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It should prove especially helpful to the pastor o f a church which has become resigned to the attitude that it is doing well if it is holding its own. Another significant book is Preaching Through the Bible, Volume 2, by Eric F. Hayden (Zonder- van, $5.95). This volume which is an expansion of Volume I, presents a message from a chapter from each book in the Bible. There is an honest attempt to emphasize the message intended by the writer. An outline o f the entire book is included in the introduction. The exposition of the passages indicates careful exegesis, and a thorough study of historical backgrounds. There is also evidence o f an awareness of the needs of people as ideas are applied. The writer gives evidence of a sincere faith in the Word as a transforming agent in the lives of men. By his own testimony he has com­ mitted himself theologically to the “ conservative evangelical school.” This work will be a valuable aid to the one who wants an example o f careful exposition as well as provide an invaluable source o f ideas for the minister who desires to preach through the Bible. The work, Pastoral Care in the Church by C. W. Brister (Harper & Row, $5.00) is an attempt to challenge the church to become a “ caring com­ munity.” The author discusses the responsibility of the pastor to identify with his people in the various facets o f the ministry including administration, worship and in a number of the areas o f counseling. The pastor will find it most helpful in providing the insights which will keep him from a mere “ professional” ministry. The translation of M. Reu’s Homiletics; A Manual of the Theory and Practice of Preaching into English should provide a sourcebook for the student o f Biblical preaching. It is written in a scholarly style, yet it is readable and practical (Wartburg, $5.95). Herbert Lockyear’s Funeral Sourcebook (Zon- dervan, $4.95) is an extensive treatment o f the approach to the counseling of those in sorrow. Also suggested sermons and sermon materials are given. In a day when the need for strong leadership in the church is evident, J. Oswald Sanders’ Spir­ itual Leadership (Moody Press, $2.95) should pro­ vide new guidelines as well as challenge. He out­ lines the natural and spiritual qualities which make one a leader in God’s program. Ordination and Christian Unity by E. P. Y. Simpson (Judson Press, $4.95) is an appeal for church unity on the basis o f the fact the Scrip­ tures present no norm of church organization. Daniel D. Waler’s Enemy in the Pew? (Harper and Row, $1.95) is an appeal to laymen to serve the church effectively. He presents the means by which this can be accomplished. BE

/ i “ I W anna M om m y and a DaddyV 9 This was the heart cry of Fajth, seen above, only a few years ago. She never knew her mother or father. Her first few months were spent in a Korean orphan­ age. So her heart cry for “ A M omm y and a Daddy” was perfectly normal. Fortun­ ately, her heart cry was answered. Since 1960, she has been in a fine Christian home, the home of Rev. and Mrs. Rollin Wilson. Today, s h e j o y f u l l y c r i e s "M omm y! Daddy!” whenever the Wilsons appear. But there are hundreds of other girls (and boys too) like Faith who do not have "M omm ys and Daddys” Unfortun­ ately, these other boys and girls still live in crowded orphanages. Since 1956, Holt Adoption Program has placed over 4200 Korean orphans in homes in all 50 states. But more “ Mommys and Daddys” are needed. Will you think about it? And pray about it? Imagine the joy that could come to you as well as to some lone­ some girl like Faith (o r a boy) if you and your husband opened your home and hearts to adopt one of these little ones as your very own? Mail coupon for more information. HOLT ADOPTION PROGRAM, INC. P.O. Box 95, Creswell, Ore. 97426 K118 Please send information on: ( ) Adoptions ( ) Sponsorships Name ___________ _______________ Street ________ ___ ______ City _____ _____ _______ T__________ State _______________________ Zip ______ ______ (Non-denominational, Licensed agency, Non-profit)



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