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November 2017

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Smash Through the Roadblocks to Growth

Running a home-service business is like running a race on a course filled with obstacles that you can’t always see until they are right in front of you. The business owner who can overcome each obstacle and move forward is the one who will grow his business. But every day, you face something new. These problems are usually framed in a sentence like this: “My business would grow if only THIS wasn’t a problem!” or “I’d be able to run my business better if only THIS weren’t holding me back.”

“While a circumstance viewed as a problem becomes a problem, a circumstance viewed as an opportunity becomes an opportunity.”

Now, here’s the shocking truth about those roadblocks. It’s a truth few people realize, but realizing it and doing something about it WILL change your business instantly for the better. The shocking truth is, these roadblocks aren’t the real problem. The real problem is your beliefs about them. They’re only roadblocks because you allow them to be. In other words, the real roadblock is you. It’s called “limiting belief.” You fear that something is a roadblock, and that’s what it becomes. It’s your brain’s primal defense mechanism.

Back in prehistoric times, we had to be cautious so we wouldn’t be eaten by saber- toothed tigers. Anything outside of a very predictable pattern would be considered scary by our brains, and therefore something to be avoided. That thinking may have kept us alive then, but it’s different now. Our brains don’t know the difference between the danger or the modern challenge that seems to prevent business

Perhaps it’s a lack of resources to do the type of marketing you really want to do. Or, perhaps it’s a missing teammember or a team that isn’t quite operating at the level you need. Perhaps it’s a lack of time you have available to complete the work you need to do. From income to profit, taxes to equipment, and people to your marketplace, the challenges seem to appear regularly and hold you back.

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