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The REV. DAVID M . HOWARD has been appointed Missionary Director of Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship. He is on loan from the Latin America Mission for a three-year period, beginning Decem­ ber 1. A veteran of fifteen years’ m is­ sionary service in Colombia and Costa Rica, he is currently Assistant General Director of the Latin America Mission. Th e Central American Mission held the first international pastors’ retreat in July. More than 260 shepherd-teachers, repre­ senting a constituency of 50,000, gath­ ered for five days in Guatemala. The focus was on the pastor and his m in­ istry. CAM officials plan to conduct a sim ilar retreat within two years. DR. E V ER E TT S. GRAFFAM , Executive Vice President of the World Relief Com ­ mission, delivered the first thousand of a projected 50,000 blankets to refugees in Vietnam. While there he also made ar­ rangements for purchase and delivery of another 5,500. Vietnam was one stop on a fifteen-country tour to survey and ap­ praise the work of WRC.

The great need in COMMUNICATIONS


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. . . and MBFs new major can help you to meet the challenge and prepare for a rewarding career ¡giy in CHRISTIAN COMMUNICATIONS

But the challenge and the opportunity for Christian communications is coupled with the urgent demand for trained personnel.

To meet its responsibility in training and preparing young people to communicate the never-changing gospel message in an ever-changing world, MBI introduces a new Major* in Communications . . , offering challenging studies in four areas of emphasis: audiovisuals, oral, writing and radio. Never has the need for these skills been more vital to the cause of Christ than NOW! With today’s tremendous advances in globe-circling techniques, mass communication has virtually reduced our shrinking world into what has been termed a “ global village.” The worldwide rise of literacy, the advance of Christian broadcasting! the preparation and the distribution of literature has reached staggering proportions. MBI—with over 80 years of teaching experience— with its highly qualified faculty and excellent on-campus facilities for acquiring practical experience. is in an eminent position to offer in-depth training in C h r is t i a n c o m m u n i c a t i o n s

Dr. Everett S. Graffam of the World Relief Commission, Inc., distributing blankets on his recent trip to Vietnam. Radio Station ELWA has forty thou­ sand radios in Accra, capitol of Ghana, and tuned in to it every day, according to a recent audience survey. This represents nearly 10 percent of the city’s population. The programs are transmitted in Tw i and Ewe (Ghana’s two main dialects) and English. They are taped in Ghana, and sent to ELWA in Liberia for release. Re­ cently Phillips of Holland established as­ sembly plants in Congo and Ivory Coast, providing inexpensive transistor radios throughout the continent. ELWA is the radio arm of the Sudan Interior Mission. DR. JO SEPH HORNESS, Michigan busi­ nessman, has been elected chairman of Th e Evangelical Alliance Mission’s Board of Directors. He has served on T E A M ’S board for 20 years. At one time he also served as chairman of the Board of Child Evangelism Fellowship International. R OB ER T G O LTER , Wheaton College li­ brarian, has resigned to accept a posi­ tion at Stanford University, Palo Alto, Calif. Librarian at the college since 1957, Mr. Goiter will be assistant director of university libraries at Stanford.

Write for the illustrated booklet, “Christian Career Guide.” Director of Admissions, Dept. 11K8 MOODY BIBLE IN S T I TU TE

‘ Students with two years of liberal arts study (60 hours of credit) combined with the three years of MBI’s professional study can qualify for the B.A. degree.

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