Herrman & Herrman October 2017

October 2017

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A Creative Edge

Steven Stratso on Creativity in Law

When I was younger, I watched as my sister went through law school and became an attorney. I was inspired, and in many ways, I followed in her footsteps. It always felt like the right path for me, and after two years at Herrman & Herrman, I know, without a shadow of a doubt, it was. It has been two years this month since I joined the Herrman & Herrman team as an associate attorney, which is exciting to say the least. Looking back, and looking toward my sister for inspiration, I also pursued a career in law because of the creative aspect that comes with being an attorney. Not many people necessarily associate creativity with working in law. Creativity comes in many forms. For some people, it’s an expression of art, and for others, it may involve finding inspiration in places you might not ordinarily find it. I wanted a career that offered something new every day, rather than a repetitive desk job that hindered creativity. I wanted a job where I could find creative solutions to complex problems. I found it. Every day, there is something new to learn or a new a problem to solve. Or both! On top of that, I’m always meeting all sorts of interesting folks who have stories to tell. It’s these folks, our clients, who inspire me to become a better attorney and reach for the next level. Gaining experience is incredibly important for this kind of career. You can only learn so much in the classroom. I’m light-years ahead of where I was two years ago when I joined Herrman & Herrman. I’m sure I could fill volumes with what I’ve learned and experienced these past couple of years. But more

than that, the real importance of experience is the edge it gives my clients. As I grow professionally, I can give our clients more — more insight and more support. As a personal injury attorney, there is nothing more rewarding than settling a case and presenting the results to the client. They are often left with big smiles on their faces and joy they may not have felt in some time. Being able to turn their experience around means everything. While there is no way to replace what they may have lost, I can, at the very least, give them something back and turn a negative into a positive. That way, they can finally move on with their lives. Here’s a little more about me: I’m a huge sports fan, and ice hockey is my No. 1 sport (though, when it comes to college ball, the Longhorns hold a special place in my heart). Whenever I’m in Dallas, I make it a point to take in a Stars game if they’re on the ice when I’m up there. I do have to admit, I miss playing hockey. There’s not too much in the way of ice down here. I do plan on heading up to Vancouver, British Columbia, in the very near future. I’ve heard a lot of great things about the city, but the highlight might be the ice hockey. Of course, I’m not just traveling to catch a game of classic Canadian hockey. I simply love to travel. Back in law school, I spent some time in Europe studying abroad and taking in the many cultures of the continent. I also try to get to Hawaii when I can, if only to see my parents, who live on Oahu.

Steven Stratso




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