CEO Warrior November/December 2017


Inside Smash Through the Roadblocks to Growth

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Your Website’s Not Good Enough

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Ask These 2 Questions Every Day if YouWant to Grow Your Service Business

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5 Steps to Change Your Company

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Meet Gabe Wade!

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Service Business Edge, New & Improved

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Change Your Mindset, Change Your Money

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5 Questions to Ask If You’re Thinking About Adopting New Technology

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5 Questions to Ask If You’re Thinking About Adopting New Technology

Technology has an impact on our lives and businesses. From hardware like computers, cellphones, and GPS to software like Facebook and Skype, technology has the potential to help us run our businesses better.

where many of your customers are. Or perhaps you live in a different country, and there’s a U.S.-based technology that just doesn’t play nicely with your country’s technology. See if the technology provider has service-level

guarantees or a trial period so you can test the technology.

Will this technology enable the team to work together more effectively? This is one of the best uses for technology — getting your team to communicate more effectively. Good technology will allow them to connect with each other in real time and communicate clearly. For example, mobile video-conference technology would be great to implement so you can have meetings with your teamwithout requiring them to return to the office. Will this technology enable me to automate my business? Another great use for tech is the ability to do something automatically that was once done manually. Automate Tasks that are time consuming, effort consuming, or are just plain necessary (even if they don’t add direct continued on page 7 ...

Technology can be a tool for growth, or it can be a deterrent that prevents us from growing. If you’re thinking about investing in technology, ask yourself these five questions. Will this technology work for me? Not all technology will work for everyone. Perhaps a great cellphone plan for your team only works in urban areas, but not in the rural areas | 8

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