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TRANSACT IONS MASER CONSULTING IS NOW COLLIERS ENGINEERING & DESIGN Maser Consulting , a national multi-discipline engineering design firm, has announced the completion of its rebranding as Colliers Engineering & Design . In 2020, Colliers, a leading global commercial real estate services and investment management firm, acquired a controlling interest in Maser Consulting. This resulted in a unique partnership enabling both firms to realize their growth objectives. “We are excited to leverage Colliers’ well- known and respected global platform, relationships and resources to assist our clients to fully optimize their opportunities and aspirations.” said Kevin Haney, PE, president and CEO of Colliers Engineering & Design (formerly Maser Consulting). “We are looking forward to working with the talented and entrepreneurial team from Colliers

Engineering & Design” said Elias Mulamoottil, Head, Strategic Investments | Global of Colliers. “By combining their best-in-class service offerings with our globally recognized brand and service platform, we can accelerate the success of clients and continue to exceed their expectations in the years to come.” Under Colliers’ decentralized business model, Colliers Engineering & Design maintains Maser Consulting’s senior leadership, systems and values. Reinforced by more than three decades of expertise as Maser Consulting, their reputation for excellence will continue to be a priority in helping clients reach their goals. Colliers Engineering & Design is a trusted provider of multi-discipline engineering, design and consulting services to public and private, sector clients. Headquartered in Red Bank, New Jersey with 36 offices throughout the

United States, we specialize in providing a comprehensive suite of services including civil/site, transportation, geospatial/survey, infrastructure, governmental, geotechnical/ environmental, telecommunications and utilities. The firm employs more than 1,000 talented professionals who utilize the most advanced technologies to deliver customized solutions for clients. Colliers is a leading diversified professional services and investment management company. With operations in 68 countries, the company’s more than 15,000 enterprising professionals work collaboratively to provide expert advice to maximize the value of property for real estate occupiers, owners and investors. For more than 25 years, Colliers’ experienced leadership has delivered compound annual investment returns of almost 20 percent for shareholders.

business model to better leverage our knowledge and add more specialized skills and well-qualified production capacity on-demand with little to no cost. ❚ ❚ Strategic focus. How does our current and future growth fit into our organization’s near and long-term success and impact strategy? Where specifically is our growth leading us? A well-designed, communicated, and embraced strategic plan is key to connecting our growth and business strategies to other critical new era success elements related to culture, diversity, innovation, and sustainability. Together, they establish and maintain the framework for success. Certainly, one or a handful of people can help initiate and maintain growth for a while, but in order to truly sustain and scale it, we need others: other leaders, managers, and virtually all other employees in our organization supporting our growth initiatives. It is up to leaders and leadership teams to create the conditions for growth. One way to do so is to purposefully and proactively “A.C.T.” in terms of: 1) Having “Authenticity” in a desire for strategic and sustainable growth benefiting as many stakeholders as possible. 2) Truly investing in “Capacity” development at individual, team, and organizational levels. 3) Being committed to “Triggering” new action to meet current needs while continuously positioning ourselves for the better future of our choosing in line with our greatest capabilities. PETER C. ATHERTON, P.E. is an AEC industry insider having spent more than 24 years as a successful professional civil engineer, principal, major owner, and member of the board of directors for high-achieving firms. Pete is now the president and founder of ActionsProve, LLC, author of Reversing Burnout: How to Immediately Engage Top Talent and Grow! A Blueprint for Professionals and Business Owners , and the creator of the I.M.P.A.C.T. process. Pete is also the host of The AEC Leadership Today Podcast and leads The AEC Leadership Mastermind. Pete works with AEC firms to grow and advance their success through modern and new era focused strategic planning, executive coaching, leadership and management development, performance-based employee engagement, and corporate impact design. Connect with him at

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Creating the conditions for more welcomed and sustainable growth will require greater investment and better results in the following key areas: ❚ ❚ Unity. Do you have an attractive, engaging, inspiring, and widely embraced mission, vision, and set of core values? Do you have a diverse enough group of stakeholders? Have you defined “winning” on individual, team, and organizational levels that results from growth? If not, how can we make the adjustments needed to get us all on the same page and excited about “more.” “What are your reasons to grow? How have they changed or evolved, and what does that growth mean to you and others both inside and beyond your organization?” ❚ ❚ Capacity building. Burnout, overwhelm, and related disengagement continues to limit our growth. Continuously putting more “on the plates” of others without specific processes and systems to increase production while maintaining and enhancing the quality of our work – and increasing our opportunities for success – adds stress, inefficiency, and ineffectiveness. There’s a major cost to inaction. “Hoping” that things will just work out and providing “lip-service” about change erodes our ability to succeed. Taking action to build individual, team, and organizational capacity is the only way to stop the erosion, better attract and engage talent, and increase firm value. Building our capacity requires the development of better processes and systems and more strategic training, development, and onboarding. Both “hard” and “soft” skills are needed to manage and succeed through growth and our changing times. These investments can also help us to scale and even move us into the development of “products,” as well as better position us to take advantage of the emerging professional freelancer and independent contractor gig- economy. Investing in such capacity allows us to flex our

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