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Holmes lists his views alphabetical­ ly. Christ is defined as “ the Univer­ sal Idea, the idea o f Sonship, the Perfect Man . . . Christ within each and all” (pp. 57809). Of Death he says: “ The principle of Life cannot know death” (p. 583). Further definitions con d en sed from this 71-page glossary include: “ Devil —the only devil we shall ever know will be that which appears as the result o f our negative thinking, (p. 584 ); HeU — discordant state of being . . . not a location (p. 598); Indwelling Christ — generic man, Real Man (p. 601 ); Indwelling God: The Real Man . . . as much o f God as he is able to embody. . . . The Divine Spark, Birthless, and Death­ less; Salvation —not a thing, not an end, but a Way . . . through Man’s unity with the Whole” (p. 631). Under Saviour, Holmes states that Jesus is “ the great Way— shower to mankind” and continues, “ Let us not waste time, then, in theological dis­ cussions” (p. 631). Jesus is also said to be “ the greatest o f all the mys­ tics,” (p. 344) and “ A Man, distin­ guished from the Christ” (p. 603). As the central teaching o f the cult is that o f Spiritual Mind Healing, metaphysical treatments for 38 dif­ ferent diseases and classes o f ills— from cancer to insanity — are de­ scribed. In addition, there are the inevitable metaphysical charts, medi­ tations reminiscent o f Unity, and details about “ the thing itself, the way it works, what it does, how to use it.” As an author, Holmes was much given to capital letters, not only as most metaphysical writers are for words Truth, Life, Man, etc., but also for complete paragraphs. There is much of pantheism in this teaching: “ Realize God, in and through all, and unity with the Whole” (p. 629) and the Hindu word karma (fate) appears frequently. “ How are we to get it [the Truth] ? Only by penetrating deeper and deeper into our own Divine Nature . . . There is no place except within that we can do it” said Holmes (p. 364, Science o f Mind). References to the mind of man as part o f the uni­ versal mind and absorption into the Whole remind one o f the Buddhist Nirvana, the cessation o f existence. This is a fearful and confused cult completely given to ontology, and containing not one single soul-saving tenet. It is another “ do-it-yourself” religion, denying th e s a lv a tio n Christ accomplished fo r us. It has no substitutionary Saviour, no shed blood, no heaven, no peace, no real love o f God. Those who follow it are “ without God and without hope” in this world and in the world to come.

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own. Hundreds are without spon­ sors and need help right now. TH IS IS HOW TH E Y COM E TO US. Ragged, dirty, hungry, deserted. No hope. Filled with despair. Lonely and forgotten. For example, #166 Soon Ae, never knew her mother or father. She was found as an abandoned child when only an infant. Every night she prays for a new "mommy or daddy"— someone to care. Won’t you be that someone?


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Rev. Henry Harvey, President 7774 Irving Park Road Chicago, Illinois 60634


(Canadian residents write Box 880, Blenheim, Ontario) My choice is_________________If this child has been chosen, please select similar child. I prefer a □ boy or □ girl, approximately______________years old, trom the land of ______________________________. Please rush FULL particulars. Enclosed is Q $12 for first month □ $144 for first year. H Select a child for me from the most needy country. I am unable to sponsor, but wish to contribute $__________ for general child care. □ Please rush further information today. Name______________________________________________ Address. City__________________________State_______________Zip___________ You will receive a lovely, colorful hand-embroidered tapestry direct from the Orient if you sponsor a needy child. These lovely souvenirs are made by the children in a COMPASSION Home in Korea.

[3 Sedi Sltorus □ R. Sianturl

|~~1 Soon Ae

Q Un 0k

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