2022 Philanthropic Report

Please discover the educational projects "Think Human Foundation" and "Share Think Human" supported in 2022 over 21 countries.

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Philanthropy 2022 Annual report

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Why we are taking action


Olivier Duha

“600 million children and adolescents don’t have access to basic skill training” - UNESCO

CEO and co-founder of Webhelp Group

“ Less than half of the world's youth are participating in the labour force" Un Youth report

“ 70% of jobs today require knowledge of basic digital skills » - European Commission

This year, we expanded our philanthropic support to over 21 countries. In this world filled with uncertainty, we want young people to better understand themselves, identify their strengths and get the necessary tools to connect to the world around them. Education is not just about access to school. From 3 to 25 years old, it is possible to restore confidence, develop cooperation, leadership, self-esteem, digital and professional skills. With these skills, young people will be able to navigate in the 21st century. I am delighted to see the remarkable work of the associations and the growing mobilization of our employees who think human and give their time, skills or money to defend the right to education.

Quality education is one of the UN's specific sustainable development goals, but it is also crucial to achieving five other goals: no poverty, good health and wellbeing,gender equality, decent work and reduced inequalities.

Our Mission

Webhelpis founded


THF envisions a world in which all young people are empowered through education to live up to their potential. It’s our mission to foster the social and professional inclusion of young people with limited opportunities, through educative projects enhancing the skills needed to navigate the 21st century . During a time when many people are facing tough times, it's important to remember that exclusion can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, nationality, or ethnicity. All it takes is some bad luck and a lack of support to see hopes and dreams shattered and potential squandered.

Webhelp Shared foundation (now renamed to Share, Think Human) was created under the sponsorship of Fondation de France to support education and inclusion


Think Human Foundation was founded by Webhelp and co-Founder Olivier Duha to support education and inclusion Philanthropy becomes part of Webhelp ’s Environment Social Governance (ESG) strategy as one of the 4 strategic pillars


By funding educative projects, we want to play a role in developing the potential of young people whether at school, in non-academic activities or by helping them to enhance their career skills.

The young people we support are aged from three to twenty-five years old and have limited opportunities. They might be dealing with economic, cultural or social difficulties, be refugees, or exposed to domestic violence. They might have zero access to digital devices, have no family support, live in deprived rural areas or be young parents under 18years old.

Over 7900 young people are supported across 21 countries


Reach more than 8 000 young people targeted in 23 countries


Our ambition is to make a positive difference in the lives of more than 7900 young people.

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Improving access to quality education

Developing teaching leadership

In Peru, only 20% of students make the grade in maths. In rural areas, this figure drops even lower, to 5% . That's why Enseña Peru promotes a movement to bring quality education to all Peruvians. It's part of Teach For All, a global network of independent partner organizations that work in more than 60 countries to empower schoolteachers through innovative training and tools to be shared among thousands of teaching communities around the world. This projct will impact over 500 students within three years in the rural area of Amazonas.

Wherever they live in the world, every child should have the right to learn and receive an education that focuses on their social, emotional, mental and cognitive development. According to UNICEF, "Over 600 million childrenand adolescents worldwide are unable to attain minimum proficiency levels in reading and mathematics, even though two thirds of them are in school". There is a learning crisis and a huge mismatch between the levels of learning children receive and what economies need. By promoting lifelong learning opportunities, we can help create opportunities for an inclusive quality education that leaves no child behind.

Improving school

Ensena Peru

drop-out rates

Making schools a safer environment for learning

Madagascar ranks 161st out of 189 countries in the human development index, with only a third of children completing primary education. THF supports 40 orphans and young adults from Colorie Ma Vie through their educational studies and get support on their homeworks

ADN Kids aims to improve high school dropout rates by tackling violence and bullying at schools in France. Through teaching communication and negotiation skills, they help children to reinforce their self-esteem and fight against harassment. Their workshops benefited 1500 children over a year, as well as teachers in the schools. Young children and teenagers improved their interpersonal skills, became aware of their emotions and others’ feelings and gained confidence through negotiation training.

Colorie Ma Vie

ADN Kids

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Using creativity and physical activities to reconnect with education

Around the world, children living through economic fragility, political instability and conflict or natural disaster are much more likely to be cut off from education. To help them reconnect with learning, associations help them access physical and creative activities like art, sport, photography, and craft activities to foster an appetite for knowledge, join up their skills and build social connections.

L'Albero della Vita -Italy

Connecting through social and emotional skills The project “Talent Education“ by L’albero della vita, helps 250 underprivileged children across Italy to develop their capacities, talents and aspirations. The association designed programs on Science Technology Engineering Mathematics, Orientation and Inspiring workshops to help them excel academically and in their future careers. “This program targets the disadvantaged neighborhoods of six cities (Milano, Napoli, Genova, Catanzaro, Perugia, Palermo). Some live in inadequate and overcrowded homes, others can’t afford balanced meals or are at risk of early school drop-out. With this program we participate to give them the right conditions to fully express and develop their potential. ” Andra Coli, CEO of Webhelp Italy

Stichting Mano - The Netherlands

Foto Colectania - Spain

Connecting through language learning Rotterdam is the city with the highest poverty level and the largest share of illiteracy in the Netherlands. The strength of Stichting Mano lies in its network of volunteers, who create social links with vulnerable families and help them fit better into society. By reading stories to children every week for 20 weeks, they help the children improve their language skills. “Through this project, I was paired with a family with a child with (a chance of) language delay. Every week I came by for an hour to practice the Dutch language. Through reading picture books and language games, among other things, we spent time together with the reading child and the mother. I especially liked how you see the reading child grow and feel a little more confident every time, because she has a better command of the language and can express herself better because of this. ” One volunteer, Jacqueline Hilberink

Connecting through photography Every developed country has pockets of deprivation and Spain is no exception. Forty-five young people with special needs from areas across Barcelona were invited to participate in photography workshops by Foto Colectania, working with well-established photographers to create after-school classes and a public exhibition. "I remember hours observing, remembering the topics we talked about, finding our personal vision of this very cultural neighborhood, so unique and special. The people we have smiled at and who have smiled back have given us a piece of themselves to share forever, the instant we pressed the button — forgetting the theory, forgetting the settings. We have taken part in the creation of that precious thing, a part of us to share forever." Nyx one of the student

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Giving young people access to social and emotional learning skills


France - AND kids Negotiation training helps to create a secure environment by tackling bullying. #1653



France - Article 1 Mentorship programs to lower school dropout rates. #450




Italy - L'Albero della Vita Workshops that teach strong social and emotional skills. #180


Madagascar - ColorieMa vie Schooling provided for 31 children. #31





The Netherlands - Stichting Mano Create strong bonds within marginalized communitiesof Rotterdam through literacy and language tutoring.



Peru - Ensena Peru Learning designed to enhance the quality of education in rural areas of Amazonas. #800 Spain - Foto Colectania Improved social and digital skills and future employability through photography training. #35 Romania - Hope and Homes for Children Support 116 displaced Ukrainian children to integrate the Romanian schooling system as well as equip 8 youth from marginalized backgrounds to become independent. #124 South Africa - Save the Children​ Digital literacy to equip learners with the skills to succeed in a changing world. Sweden - Hej Framling !​ Health program to empower young immigrant women through self- awareness and body awareness in 7 different sites Portugal Agir XXI​ Professional inclusion through vocational training by creating a design agency.

2022 Projects and end of 2021 projects

Giving the employability skills they need

The population targeted meets humanitarian problems, are marginalized, from difficult backgrounds, with limited opportunities, suffering violence or isolated.

Algeria and Morocco - Education for Employment Teaching digital, social & emotional skills that lead to employment #230

El Salvador, Colombia, Nicaragua – Aflatoun Business training and organization of job fairs #160 #400

NUMBER OF BENEFICIARIES IN 2022: 7 936 young people

The Philippines & India- Life Project 4 Youth Six months youth training in professional English, digital literacy, how to manage emotions and personal finances #45 #503

Turkey- Genc Basari Career skills to prepare young people for the business world. #800

Denmark, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Estonia- Junior Achievement Entrepreneurship skills and hosting Ukrainian in local schools #925 #1600

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Growing the entrepreneurs of the future

Helping young people prepare for their futures

Junior Achievement prepares gives young people the entrepreneurship training they need to succeed in a global economy. Whether it is : • In Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Estonia and Finland, where Junior Achievement organised more than a dozen workshops, and nine sessions of mentoring and seminars with vocational schools • In Colombia, El Salvador and Nicaragua, where Aflatoun delivered effective training to empower teachers and organize entrepreneurship fairs • Or in Turkey, where thanks to STH, Genç Basari supported 800 young people to grow their career development skills

Today there are more than 2.3 billion children under 18 years old. It’s a global youth population that has never been so large. They face numerous challenges though and without investment in their future, quality education and employment will remain out of reach for many. We are proud to be playing a small role in helping equip young people with the skills they need for their future careers.

Junior Achievement


Creating a strong network of partners to unlock opportunities Education for Employment addresses youth unemployment in Algeria and Morocco, placing particular emphasis on young women. The project fosters digital, social and emotional learning through a multi-module, blended learning program. The program creates bridges to the professional world, through preparation for job interviews and direct job placement of young people. ‘An excellent training to launch my professional life and uncover my skills and abilities. From beginning to end, I was satisfied, and the trainers' facilitation was of excellent quality.’.” Islam M., 27 years old, Algeria



Enabling digital connectivity and access 2021 saw South Africa's school dropout rates at their highest in 20 years. More than half of SA's youth aren't in employment, education or training. Share, Think Human and Save the Children started collaborating in July 2022 on a 3-year project that supports one high school in KwaZulu-Natal every academic year. In total, 500 learners from grades 10-12 (14 to 19 years old) will be trained in using computers and tablets, and how to use those skills in the professional world .

Vocational training when the state isn't enough Hope and Homes for Children is a long- standing partner in Romania. We have worked with them during different crises. During the covid pandemic, we provided digital devices to help students maintain links with class. When the Ukraine conflict began they hosted orphan refugees fleeing Ukraine and are now helping them integrate into Romania's school system. We will keep on working with them on a 3-year project to support the professional integration of 8 young people with no state nor family support as they rebuild their lives.

Digital skills, Problem solving mindset, communication skills, Interpersonal skills , creativity , collaboration , critical thinking...

Save the Children

Helping to transform lives In 2022, THF has extended our work with Life Project 4 Youth into India for two more years. Their programs allow young people to manage their finances, learn English and digital literacy and build careers.

Life Project 4 Youth

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Raising awareness among our game-changers






" We invited ADN Kids to our offices on 29 November 2022 for More Movement Week (Webhelp's global ESG strategy focus week). About 30 game- changers came to understand how learning to negotiate can solve bullying at school ." Audrey Lagache, France

“ With the help of Education for employment, we are currently training 12 Webhelpers to act as mentors to help the young people find a job." Scheherazade Verelle De Boni, Morocco


In 2022 more than a thousand game-changers took part in lucky draws across 15 countries, with 1063 making donations through their payroll or through our THF platform.

“ In 2022 our advisors worked 1234 hours to make calls for Planet Urgence, Education For Employment, Think Human Foundation and Accessmad to help them follow up their impact. Our teams of advisors have been trained, especially to understand the associations’ needs . ” Julien Marchand, Madagascar

" We have sold the furniture from our former office at a very attractive price, 42 participants collected 2.300€ during this awareness campaign. " Vanessa Gonzales, Spain

" We have created specific movies to raise awareness among our colleagues about the importance of

education and highlight the achievements made by our

associations like when Plan came to Nicaragua or when the children of our colleagues sent drawings to encourage them. " David Cardona, Colombia

" Our game-changers joined the "Bazaar For A Cause" and organized a store around Giving Tuesday. Three participants sold their baked food and pre-loved items such as shoes, clothes and accessories. A percentage of the sellers' income was donated to Think HumanFoundation ”. JacquelineLiwanag-Cuadro, The Philippines

Life Project 4 youth

Inspirational Speakers

“All year long, our game-changers in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore participated by facilitating mock interviews and virtual company visits, conducting training sessions and giving inspirational talk to the youths ." Nina De Guzman, The Philippines

" 150 game-changers transferred their days off into donations. 3000€ was transferred to THF " Gilles Guerin, Algeria

During the annual KM Challenge, THF gave 10 k€ split among associations in the different regions, to encourage game-changers to run. In 2022, a phenomenal collective effort was realized as they have hit 700 000 kms in a month!

MAKE A DONATION ON https://support.thinkhumanfoundation.org/donate

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Budget 2022



Details of the

6 months training to practice professional English, digital literacy, how to manage emotions and personal finances.


Life Project 4 youth

19 200

projects supported

Workshops to equip young children with strong social and emotional skills to excel academically and in the workplace.

7 700


L’albero della vita

El salvador, Nicaragua, Colombia


Business training and organization of job fairs

59 000

Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Lithuania

Supporting displaced Ukrainian children to integrate in host schools and project delivering entrepreneurship skills for youth from marginalized backgrounds.

Junior Achievement

50 000+60 000

ADN Kids

17 000

Creating a more secure environment by tackling bullying through negotiation classes.


Mentorship program that enables young people to follow their studies at a higher level and increase their employability.

Article 1

20 000


Colorie Ma vie

Schooling provided for 31 children.

7 500


A job readiness program for 230 young students.

Morocco & Algeria

Education for Employment

45 000

Follow up on the 2021 project, reading to create social bonds.

Stichting Mano

The Netherlands


Teaching leadership and effective tools to enhance the quality of education in rural areas of Amazonas.

Ensena Peru


52 110

Digital classes and social-emotional coaching for 6 months for 503 youth and the opening of the Egyptian office.

The Philippines

Life Project 4 youth

91 300

Supporting displaced Ukrainian children to integrate in host schools A 3-year partnership project delivering entrepreneurship skillsfor youth from marginalized backgrounds

Hope and Homes for Children


20 000+10 400

Foto Colectania


30 300

Improved social and digital skills and future employability through photography training.

Empowering young immigrant women through a health program that builds confidence and self- awareness.

Hej Framling




498 910


Budget 2022



Digital literacy to equip learners with skills to succeed in a changing world.

Save the Children

22 949

South Africa

Career skills to prepare youth for the business world.

17 435

Genç Basari


© Education For employment, Life Project 4 Youth, Colorie Ma Vie, Foto Colectania, Hope & Homes, Stichting Mano, ADN Kids, Junior Achievement, ARTICLE 1, Ensena Peru, Hej Framling

40 384


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Webhelp's ESG Strategy Webhelp has created a built-to-last strategy, in which all functions and processes embed Environmental, Social and Governance components. Our ESG strategy is dedicated to creating more inclusive and sustainable growth based on 4 pillars: Planet, Progress, People and Philanthropy. For our Philanthropy pillar, Think Human Foundation and Share, Think Human focus on educative projects. Besides that, in its philanthropic approach, Webhelp also gave more than 800 k€ to support local causes.

Think Human Foundation team

Aurore Le Perff

Mary Bonneaud Lagarde

Ongezwa Vili

Project Manager

Managing Director


Thank you to the ambassadors and all the Think Human Foundation Givers

The Think Human Foundation team works closely with the ESG team, manages the different philanthropic tools, coordinates the network of ambassadors, and checks the compliance of the associations together with the WPS-WKS team.

ESG Pillars




As an corporate citizen We do more for the planet and future generations by reducing our carbon footprint

As an employer we Take concrete actions To foster more inclusion in the workplace

Yassine Aatar – FR region

THINK HUMAN FOUNDATION BOARD • Olivier Duha • Vincent Bernard • Sandrine Asseraf • Helena Guardans • Dominique Chatelin Supported by the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE • James Allen • Violaine Vrinat Duha • Anne Sophie Eymeoud • Evan Jones

• Andrea Ibarguen, David Cardona Serrano, Paola Restrepa – Americas region • Isil Isik, Inci Candemir – MET region • Cathy Kalamaras, Moeneera Adams – UK region • Jacqueline Liwanag Cuadro – APAC region • Lars Olsen, Christian Persson – NORDIC region • Paul Ouwehand, Irene Kelder – NETHERLANDS region • Federica Scicchitano – CRIT region • Elke Strache, Eva Panday – DACH region • Vanessa Gonzalez, Carla Ferigle, Carolina Trujillo – SPAIN region Think Human Foundation receives support from more than 30 local ambassadors from across Webhelp, who dedicate their skills, commitment and time to help associations and local communities, on top of their day-to-day jobs.


is Think Human Foundation's sister organization under the sponsorship of Fondation de France.

• • • • • •

Vincent Bernard



Christophe Bronner

Sandra Milioto

As an business leader, We do more for business

As an philanthrophist, We do more for our Local Communities through Think Human Foundation

Carole Rousseau Thomas Boisserie

Ethics by raising our ESG standards for Suppliers & clients

Valérie Jaouen Pretzlaf

INVESTING COMMITTEE • Bruno Vaffier • Martin Doyen (GBL)

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MAKE A DONATION ON https://support.thinkhumanfoundation.org/donate

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