King's Business - 1968-11

Boldness, the magnificent essence of apostolic preaching, demanded author­ ity, The Bible is the authority. Many schools may encourage you to study about the scripture. W e study it! But thatfs because our emphasis is apostolic boldness. Interested?

M R . R O B E R T D e i VRIES, formerly Edi- | tor-in-Chief of Moody Press, has been ap- a ™ pointed Director of Publications for the Zondervan Publishing House. His new posi­ tion will begin N o­ vember 1 o f th is Mr. DeVries year. TOM SK INNER , evangelist and founder of the Tom Skinner Crusades, Inc., pub­ lished his first book, Black and Free. He tells his own life story of growing up in the Harlem ghetto, and shares his convictions on the moral drift of this country and the breakdown in communi­ cation between the white and black races. The book was published by Zondervan. DAVID E. NELSON of Ogilvie, Minne­ sota, a M o o d y Bible Institute flight trainee, was killed in an accident near Woodbine, Tennessee. This was the first fatal training accident in the Institute's missionary technical training program ’s twenty-two years existence. Hundreds of young men have received their flight training at MBI and are serving in all parts of the world in missionary service. Medical Assistance Programs, Inc. will sponsor the 5th International Convention on Missionary Medicine (ICM M ) which will meet Dec. 27-30, 1968 on the Whea­ ton College Campus. One thousand par­ ticipants are expected. The American Bible S o c ie t y an­ nounced the dates for National Bible Week for October 20-27. WALLACE E. JO H N S O N , president of Holiday Inns of America, Inc., was chairman of National Bible Week. He is also chairman of the Bible Society's Worldwide Bible Reading program w h i c h continues through Thanksgiving. Scripture Press Foundation of Glen Ellyn, III. conducted its Fall semester of Leadership Training Institutes on the Biola College Campus in La Mirada, Calif. More than 250 students were scheduled to attend the sessions which began Octo­ ber 7. MELVIN A. JO N E S , Associate Director of Back to the Bible Broadcast, has an­ nounced that the program is now being released over three stations in Indonesia. The broadcast is heard over 506 stations. DR. RUSSELL SHEDD, missionary to Brazil, joined the faculty of the Conserva­ tive Baptist Theological Seminary, Den­ ver, Colorado, for this year. He- will teach several courses in New Testament. The seminary began its nineteenth year on a new 12-acre campus in South Denver.

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