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February 2019

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This month, we wanted to spotlight one of our newest team members, director of first impressions, Jenna Chace! We’re excited to have such a friendly, adventurous spirit join our ranks and to be able to share her story here with you. As you’ll see, Jenna shares a connection with the families The College Money Guys serve that makes her uniquely qualified to connect you to our team.

let me know. Coming to work here has been a big move for me in more ways than one, but it’s been an incredibly rewarding experience. I made the move to Texas from Florida for this job, and I’m loving it so far. While it may be colder here than I’m used to, the great local restaurants in Houston have more than made up for the difficulties in transition. And thankfully, I can still continue my studies at University of Central Florida online. I’m one semester away from earning my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. While I do eventually want to go into that field, working for The College Money Guys has shown me how important our work is to help students pursue their passions. As a current college student, it’s a great feeling to help families navigate the same process I went through to make college affordable. It’s also rewarding for me because I get

–Brannon Lloyd

Thanks Brannon!

Since starting my position with The College Money Guys at the end of last year, I can say without a doubt that my favorite part about the job is the people I work with. Being part of such a tightknit team of caring professionals has been an amazing opportunity. In fact, the valuable service they provided my own family is how I came to work here in the first place!

exploring what my new Texas home has to offer both above and below the water. Since receiving my scuba license in 2017, I’ve had the chance to go diving in some incredible places, including Belize, Grand Cayman, and Ecuador. Coming to work for The College Money Guys has been a great adventure that has already shown me a lot about myself. I look forward to growing in this position as I help the families we serve collaborate with our incredible team. Next time you stop by the office, feel free to say hello!

“As a current college student, it’s a great feeling to help families navigate the same process I went through to make college affordable.”

My aunt came to Brannon and the team because she was looking for ways to help pay for my cousin’s college tuition. She was so impressed by The College Money Guys that when she heard this position was opening up, she immediately

to help speed up the financial process for families so they can enjoy more time together before classes begin.

When I’m not at the office, I like to spend my time outside. I’ve had a lot of fun

–Jenna Cha ce

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