Oneida Dinnerware Catalog

Care & Handling With a few simple precautions, your china will provide years of attractive, durable service. We offer the following recommendations:

WASHING: • Improper use of a pre-soak solution can cause a chemical reaction with the china’s glaze, etching the glaze surface. Once etched, the surface is more prone to glaze abrasion, metal marking and food staining. • Never use scouring powder or a scouring pad to remove stains. The only product we recommend for removing food soil deposits is a light-duty scrubbing pad like the white 3M Scotch-Brite® 9030 pad.

HANDL ING • Always scrape and rack soiled china immediately after use. • Avoid stacking soiled china. If a backlog does occur, stack by item not more than twelve pieces high on the back counter. • Never allow soiled dishes to stand overnight.

Utilize solid plastic racks for washing and storage, not plastic coated metal.

Always wash soiled china within 30 to 45 minutes after use.

Separate china, metalware and glassware into their own bus boxes to avoid metal marking of china and excessive breakage of glassware.

Always pre-rinse with 110º to 120ºF water.

Always store china in active use away from or above the food prepa- ration area.


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