King's Business - 1968-11


by Betty Brueehert

W h en E rne st H olmes died in April, 1960, at the age o f 72, the Science o f Mind Church of Re­ ligious Science which he founded in 1932 was said to comprise about 100 churches w ith 100,000 members. Doubtless it has grown since then. The cult is strictly a California product, although Holmes was a na­ tive o f Maine. His 667-page volume, Science o f Mind, together with the monthly magazine which he origi­ nated, also entitled Science o f Mind, contain the basic teachings o f the sect. Its terminology so closely re­ sembles that o f Christian Science and Unity that as one plows through Holmes’ huge and dreary volume, he receives the impression that he is reading a slightly recast version of the writings o f Mrs. Eddy or the Fillmores. For example: “ There is something Divine about us . . . Man, the real Man, is birthless, deathless, changeless; and God, as man, in man, is Man. The highest God and the innermost God is One and the same God” ( Science of Mind, p. 388 ); “ The true idea o f money is not material, it is spiritual. . . Daily give thanks for a perfect supply. Feel it to be yours, that you have entered into full possession o f it. See money coming to you from every direction” (p. 44, Science o f Mind mag. June 1957). Indeed, Holmes claim an affinity with such cults: “ This teaching [Oneness o f God and man] . . . is the mainspring o f the teaching o f modern philosophies, such as Unity Teaching, the New Thought M ovem en t, the Occult Teachings, the Esoteric or Inner Teachings, o f our own Religious Science . . .” ( Science o f Mind, p. 640). Although like Unity, the Church o f Religious Science is built on high- sounding affirmations, it is neverthe­ less filled with blasphemous denials of the teachings o f God’s Word. In the July 1955 Science of the Mind magazine, Holmes stated: “ You be­ lieve there is a God and a devil. Well, I don’t believe that. Jesus did not believe in good or bad, God and the devil, heaven and hell” ; “ The only sin is lack o f intelligence. There is no sin but a mistake and no punish­ ment but a consequence” ; “ All the teachings o f hell and damnation and devils is so much nonsense.” In the Metaphysical Glossary in his book,

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