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which every one o f us should use as a gauge of our spirits. The church should have a devo­ tional atmosphere, studious hab­ its, sacrificial spirit, administra­ tive alertness, and a co-operative attitude. Yet these alone are not enough to make a model church. A converted membership, a Spir­ it-filled leadership, a gracious, generous spirit are essential, but only to fit the church for its ac­ tual purpose in this world. The model church is a working church. It is not a museum, nor a mutual admiration society, nor a play house — it is a work shop. Every Christian who would be a happy, and useful, Christian, must make it his business to find his place o f work. We know many avenues of service for those who will work: the Choir (that’s work!), the ush­ er band, the Sunday School, the youth groups, the Missionary So­ ciety and other familiar fields. Still I am convinced most o f the talent o f the church is going to waste. God give us the vision to reach and claim these unused abilities! Look around you! Don’t you see something that needs doing, which you can do? The Pastor, the Board, the Building Super­ visor, the Sunday School Superin­ tendent, will hear your sugges­ tions gladly. We should be look­ ing for a way to serve, not mere­ ly for making friends. The model church is a witness­ ing church. “ They went every­ where, witnessing” it was said of the early church. They did not come to church to see if the preacher could “ land a fish.” They met primarily to “ take on fuel,” to receive added instruction and fresh inspiration and then went out to witness for Christ. A Christian Jew told a friend of mine, “ I was a milkman, and was won through the testimony of perhaps 100 of my customers!” The model church is a soul-win­ ning church. Witnessing will lead to soul-winning. And soul-win­ ning is Christianity in action. BE


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I t h i n k one of my supreme am­ bitions in life is to be the pastor of a model church. Not a perfect’ church, but a model church. I think there is an ideal which can be realized—a dream which can come true. Let me describe to you what I consider to be a church worthy of the name I have chosen here. It must consist o f truly con­ verted persons. No man or wom­ an, boy or girl, has any business being a member o f the church who is not a Christian—inwardly and outwardly — positively and negatively—Sunday and Monday —at home and away. The purpose o f the local assembly is to spread the Gospel—to witness for Christ — and this cannot be done by those who know nothing, experi- entially, o f the New Birth. It must have a consecrated, Spirit-filled leader. Water cannot rise above its source—nor can a congregation rise above that lead­ ership it supports and recognizes. The deepest purpose and the con­ stant persistence of my heart is thus to live and serve—as a con­ secrated, Spirit-filled man. It must be characterized by a spirit of brotherly kindness and graciousness. Isaiah 41:7 gives us a picture of how we Christians should work and live together. They encouraged and co-operated with each other. So, also, does Acts 4:31-35 . . . “ great grace was upon them all.” Without this vital, essential quality, the efforts o f the greatest minister, singers, educa t i ona l staff, etc., are in vain. Paul gives us a pattern of Christian rela­ tions, in Ephe s i ans 4:31, 32,

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