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Time : A Moral Issue,” he points out that the time perspective o f evolu­ tion “ is neither fact nor theory but is basically a system of values.” “ It is an ethic that requires the accept­ ance of the authority o f specialists but the rejection o f any absolute au­ thority.” Two articles by Donald Pat­ ten involving considerable scientific speculation and yet extremely fascin­ ating on the Flood and the Ice Epoch complete the symposium. This work contributes significantly to the pres­ ent-day thinking being done in the area o f science and the Genesis rec­ ord.— 156 pages; Baker Book House, Grand Rapids; $1.95.— Reviewed by Dr. Robert Saucy. (A Review of Current Publications) LIFE IS TREMENDOUS by Charles E. Jones. 85 pages; Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton, III.; cloth $3.50; paper $1.95. Frequently featured at sales meetings, the author who is by his own admission "an incurable optimist" points out how that the Christian life is nothing short of "tremendous." He suggests seven practical laws for Christian leadership which begins with an excitement one should have for his own work. Those who feel that their daily existence is hum­ drum will find a great deal of encouragement toward a new outlook on their Christian ex­ perience. ALMOST TWELVE by Kenneth N. Taylor. 59 pages; paper; Tyndale Publishing House, Whea­ ton, III.; $1.00. The well-known author who has been responsible for the "Living" series of trans­ lations from God's Word (i.e. Living Letters) pre­ pares a pictorial story of sex for children. Mr. Taylor's background, as a parent as well as a writer of devotional books for families, is emi­ nently qualified for this important assignment. Parents of children not quite in their teens will enjoy the free discussion of this material almost page by page. REBEL WITH A CAUSE by Kenneth N. Taylor. 80 pages; paper; Tyndale Publishing House, Wheaton, III.; $.75. A fascinating new means of studying God's Word is the presentation of the book of Mark from the Living New Testament providing the paraphrase by the author with stimulating photographs which abound on nearly every page. Teenagers will be fascinated by this new presentation of the timeless and important story of God's Word. HEADS UP by Kenneth N. Taylor. 120 pages; Tyndale Publishing House, Wheaton, III.; $.75. To show the relevancy of God's Word for the days in which we live, the author has taken the paraphrased books of Philippians, Ephesians, Colossians, I and II Timothy, James, and I John and with the help of a photographic expert has presented these materials in a new and stimu­ lating fashion. Teenagers will be readily drawn to the material which is contained herein. PATTERNS FOR LIFE'S PILGRIMS by R. L. Mid­ dleton. 125 pages; cloth; Broadman Press, Nash­ ville; $2.95. Sixteen messages on applying Bibli­ cal truths to the Christian life. The author is retired from the business office of the Southern Baptist Sunday School Board. A LEOPARD TAMED by Eleanor Vandevort. 218 pages; cloth: Harper & Row, New York; $5.95. The story of an African pastor, his people and his problems as told by an American missionary who worked in the Nuer tribe in the Sudan for thirteen years. Insights into the emerging native church are valuable.

Living Lessons of Life and Love by Kenneth N. Taylor Including the books o f Ruth, Esth­ er, Ecclesiastes, Job, and Song of Solomon, the author presents the newest in his popular series o f Bible paraphrasing. It is exciting to read such stories as that o f Ruth and Esther showing God’s protective and redemptive power not only for the individual but also for the nation, from which would come in the full­ ness o f time our Lord Jesus Christ. The text is a careful paraphrase of the American Standard Version of 1901. — 145 pages ; Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton, Illinois; cloth; $2.95. A Symposium on Creation by Henry M. Morris and Others The article in this symposium were delivered as papers at the annual conference on Christian schooling in Houston, Texas. They represent the views o f leading men o f science in what may be called creation research. In the lead article, ‘‘Science Versus Scientism in Historical Geology,” Dr. Henry Morris of Virginia Polytech­ nic Institute argues that since sci­ ence by its very nature involves ex­ perimental reproducibility, it is “ lim­ ited to the measurement and study of present phenomena and processes.” When geology therefore becomes his­ torical geology, it leaves the area of science and enters that o f philosophy or religion and so becomes scientism. Dr. Klotz, the author of the major creationist work on biology, Genes, Genesis and Evolution, presents in­ teresting data from nature which argues for divine creation and pres­ ervation in his contribution, “ Crea­ tionist Viewpoints.” The third arti­ cle by Dr. Zimmerman, “ Can We Ac­ cept Theistic Evolution?” discusses the historicity o f Genesis chapters one and two and the theological rami­ fications of sin, death, and salvation involved in the question o f the im­ mediate creation of Adam and Eve. Dr. McCone, who is Associate Pro­ fessor of Anthropology at California State College at Long Beach also de­ fends the historicity of Genesis in “ The Origins of Civilization.” In an excellent chapter on “ Evolutionary

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by ELISABETH E L L IO T author of Th e Savage, M y Kinsman Fear of freedom sometimes seems to be the hallmark of the Christian. A maturing Betty E llio t w rites sim ply of her struggle to accept a responsi­ ble faith rather than to submit to rigid dogma. A moving book w h ich w ill help you take a giant step to­ ward the liberty which is in Christ. $ 2.95 AT YOUR BOOKSTORE ^=»-WORD books FOR FREE SAMPLE COPY OF KB FOR YOUR FRIENDS, SEND NAME AND ADDRESS JOIN TH E A.E.C.C. If you have been called to preach an evan­ gelical message, associate yourself with a recognized Church Body which will provide you with all the rights of the Clergy and at the same time allow you to teach or preach without being restricted by man-made doc­ trines. Send stamp for literature. American Evangelical Christian Churches 192 North Clark St., Chicago, III. 60601 TO DETERMINED WRITERS

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