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prophecy Jfovers/' The Second Coming of Chust is near! Each fulfilled prophecy hastens the return of the Son of God Woild tensions continue to mount, bringing this age to a sudden and calamitous close- Keep Scripturally informed monthly by the Hews letter! I N T H E L I G H T You are invited to write for your SAMPLE COPY of the PROPHETIC NEWS LETTER, now read in all SO states and 75 foreign countries, with each issue containing eight full pages of current events thoughtfully discussed in the light of the prophetic Scriptures. Howard C. Estep, America's Prophecy Preacher is: „ • Editor of the PROPHETIC NEWS LETTER. • Speaker on the radio broadcast THE NEWS IN REVELATION. s K ~ W • Author of SEVENTY booklets on Bible subjects. M • President of World Prophetic Ministry, Inc. J g ^ B

THEPASTORand POLITICS from page si that he does not trade the greatest of all privileges, ministering to the eternal souls’ need o f individ­ uals, for some popular social or political trinket, no matter how noble and important it might seem to be. To save America from the Com­ munist conspiracy and the church from an ecumenical hierarchy is a noble resolve. To warn the nar tion of the danger of both is a pari of the prophet’s duty. But to offer, or to indicate, that there is an answer short o f personal salvation in the redemptive work of Christ as Saviour and a per­ sonal commitment to Him as Lord is betrayal. Strange breeds of birds flock together under titles o f crusades and movements which cal l themse l ves “ Christian.’’ MOVEMENTS AND CRU­ SADES are never Christian in the true sense o f the word. MEN are Christians, and then only if they have personally identified themselves with Christ as Re­ deemer and Lord. Even the church becomes a lie, if by identifying with the church, man is made to believe he is a Christian. The natural bent o f man is that he must do something to earn favor with God. Therefore the pastor must remain unencum­ bered in order that the message of God’s grace towards man might remain unencumbered. This puts the pastor in a position where he must be willing to lose friends rather than to become the agent for selling some product less than eternal life through Christ. How often the pastor thinks of the words o f the Lord when on one occasion He was abandoned by the crowds and He turned to the twelve and said, “Will you leave me also?” And as Peter’s answer indicated on that day, the pastor has a responsibility to have al­ ways and only, “The words of life.” BE Rev. Mr. Hohenstein is Pastor o f First Brethren Church, Whit­ tier, California.

Write today foi youi sample copy of the PROPHETIC NEWS LETTER. As a BONUS GIFT you will receive a FREE COPY of Mr. Estep's latest booklet - GREAT WHITE THRONE! Send your letter of request for these two spiritually unrivaled publications, and begin enjoying the fruits of America's Prophecy Preacher. Address your letter to:

R V * ™

H oward r. isiir

C O LTO N , CALIF. 92324



WHERE CAN A JEW FIND CHRIST? On street corners, in homes, In shops, and in our witnessing cen­ ters, our workers faith­ fully proclaim the story of redemption accord­ ing to Moses and the prophets, and the gos­ pel message from the New Testament, and Jews are finding the Saviour. For hçlp in witnessing, or for your own spiritual need, write to: Rev. A. A. MacKinney Général Director American Messianic Fellowship 7448 N. Damen Avenue, Chicago, III. 60645

A pictorial tribute to the half century o f Christian service God gave to Charles E. Fuller, known world-wide through the Old Fashioned Revival Hour.

A Jewish boy accepted a tract, "Isaiah's Por­ trait of Messiah" and immediately asked, "Can you tell me more about this?" There on a street corner in Chicago a 12 year old boy listened intently to the skillful presentation of the Scriptures and ac­ cepted Jesus Christ as his Messiah and Sav­ iour. A middle-aged Jew­ ess, after hearing the gospel for several years at Miami Beach called and, said, "I am terribly distressed. Please come cover. I must find the Lord today."

YOURS FREE! With the booklet and Dr. Fuller's recorded message you will also receive information about the Fuller Evangelistic Foundation’s GIFT ANNUITY AGREEMENT - a missionary outreach through sound investment. m ■ ■■ ■■ mm ■ ■ a mb ■ ■ m ■ ■ ■■ m ■ ■ m mmm ■ ■■ m SEND ME THE TRIBUTE TO DR. FULLER . . . and information without obligation on the Fuller Evangelistic Foundation’s GIFT ANNUITY AGREEMENT. My date of birth is: ______ *____ ___________ mo. day yr. Mr. Mrs. Miss____________________________ Address------------------------------------------------- City_________________________________ ; _____ State, Zip________________ ______________ DANIEL P. FULLER Box 989 - Pasadena •California 91102


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......— determine with certainty the Payments as high as eight disposa| after thdr ded|, of percent for those in the higher that which the Lord entrusted age brackets. to their stewardship without Annuitants are enabled to 'delays, deductions, inheritance receive throughout life a taxes, and probate court costs. AMF - 7448 N. DAMEN STREET C H ICA G O , ILLINOIS 60645 □ PLEASE SEND COPY OF AMF M ONTHLY & LITERATURE □ I AM INTERESTED IN INFORM ATION O N AN N UITY PLAN NAME - — ........- ADDRESS.______________________________________ _— ■■ C ITY ____________________STATE__________ Z O N E ___________ i ii.



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