King's Business - 1968-11

stand words such as justification, re­ generation, righteousness? Can chil­ dren really comprehend many o f the adult-level hymns? Are the applica­ tions in most sermons beamed to children’s life needs? Can children really worship the Lord intelligently and meaningfully in adult church? True, the picture o f a family seated together in church looks wholesome and nice, but how much more bene­ ficial to the children to enjoy wor­ ship on their level! Q. Should children o f all ages be grouped t o g e t h e r f o r children’s church? A. In Sunday schools, children are grouped by departments because it has been proven that children can best learn God’s Word in that way. Why not follow the same grouping in children’s church — with a sepa­ rate program for each o f these four departments: Nursery, B e g in n e r , Primary, and Junior? I f you can’t provide for all four departments at first, start with the Nursery and Beginner Departments and later add the Primary and Junior programs. Q. How would you suggest starting a children’s church program? A . A t the Church o f the Open Door in Los Angeles, I showed the Scrip­ ture Press children’s church film­ strip Is Church for Adults Only? to my Christian education board. Then we chose leaders fo r the de­ partments (including a number of m en !). We chose Scripture Press chil­ dren’s church courses fo r all four departments f o r several reasons: (1 ) they are Bible-based and Christ- centered, (2 ) they provide carefully planned worship times and related activities, and (3 ) the lessons are carefully written to avoid needless repetition o f the Sunday school hour and to give more than just an “ ex­ tended session.” Q. Does this kind o f program really work? A . Indeed it does! I’ve seen this kind o f children’s church program work effectively in many churches fo r several years. To lead your boys and girls genuinely to worship the Lord, you need children’s church! Mr. Dirks, Th.M., is Minister o f Education at the large well-known Church o f the Open Door, Los Ange­ les. He is also active as a Scripture Press consultant, and a regular panel member o f the Christian Workers’ Clinic heard over KBBI-fm every Saturday at 9:30 a.m.

E M M 4 G E U C M . W K \ I E \ .

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by Chester Larson Area Representative, Scripture Press

Q. Mr. Dirks, some people object to children’s church — to the idea of having children up through the Jun­ ior Department in their own depart­ mental worship services. Why do you favor children’s church? A . I believe in children’s church be­ cause I believe in worship. If chil­ dren — as well as youth and adults — are to worship the Lord meaning­ fully and wholeheartedly, they need a well-conducted children’s church. For only in a service planned for them can they learn — on their own level o f spiritual and mental compre­ hension — what genuine worship is and how to worship. What’s more, in adult services children disturb others by climbing up and down on the pews, squirming about in seats that were designed fo r adults (and therefore uncomfortable for children), whispering, coloring, eating, or writing notes. Q. But isn’t there value in teaching children the discipline o f sitting quietly in adult worship services? A. Many adults have said that be­ cause they as children were made to sit through long church services, they are not interested in attending church now. Children whose muscles are large and growing, find it difficult to sit still for a long period o f time. Even if they are "sitting still,” they are probably perfecting their art ability, eating crackers, or reading — none of which is aiding their worship of the Lord! What’s more, this is teach­ ing children that church is a place to play and a place where they need not pay attention. Q. Even so, isn’t it better to have the family together fo r worship? A . Let me answer this with other questions. How much o f the adult worship service is on a child’s level o f understanding? Does he under- NOVEMBER, 1968


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