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Why Memorial Day Is My Favorite Holiday

When you ask somebody what their favorite holiday is, the more common answers are Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Independence Day. I guess I’m an outlier in this regard, because Memorial Day has been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember. The reason I look forward to the holiday is partly because of where it falls on the calendar, and partly due to specific family traditions. I always travel to Eastern Idaho for Memorial Day, and there’s no better time to visit. I grew up in farm country, which can be pretty desolate-looking during much of the year. That’s not the case in late May, however. The fields of grain are green and popping, the grass is gorgeous, and the weather is almost always perfect. The entire landscape feels like it’s exploding with life.

I love you Mom and Dad. I think about you every day. My greatest memories have been with you.

The impact these selfless folks have on all of us isn’t limited to a holiday, but it’s great that we have a day to celebrate them.

I also use Memorial Day weekend to commemorate my parents. They’ve both passed away, and our family always visits their gravesites during Memorial Day weekend to honor their memory. It’s a very special, intimate experience for all of us and one that brings us closer together as a family unit. Given that Mother’s Day is also in May, I wanted to close by paying tribute to my mother, Bonnie. She passed away four years ago this month, but she continues to be an inspiration to me. She was always my biggest supporter and never failed to have a word of encouragement for me when I needed it most. A mother’s love is the closest thing to God’s love, and in my experience, that is true. I miss her all the time, but I feel grateful to have been raised by such wonderful parents. If your mom is still with us, I hope you take the time to express your love to her this month. I also encourage you to take a moment, even in the midst of your cookout, to pay tribute to those who’ve lost their lives serving our country. We wouldn’t be here without our mothers and service people, and now’s the perfect time to show our gratitude.

“The fields of grain are green and popping, the grass is gorgeous, and the weather is almost always perfect. The entire landscape feels like it’s exploding with life.”

To take advantage of the natural wonders, I always float Henry’s Fork (the North Fork of the Snake River) with two of my brothers. We spend the days floating and fishing and the evening cooking and barbecuing at my brother’s home. As an added bonus, Memorial Day always happens during the stonefly hatch, which makes for ideal fishing conditions. The experience is always a blast. As we grow older and busier, spending quality time with my brothers gets harder. I cherish these trips for that very reason. Of course, Memorial Day isn’t all about cookouts and fishing trips. It’s also a time to take a moment to remember those who are no longer with us, particularly those who have served our country. As a patriotic American, I try to always keep in mind the sacrifices of the brave men and women protecting our nation.

–Dr. Chris Thomason


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