King's Business - 1968-11

meeting he attended, he was the first to make a spiritual commitment to Jesus Christ. During the two months more than 2000 others did likewise. “A performance like this is about ten times as effective as straight preaching,” observed one sea­ soned missionary. Plans have been made for the play to be translated into the various languages so that the nationals in each country can present it to their own people. Mr. Cook, who was formerly a missionary in the Philippines with Overseas Crusades, has sug­ gested that the outreach has given the Christians in these countries the boldness and conviction to witness to others concerning their faith. “ It was worth it all,” Mr. Cook commented, “when we heard people come forward and say, ‘Thank you for shar­ ing your light with us.’ ” Sue Wallis from Riverside, California, a Senior at Biola, summarized the expressions of the young people themselves: “This summer has been the greatest time in my life. For the last several years I’ve said, ‘Well, Lord, if you want me to, I’ll be a missionary.’ I really thought I meant it. Now I’m excited about going, not just willing. It’s just the greatest thing in the whole world if the Lord desires and directs. Over there you can see so much that never comes across in the classroom, or even with missionaries’ slides. I’m looking forward to going back some day soon!” Director of the drama team is Mr. Steve Terrell. The arrangements in the various countries were worked out in cooperation with Overseas Crusades, Officers Christian Union, Overseas Christian Serv­ icemen’s Centers, Hong Kong Baptist College, Over­ seas Mission Fellowship, Conservative Baptist For­ eign Mission Society, and others. Students partici­ pating in addition to Miss Wallis were: Lois Fischer, Palos Verdes; Rayna McGuyre, Pomona; Sue Myers, La Canada; Doug Dudgen, Audubon, Iowa; Bob Eitzen, Inglewood; Elynda Merril, El Cajon; Rolie Walker, Whittier; Jim Johnson, Glendora; Roberta Patrick, San Bernardino.



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