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3 Ways to Make 2019 Not Suck!

January is one of my favorite times of the year because I get to reflect honestly on all that occurred over the last 12 months. I can examine the areas of my life that worked well and look closely at the ways in which I might have been able to do things a little better. I can consider my role as a tax strategist and the relationships I build with my clients. I am also able to evaluate my position as a husband and father and the relationships I maintain with my family. Then I ask myself, “What can I do to make sure that the next year doesn’t suck?” I have three tips that I use in my life, and they are ones I truly believe in. NO. 1: CHANGE YOUR APPROACH TO THE IDEA OF GOALS When the new year rolls around and social- media platforms tout #NewYearNewMe to the masses, everybody talks about setting goals. Yet, statistics indicate that by the end of February, approximately 80 percent of resolutions made at the start of the year have been long forgotten. To me, the reason for this widespread failure to maintain momentum is that everyone talks about their goals, but no one creates systematic ways to actually reach them. Let’s say your goal is to call more leads. What if instead of just saying that’s your goal, you set up an email reminder that prompts you to call five people every day. In my experience, people fail because they don’t set up systems. In short, goals are stupid and systems are awesome. NO. 2: FIND AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER Let’s say you have set the coolest of goals and you have the necessary systems to back them up. Your work still isn’t done! You need a third party to review your progress to make sure you are actually on track to achieve the goals

you set for yourself. Find someone who can check in and give you regular monthly feedback. This person shouldn’t be a husband or a wife. It should be a peer who can look at your headway and offer you clear and helpful instructions while keeping the more personal, negative commentary to a minimum. NO. 3: HAVE A MENTOR A mentor is different than an accountability partner but equally as important. When looking for a mentor, you should find someone who has recently overcome the same hurdles you are facing right now rather than trying to find someone who has exceeded your goals decades prior. For example, if your business earned a million dollars last year, and this year, you are aiming for 2 million, you should find a mentor who earned 2 or 3 million last year rather than seeking out Bill Gates or Warren Buffet for guidance. Those guys might give you some nice and positive platitudes, but it won’t be practical or useful at your stage. Call around or go to industry events to find a mentor that suits you. Then, go in with the attitude of paying them their hourly rate for guidance and advice. Once you find a great match, consider offering yourself up as a mentor for someone else! My last piece of advice is more of a spiritual secret. Donate to a worthy cause. When you give your money to someone else, you tether yourself to something greater: the feeling of being part of the community.

From me and my family, Happy New Year’s! Let’s work together to make 2019 not suck!

-Adam Libman

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