King's Business - 1968-11

Special Report on: m mi KjNG’S PLAYERS V

the gold one leading to heaven. “ The others find the horrible realization of a Christless eternity,” Mr. Cook explains. “ The play is a full drama pro­ duction, and it is accented by complete lighting and sound effects. These make a tremendous impact on the people,” he observed. “ There is no question but that everyone viewing the presentation will have to decide for himself then and there whether he will choose heaven or hell. He is grasped with the real­ ization that after death it will be forever too late.” After the play had been presented throughout the Southern California area, Filipinos were con­ sulted on possible script changes. “We wanted to make certain that some of the familiar sayings to us in America could be matched with their own idioms,” Rev. Cook suggested. “This had a real effect on the peoples in the various countries to which we were privileged to go.” More than 25,000 miles were covered in 57 days. In the Philippines, Okinawa, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Guam and Hawaii, per­ formances were given in high schools, colleges and universities, army bases, hospitals (before men wounded in Viet Nam), orphanages and prisons. The group was interviewed over radio and televi­ sion, and presented the play in its entirety over two of the Filipino TV facilities. In a struggle to become literate, people were anxious to see the group from America. One man traveled by bus and train six and a half hours one way that he might “ improve his English.” In the

S l e e p in g PILLS seemed to be the answer,” a young Chinese girl confessed. “ I took an over­ dose to end everything. Instead I ended up in a hospital for a week. In a way, I’m glad it hap­ pened. It made it possible for me to see the play, ‘Revolt at the Portals’ put on by the American young people. My whole life has been changed. Now, instead of thinking o f my problems, I’m thinking o f Jesus!” Comments o f this type were heard throughout Southeast Asia as 10 members of the Biola Col­ lege drama team, known as ‘‘The King’s Players,” presented more than 78 performances in seven countries. “Raising the money themselves, the stu­ dents realized the opportunity before them,” Rev. Clyde Cook, director of Missions for Biola, and faculty advisor for the trip, pointed out. “None of us will ever be the same after having seen the unique way in which the Lord blessed this distinc­ tive ministry.” “ Revolt at the Portals” is an allegory o f events which supposedly might transpire after death. Into the office of Mr. Peters come different individuals who have died in various ways. It is very easy to identify the different types of people such as R. A. Tycoon who thinks that his money will buy him almost anything. An atheist, a “ do-gooder,” a mod adventurer, are a few of the others who are fea­ tured. When the forms have been filled out for Mr. Peters, each of the people must go through one of the two awaiting doors. Only one is able to open



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