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REMOTE MONITORING FOR TUNNELS Use remote monitoring technology before, during and after construction for crucial data about the behaviour of the tunnel, the ground and third party assets in the zone of influence.


Tunnel engineers have trusted Senceive technology for more than a decade. It is designed and built for the tough demands of underground projects and provides precise , reliable structural and geotechnical data to help you address the unique pressures and challenges of your tunnelling project.

Limited Time Ideal where only short access windows are available • Installed in minutes • Works straight out of the box • Still working after 10 years

Limited Space & Difficult Access Compact, autonomous sensors will not interfere with your operations • No clearance issues due to small size • Measure where it matters most • No wires needed and therefore less risk of damage

Tough Conditions Long life performance • Rugged instruments for construction site conditions • Withstands extremes of heat, cold, water and more • Robust mesh networks can resist damage to elements without systematic loss of performance



Senceive solutions have been used in over a hundred tunnelling projects in more than 20 countries over the last decade. They have been used in applications extending from just a few hours to 25 years .

Changing Needs

Protect People & Infrastructure

Stay on Budget

Adapt the monitoring system as your project progresses • Flexible moving and fitting of sensors • Change settings without leaving your desk and share the data with your whole team • Integrate structural and geotechnical sensors

Early warning of distress and defects without leaving your desk • Automated alarms when trigger levels are breached • Early warning of failure in tunnel or damage to buildings above • Fewer site visits means reduced risk exposure

Use cost-effective monitoring for cost-effective tunneling • Save money through reduced site visits and long life performance • Works straight out of the box • Increased confidence

and productivity through reliable real-time data


Remote Monitoring for Tunnels


Wireless monitoring plays a valuable role in the construction and maintenance of various tunnel elements and underground structures:

Refurbishment and structural modification, for example for strengthening, track lowering and electrification Monitoring movement of third-party buildings and assets

Shafts and diaphragm walls

Temporary works New construction

As with any of our wireless monitoring solutions, a typical tunnel monitoring system will comprise three key elements : sensors, a cellular communications gateway and an online data portal. For dense sensor networks and highly responsive reporting, choose our FlatMesh™

intelligent mesh platform. Where sensors are widely dispersed and where you need to transmit data through physical obstructions (including soil and rock) our long-range GeoWAN™ platform may be more suitable.

In order to relay data from the sensor positions deep underground to the Gateway that is typically located just outside the portal, repeater nodes may be used. Alternatively, Wi-Fi or ethernet connections can be used where available.



A wide range of sensors can be integrated with our platforms to provide geographically dispersed stakeholders with data including:

Convergence/ Divergence


Crack and joint movement

S enceive instruments can be supplied with a wide range of brackets and fixings for use at any angle on virtually any surface. Options include magnetic fixings for ferrous metal linings and mounting plates that use screws, bolts or adhesive for concrete. For brick and masonry structures a rigid aluminum beam with tilt sensors is often used to measure movement of the whole structure rather than individual bricks or blocks.

Lateral or vertical ground movement

Ground pore water pressure



Remote Monitoring for Tunnels



Photos : Delta Monitoring Group

Senceive was the only supplier in the market able to supply us with a system that was robust enough to monitor what is a particularly challenging tunnel environment over an extended timeframe. The wireless system gave us flexibili- ty in terms of our installations and enabled us to deploy the system quickly and efficiently within the short maintenance closures.

Edward Avery, Tideway East Instrumentation & Monitoring Manager


Remote Monitoring for Tunnels

Harnessing intelligent monitoring to keep people and infrastructure safe

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