The Prostate Cancer Patient Voice

ZERO values the experiences of and feedback from the prostate cancer community. This document is a summary of the patient and caregiver voice from surveys.


1. Advanced prostate cancer treatment updates 2. The latest in research advancements 3. Managing ED and urinary incontinence 4. Advances in radiation therapy 5. Active surveillance TOP FIVE TOPICS PATIENTS WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT:




47% of patients surveyed said prolonging life was the single most important goal of therapy 45% of patients surveyed said maintaining quality of life and managing side effects was the single most important goal of therapy Only 59% of patients surveyed have been told about clinical trials 28% of patients surveyed have not been asked by their treatment team what their treatment goals are “ The case manager did an excellent job in helping us win our insurance appeal case. She guided me in the paperwork and the whole process of what needed to be done. She helped reduce the stress I was dealing with. I’m glad to say my father is doing better and can’t wait to get back to cutting his grass and changing his oil in his car. ”

78% of ZERO Prostate Cancer Summit attendees reported an improved level of understanding prostate cancer diagnostic tests and methods after attending 78% of people who attended our 2023 webinars found the information presented to be useful for them and their prostate cancer journey 97% of webinar attendees increased their understanding in immunotherapy for prostate cancer 79% of webinar attendees felt equipped to speak to their healthcare team about risk reduction in radiation 87% of webinar attendees have a better understanding of strategies and tools that can be used to help manage side effects, like ED and incontinence “ The event more than met my objective for attending. The excellent presentations, and interacting with other support group leaders, sponsors, and ZERO staff will help me improve the leadership of my local support group. ”

86% of support group attendees reported feeling less alone and isolated than before joining the group 95% of support groups attendees would recommend attending a support group to others 75% of people felt a reduction in their level of stress/anxiety/depression after being matched with a ZERO MENtor “ I am newly diagnosed. My thoughts, emotions, physical health, and depression flared up and went everywhere. My mentor understood what I was saying and was able to read between the lines. This just brought me to tears. I appreciated the conversation with my mentor and look forward to being able to find myself in this time of my life. ”

Each year, ZERO Prostate Cancer gathers feedback from our community through our events, surveys, focus groups, and testimonials to help us better understand the prostate cancer journey and elevate the voices of patients and their loved ones. This report includes aggregated 2023 data as well as personal testimonies from: ● 316 support group attendees that participated in a support group survey ● 860 prostate cancer patients that participated in a survey on their diagnosis and perspectives ● Post-Event Survey Responses from the ZERO Prostate Cancer Summit, all educational webinars, and Support Group Leader Training

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