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Joseph opened his eyes when he heard the doctor’s voice. “Bwana— Bwana— come close —please!” Dr. Clark bent down to hear Joseph’s whisper. “Will God forgive me for dis­ obeying my father and you?” “Of course, God will forgive us all our sins if we ask Him!” Dr. Clark smiled. “ But when we pray for something, then we must wait for opportunities and God opens the way!” “ Bwana, I’ll try to do better next time. Someday I want to go to my people who are like lost sheep and teach them about God and take their sickness away as you do. My liver hurts for them.” Dr. Clark knew that Joseph meant his heart ached to tell his people about Jesus. “When you get better we’ll talk about your training,” Dr. Clark promised. Joseph recovered rapidly. He studied hard and learned many things. “Joseph, you’ve done so well, I have a surprise for you!” Dr. Clark said one day. “ Bwana, I’m so happy you are pleased with my work. What is the surprise?” “Next month, when I go back to your people, I want you to go with me,” Dr. Clark replied. “Thank you — thank you, Bwana!” Joseph thought the month would never pass! When the time came, he ran so fast to the jeep he almost fell. When they arrived at the clinic, Joseph jumped out of the jeep and ran down the pathway which led to his father’s hut. “ Better wait awhile before go­ ing to see your family!” Dr. Clark called. Joseph hardly heard the doc­ tor’s warning. He hurried down the path to his father’s sheep land. His father came out of the door of their hut and shouted at Joseph to get off his property and never come back again! His moth­ er stayed in the hut because his


A RUNAWAY NATIVE by Evelyn Carlisle WHAT HAS HAPPENED: Joseph, a native, attempts to reach his village through the jun­ gle when refused permission to go with Dr. Clark. Half-way through the bush country, he knows he can’t make it. Malaria sickness returns. He hears a wild animal — frightened — he buries himself in leaves. Moses and Samuel, houseboys, find him and start to­ ward the hospital with him. CONCLUSION a w ild hog came barrelling out ^ of the woods! Samuel turned the flashlight right in his eyes. Blinded, the beast ran toward him. Samuel threw himself out of the boar’s path, falling into the prickly bushes! The boar rushed madly into the woods. “What matter?” Moses rubbed his eyes. “A wild hog. Go back to sleep.” Samuel attempted to conceal his fear. “No— I wake now—you sleep.” Moses got up and stretched. Joseph called out in delirium for Dr. Clark. Samuel and Moses decided it was light enough to start their journey again. In spite of the cheery chattering o f the monkeys, Samuel and Moses grew hot and tired from dragging the litter along the pathway. How relieved they were to see the hos­ pital! When Miss Jan saw them com­ ing, she ran to get Joseph’s bed ready. He was sick many days so Miss Jan sent for Dr. Clark. When he arrived at the hospital, he examined Joseph. “He should have been much bet­ ter by now,” Dr. Clark said.


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ABRAHAM A great study which reveals the way faith should grow. PAUL Meyer relies more on the Epistles than the Acts to de­ scribe Paul’s life from within as it appeared to himself. PETER Peter'’s contacts and conversations are discerningly studied.

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Sign posts marked of the inner life.

EPHESIANS by key words

THE WAY INTO THE HOLIEST A remarkable study of Christ, our Great High Priest. From your local bookstore or n r o I CHRISTIAN LITERATURE CRUSADE F O R T W ASH INGTON . P E N N A . 19034



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