In Motion O.C. - July/August 2020


July/August 2020

MOVING FORWARD AFTER THE PANDEMIC And Remembering What ’s Important

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Our country, and our planet, for that matter, is continuing to weather a crisis unprecedented in our lifetimes. At the time of writing this in late May, the COVID-19 pandemic has overtaken nearly every aspect of our lives the past few months, forcing us to stay indoors, robbing us of our jobs, and even taking away our loved ones in some cases. However, even in the midst of pain and uncertainty, I found some hidden blessings, and I hope that was the case for you as well. I was often too distracted by too many things competing for my attention — and that doesn’t include work or my four kids! Then, all of a sudden, the world stopped. Like you, I was under orders to stay home as much as possible, and many of the distractions were suddenly gone. While that temporarily feels bad at first, it was for my own good. I was able to focus more on my health, my family, my faith, and the other important things in my life.

the rebound, and society is opening back up. Stores are returning to their regular business hours and bringing back staff, and I’m happy to say In Motion O.C. is among them. While we never completely shut down as we were classified “essential,” we were operating with a reduced staff, and far fewer patients were in for appointments. Now that we’re running at full capacity again, I hope to see anyone who had to put their treatment on hold very soon. While social distancing has been the best way to protect and maintain our health in the past few months, now you can get back to protecting your health by getting back on your treatment schedule. It’s interesting to me that the Fourth of July is almost the de facto turning point of this year. It’s a day to celebrate our independence as a nation and the freedom we enjoy on a daily basis. But if you’re like me, you probably didn’t feel free during the pandemic. Yet at the same time, maybe we learned what things we need to emphasize more with our freedom, and that’s a valuable lesson. This Fourth of July, we get to celebrate the return of our freedom in full. Before the pandemic, and even during it, the media and social media exacerbated the division within our country. At the same time, this pandemic reminded us we are all created equal and are all in this together, as the virus does not discriminate. I saw a lot of heartwarming stories about people from all walks of life coming together. I hope our challenges have reminded us that we are all members of one nation, and we’ll move forward into the future with more unity.



While COVID-19 will certainly remain in the public psyche for a long time, the U.S. is on

– Jeff Thomas


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