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$ 300 , * 500 , * 1000 , or more to invest? . . . and would you like to put these funds into effective MOODYANNUITIES Christian men and women are often con­ cerned about the matter of investing their funds. Some do not wish to become involved in stocks and bonds because of the fluctuation and uncertainty of economic conditions. But they are interested in security and an as­ sured incom e. Moody Annuities meet both of these requirements. This is what you should know about Moody Annuities: (1) . . . they assure an income up to 9.09% (depending on your age) and this for as long as you live. To support this guarantee are the resources of Moody Bible Institute. In more than 61 years, the Institute has never missed an annuity dividend payment. And in addition , this extra dividend . . . (2) your annuity funds are carefully put to work in the great program of Moody Bible Institute, and thus you share directly in the blessings of this world-wide gospel ministry. W OULD YO U LIK E T O RECEIVE DO UBLE DIV ID ENDS ON YOUR M ON EY? i We’ll b e h a p p y to se n d y o u th e free booklet, Double Dividends, which explains the Moody Annuity Plan in detail. It contains a chart showing income rate for all ages, explains tax benefits and tells you all about the many ministries of Moody Bible Institute in which you’ll have a share. | MOODY B IB LE IN S TITU TE I 820 N. LaSalle Street, Chicago, Illinois 60610 ■ O Please send me, without obligation, Dou - • ble Dividends, story of Moody Annuity Plan. | Q Please send folder, Where There's a Will, j relating to stewardship. □ Information on | Life Income Agreements. I I Name _______________ :----------- Age ------- j Address ______________________________ ! City _________ Rtntm 7.ip CLIP AND MAIL TODAY! 13 and profitable use? Then, you should know about I* Write Annuity Department Dept. 11K8

theology that he is drying up on the vine. When I see them in my congregation, I feel like offering a special prayer in their behalf. When David brought back the ark with great rejoicing, his wife Michal despised him and God struck her with bar­ renness. A church that despises rejoicing before the Lord is already barren. When Jesus cleansed the temple and the lame and blind were healed and the children were rejoicing, the Pharisees com­ plained. Pharisees of any day and generation grum­ ble at the joy of the Lord. If we get too many of that sort in our number, we’ve had our day. We have lost our joy because we are backslid­ den. David lost his joy when he fell into adultery. James writes: “Ye adulterers and adultresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God?” The Christian who loves and courts this world is as guilty of spiritual adultery as ever David was guilty of physical adultery. We live in captivity, carried into exile by the world, the flesh and the devil. We cannot sing the Lord’s song in a strange land (Psa. 137:4). We need to get back to the Beulah Land o f fellowship with God and when our souls are restored, our song will return. How do we return? By repenting as David did, with godly sorrow for sin. Then, when the joy of salvation is restored and we are upheld by God’s Spirit, we are ready to teach transgressors God’s ways and sinners shall be converted unto Him. This is evangelism but it follows revival. Too many Christians and churches are trying to advertise something they do not have. Everything is in the show window with nothing in stock. We have a form of godliness without the power . . . and with­ out the joy. The next revival will not come through panel discussions of theologians and the clever promotion of religious experts. It will come through old-fashioned preaching, prayer and praise.


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