control spills. Options: Vandal-resistant Unicast or Unimix fixtures available and flexible electrical and data options.


MODEL # EPOXY TOP SIZE SINK RODS BASE STUDENT # S26080 50” x 96” No Yes Steel 4-6 S26270 44” x 84” No Yes Steel 4

S26070 | | 877.348.9663


TRIFACIAL SERVICE CENTER Save space, time and money without sacrificing versatility. The Trifacial Service Center provides an ample work surface and central sink allowing the students to easily access the services. When the Trifacial is combined with lab tables, the classroom becomes a lecture and lab environment which reduces classroom disruption and provides more circulation area for the students. It has three sides of triangular configuration and the center height is adjustable at the time of installation for elementary, middle, and high school applications. Base : Height adjustable at time of installation to 33-3/4”, 34-3/4”, 35- 3/4” or 36-3/4”. Includes removable steel panels for access to services. Standard color is black. Sink: Large, 34-gallon capacity sink for easy cleanup. Top: Support structure of fire-retardant fiberglass reinforced polyester. or epoxy top with marine perimeter edge to control spills. Fixtures: Equipped with three vandal-resistant Unicast cold water and gas fixtures and three GFI outlets. Unimix fixtures are optional.

Fiberglass Resin Color Options








Fiberglass Resin

S76230 48-1/8” x 55-1/8”

Adjustable at install




48-1/8” x 55-1/8”

Adjustable at install

Epoxy Resin


TE II (TOTAL EXPERIENCE II) WORKSTATION The TE II’s unique design eliminates students’ need to work back to back, creating a spacious, safe working environment. It features integration of the work surface, standing area, and traffic lanes by using every inch of available floor space to maximize space in the classroom. Base: 10-gauge steel pedestal base with an adjustable height during install with removable panels for access to services. Fire-retardant understructure of molded one-piece fiberglass reinforced polyester. Work surface: Epoxy top with marine perimeter edge to control spills. Services: Vandal-resistant Unicast CW/G fixtures (cold water & double gas) are standard. Unimix fixtures (cold water, hot water and gas) are optional. Internal piping, wiring, conduit and drain lines are not included. Fixtures: Upright rod sockets are included. Upright rods are optional. Raised turrets allow extra height. ADA accessible: Work surface available with split top with one surface at ADA height (max. 34” high). Includes unicast fixture with an ADA wrist blade handle. Connectivity: Two (2) GFI duplex receptacles included Options: Choose from a flat or sink unit (available in trough or round style epoxy resin). Storage is available as mobile or attached units.

Fiberglass Resin Color Options




Flat Top Option

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INFINITY TEACHER DEMONSTRATION CENTER Allows instructors the flexibility to ensure complete efficiency in the classroom. With a height-adjustable top that has a lock-out control, teachers can accomplish lab demonstration, lecture, and seated positions while maintaining student observation. This center incorporates computer technology, demonstration purposes, and standard teacher’s desk features. Expand with a variety of cabinets to support multimedia storage or larger sink capacities. Base : Steel understructure with control box and power assist lift mechanism, which lifts the center section of the work surface. The center will raise from 30” to 36”. Sink: Epoxy resin drop-in sink with outlet and stopper. Top: Chemical-resistant expoxy resin. Finishes: Metal components are black powder coated epoxy and cabinet stains, please see, (insert link) Standard Options: Unimix combination hot & cold water, gas, vandal resistant fixture Push button lift with keyed lock-out control. Electrical outlets Data ports Finger guards for lifting section One set of upright rods Two rod bases



S27000 S27500

Curved Desk Straight Desk

11’ 2-3/4” x 32” x 30”

8’-9’ x 32” x30” | | 877.348.9663


Accessibility: Sink can be mounted at ADA height and incorporate compliant casework and metal knee panel. Sink is ADA accessible. It has a 19-gallon capacity and it fits large dissection tray. Top: Epoxy top. Fixtures: Unit comes standard with Unicast Cold Water/Gas Combination. Unimix Hot and Cold Water/Gas combination available at additional cost. Fixtures angled to lessen splashing. Sink Shape: Sink is two-tiered trapezoidal shape with drain grooves for glassware. Rear section of sink is 11-1/2” deep and 22-1/2” wide. Front section of sink is 4-3/4” deep and 28.375” wide. Colors: Standard epoxy color is black. Limited variety of colors available at additional charge. SYNERGY SINK® The Synergy Sink® can be placed in the perimeter casework or in the Axis Infinity® Table. With its curvilinear front, several students are able to collaborate simultaneously on their science project. The fixtures are mounted to have anti-splash characteristics directing the water flow to the sloped portion of the sink. This sink is versa- tile as it is useful and it is excellent for all disciplines of science.

Synergy Sink® (ADA) in perimeter casework

Synergy Sink® in perimeter casework

Synergy Sink® in Axis Infinity Table


UNICAST & UNIMIX SERVICE FIXTURES With clean, graceful lines, Sheldon’s Unicast and Unimix vandal-resistant fixtures are as aesthetically pleasing as they are durable. The fixtures are one piece, solid-cast brass, heavier and stronger than traditional gooseneck fixtures. The exterior finish is a chemical-resistant finish that is superior to the common chrome finish. Both the Unicast and Unimix are equipped with aerators. UNICAST FIXTURE: Available with cold water or cold water with gas or vacuum. UNIMIX FIXTURE : Available with hot & cold water or hot & cold water with gas or vacuum. Standard Color: Available in black powder coated epoxy, a chemically resistant finish Additional options (sold separately): Vacuum breaker Serrated hose connection Aspirator ADA-compliant with wrist-blades Ball valves




Wrist-blade handles and ball valves


HIGH DENSITY SHELVING The High Density Shelving provides efficient storage for supplies and bulk items in the laboratory to maximize use of floor space. The shelving sections, mounted on a carriage system, roll on (3) surface mounted metal tracks, eliminating the need to trench into the floor or build a platform to gain access over the track. The track and carriage system meet ADA Guidelines for Wheelchair Accessibility and incorporate a built-in, antil-tilt device meeting California Seismic codes. Height: approximately 81” including track and carriage, once assembled. Shelves: Unit comes with 5 shelves, are adjustable on 1-1/4” centers using steel shelf pins, and are 3/4” thick with 1/2” lip on front edge with standard finish. Options: 3/4” thick Phenolic Resin shelves with 1/2” lip may be specified at an additional cost.





S72460 S72470 S72465 S72475 S72480 S72490

Single Single Double Double Double Double

30x12 35x12

Fixed Fixed

30x24 Movable 35x24 Movable

30x24 35x24

Fixed Fixed



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