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Kellogg’s Sustainability (Cont’d from Page 1)

Already, according to Kellogg’s, more than 97 per- cent of the company’s timber-based packaging that goes into cereal and other boxes comes from either recycled or certified-sustainable content.And although plastic packaging is just one part of its overall packag- ing mix, Kellogg’s already ensured that 32 percent of what it uses globally is recyclable. Around the world, Kellogg’s approach to reducing waste with more sustainable packaging includes three tenets: • EXCLUDE certain items and materials, • REDUCE packaging across its portfolio, and • REDESIGN its packaging to be recyclable or compostable. Exclude In 2018, the company transitioned to compostable paper foodservice products in all its plants and offic- es … no more plastic and no more single-use foam. In its U.S. operations in Illinois and Michigan alone, the company diverted 2 million pieces of silverware, 105,000 straws and 110,000 bottles from landfill ev- ery year.The company is currently removing the plas- tic spoons from its joyböl granola smoothies. Once this is complete, no Kellogg’s food packaging will use plastic forks, knives, straws, stirrers, polystyrene or oxo-degradable plastic. Reduce Over the years, the company has reportedly signifi- cantly reduced the amount of material in its cereal boxes and other packages.The company has reduced flap sizes, eliminated excess air and introduced other innovations to make its packaging better for the envi- ronment. Currently, Kellogg’s has some instances in which it bulk ships cereal in reusable bins from the production facility to the final destination where it is packed into pouches or bag-in-box packages.This happens with its granolas and cereals in multiple regions. In Africa, In- dia, China and Australia, the company has reportedly significantly reduced packaging using this approach. Redesign In Europe, the company redesigned its cereal pouch- es to use recycle-ready material, eliminating approxi- mately 480 tons of non-recyclable packaging each year. In the United States, Bear Naked recently launched new, store drop-off, recycle-ready packaging for its gra- nolas and granola bites.The new packaging includes a “Store Drop-Off” logo and website link to help people find a nearby recycle drop-off location. All Bear Naked



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